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No Money Startup Business

Hello future Business Owners. I’m gonna give you ten businesses that
you can start today with little or no money. If this is the first time you are tuning into my channel, My name is Chawanne Burns and the whole purpose of this channel is to help
you get started on the right foot in your business the first business is a
house painter this has a low startup cost because practically you can pass
the cost of materials to onto your customer you can build clientele by
starting off with by telling your friends and your family and most
painters are hired to word-of-mouth it’s because they did a good job at their
friend’s house or whoever knows you and then your friends say hey you got a
higher so-and-so because they just painted my house and they did an
excellent job and people tend to trust you when it comes from another source
when you do a couple of jobs you can start buying more material like a spray
painter to make the job more efficiently and maybe add a few members to your crew
but if you like Payton houses this could be a really lucrative business the
second business is house cleaning and literally you have no startup costs only
because you could use your customers material existing material their
cleaning supplies to clean their house once you start cleaning and you have
your favorite go twos then you can start buying materials of your favorite I’ll
make you look more professional and if once you get a steady clientele you can
also start to hire other staff so you could take on more jobs now house
cleaning is not the only cleaning service that you can offer you got also
offer commercial cleaning and if it was me wanted to get into the cleaning
business and to do just commercial I will start off with storefronts local
businesses around the area and ask them if you could clean for them either once
a month or twice a mother even weekly so the purpose of this business is to build
up a consistent clientele and cleaning could be a very lucrative business and
you can scale up really fast you have to be personable with this
business and people must trust you the third business is virtual assistant
this can be done in the comfort of your own home if you have children but you do
have a quiet place to work the perfect business for stay-at-home mom and you do
have a quiet place to work you have a computer and a phone that numbers could
be routed to you literally could start this off tomorrow myself I use a virtual
assistant they’re based out of Georgia and it is a high value field only
because you are saving money on their businesses saving money by hiring you as
a 1099 employee and does not have to in play employee Texas contract at work so
virtual assistants can literally be it can be started today how do you gain
clientele you can offer your services on Fiverr you can offer you to small
business owners and you can also put a listing out on Craigslist this job you
could really start today without even leaving the comfort of your own home the
next business that you could totally start is a window cleaning company this
business you can start up with the cost of a bucket a squeegee and some window
cleaning solution and depending on how tall you are you might need a ladder you
could gain clientele by soliciting yourself to local business owners and
telling your friends and your family a guy that comes by my shop he charges
me $15 for all three window panes and if he does the inside it is 20 and it
literally takes him 20 minutes with this easy startup company you will be rolling
in the dough in no time social media management is another great business for
people that loves the internet and loves the interaction if you’re all about the
likes and wanting to get the wow factor in the shares this is a great business
for you businesses and individuals are willing to hire social media manager to
post on their social media account twice weekly and interact with the followers
or with their followers generally a social media manager generally charge
one hundred and fifty dollars a month for managing up to three social accounts
but you definitely want to do your research on your competition in your
area and to build that kind tail I will start with local businesses just tell
them hey the internet is the way to go if they don’t have active social media
account you can set that one up for them offer some type of service that they
want to pay you for you to manage their account so local branding companies is a
good start to shop for clientele but you have to get your name out there you have
to do the legwork logo designer is another great business to start if you
are artistically inclined and you have the unique ability to be very creative
this business might be right for you there are a couple of avenues that you
can approach to get your business started in just in no time and to have
clientele is a great resource to put your profile up and solicit work
also up work is another great website a pet sitter is
the seventh on the lists loving animals is a great skill set to have for this
business sitters charge as much as $100 a night depending on your area this
business will require some research to find out the going rate but this is a
great business pet lovers and pet owners they do not like dropping their pets off
at the kennel because animals have feelings too so they tend to hire or
they prefer to hire pet a pet sitter this business also does not require a
lot of marketing or advertisement you could drop some cars some business cards
off at local prep a groomer or the veterinarian clinic if you’re a pet
owner too you could mostly friends and families this is a great business to get
into because it’s a very minimum startup cost number eight on our list is errant
service errant service can be started if you have access to business clientele P
people tend to be busy with their careers and family and have very little
time to run errands picking up customers can be very easy picking up clientele
can be just as easy as stopping into a business building and dropping off some
form of advertisement I will even go as far as listening to your a local
mortgage company or title company ix of my list is very obvious everything is on
the Internet so ecommerce is a very easy way to make
money drop shipping is one form of e-commerce no inventory is needed the
only upfront cost is the subscription fee to the drop shipping company most
drop shipping companies have a monthly you are selling item that’s in their
inventory and they charge you whatever it costs to ship out and whatever the
costs for that your costs for that item with this business you could be up and
running today number 10 on my list for easy local startup is tax preparer you
don’t have to be an accountant this one you cannot start today unless you’ve
already been doing taxes but you could get a job since it’s tax season become a
tax preparer have them train you and they pay for training I wouldn’t I
wouldn’t sign up if they wasn’t paying for training and this season you could
get a job at a local tax preparation company like H&R Block or Liberty taxes
they are willing to train their employees and you get paid for training
and the next tax season you can start your own company and preparing taxes

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