Octane Marketing Internship Program 2014
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Octane Marketing Internship Program 2014

Hi Guys, I’m Kanika Tandon from MICA, Marketing
Intern from Octane. If I describe my experience to you in three words that would be food,
people & work culture. My experience here has being an amazing one, its being good learning,
good atmosphere and good mentor-ship, so if you are looking for something like that, i
think Octane is the place for you. Hi my name is Namit, I’m a technical intern
here at Octane. I’m currently pursuing ,y B.Tech from IIT Roorkee. my project was really
interesting, it gave me insight of the marketing strategies in the upcoming world as well as
it helped me improve my technical knowledge. the best thing about working with Octane is
that even though I was working with the development team I could interact with people with different
team such as infra, marketing and deliverability team, so it kind of helps you built as an
entrepreneur rather than just being in one field you can actually learn about various
fields. To be honest I was scared a little coming here at Octane, as this was my first
intern, but with Octane I felt right at home, everyone was really helpful and friendly I
received a really warm welcome on my first day here.
Hi I’m Deepali Joshi and I’m doing a pre MBA Intern here at Octane, I did multiple projects
here projects on HR Recruitments and a Marketing Project, I think I will be doing a project
on Insight Sales. I was in Octane for around 45 days and till now I have enjoyed alot here,
I think I’ll come back here in December for few more projects.
Hi I’m Ujjwal, I’m pursuing my B.Tech from Mathematics & Computing from Guwahati. I have
being working with Octane from 2 months as an Web Development Intern and as I have being
working with Octane under Abhishek sir & Abhinav sir, I found that these two projects covered
all the prospect from web development from PHP, JAVA Script, SQL,HTML, CSS and I gained
lot of knowledge from the projects that I did here. I would like to mention here he
projects were very good and apt according to the advancement in Technical fields and
it was quite enjoyable we used have open and friendly discussions over the scope and limitations
of the projects. Further I would like to mention that people I working in Octane and quite
friendly and helpful whether it is related to the project or its in some personal matter
and it therefore helps me to improve a lot and I never felt isolated working over my
projects and they always used to treat me like their smaller brother and therefore it
was quite nice working with them. for the future interns I would like to mention that
there is lot of potential to work with the company they offer good projects they have
lot of scope, lot of projects , you can work upon according to your interest. last I’d
like to mention that to improve the working experience for the future interns company
must at least tell the interns on what projects they will be working, at-least the intern
get some idea on what projects they will be working for so that they can prepare before
hand and they can work accordingly. Do you wanna know what I did here..nahhh..naaahh,…naahhh..
I did this, this and all of this. Namaste, I’m Sudarshan Sharma and I’m a Marketing
Intern here at Octane. I have done 6 months of intern-ship at Octane and in these 6 months
I have done lot of projects. these projects gave mean opportunity to work with lot of
people, I have interacted with lot of people inside and outside of Octane. One thing I
like about Octane is that its not just the work you do over here, you also have lot of
Fun, so you will have lot of parties, go out with people and a lot of things. so message
i have for fellow interns is that accept lot of work and along with that have a lot of
fun as well. Thank you Hi I m Anindita Mukhopadhyay,and over the
next 45 sec I will talk about my Inter-ship experience here at Octane. Currently i have
been here for 3 weeks as an Content Marketing Intern and the intern-ship so far has being
quite wonderful. there are certain things involved in a workplace that one is unaware
of until one is in the waters and intern-ship experience helps to gain one understanding
of just that. interning at a purely marketing base firm has introduced me to various concepts
of digital marketing that I was previously unaware off. although I use social media on
daily basis I dint understand the various things involved on basis of how businesses
life consumes data to advertise products and market them. the atmosphere here is quite
welcoming and people here are quite outgoing and hard-working and strive to make you the
same. I look forward for rest of my intern-ship tenure here at Octane. Hi I’m Vaibhav from MICA interning in marketing
division of Octane, I just love the atmosphere here, even though they have their own cabins,
the founders of the company spend lot of time with us. Hello my name is Utkarsh and I’m a technical
intern at Octane, I started my journey here in month of June now it July and em nearly
finishing my Intern-ship. I had an great experience at Octane, there are lot of activities and
many sports are played and matches like football. here you can ask any one about anything they
will either guide you to the correct person or they will help yon out. they are very cool
and friendly and I would say very good experience and its a very good place to start your career
if you have no experience.

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