Offense or Defense? | Choose Your Marketing Strategy | Hindi
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Offense or Defense? | Choose Your Marketing Strategy | Hindi

Hello friends, my name is sahil khanna and you are watching Intellectual indies and today we will talk about offensive and defensive marketing straegy first all of all i want to say that you guys comment whenever you like the video but you dont share the video ,see it takes a lot of effort to make a video and our category is different marketing business which is quite different it takes a lot of hard work to make a single video , please do share with your friends if you like the video, you can share any video with your friends with your friends, you think according to their interest in our channel , the best video you can pick and share with your friends and this thing motivates me to make more videos the amount of likes and comments i see it motivates me to make more videos and to do more hard work in making videos for you guys lets get back to our topic today we will talk about defensive and offensive strategy offensive means that i created a disruption in the market means targeting an existing player in the market i figure out its weakness and i targeted its weakness created a disruption in the market , jio came in the telecom communication sector the biggest problem was that all the offers were over priced there was nothing like unlimited plans and for that we used to pay a lot of money for unlimited plans jio with free plans showed everyone their status with low price unlimited plans now you will see, jio is getting profit airtel is not in loss, they are in profit and will be in profit means still there is a chance that price can be deducted more and you can create a new company ,just lower the price more and disrupt the market so offensive means ,i created a disruption in the market by targeting a weakness here, when we target this thing, expenses will be high coz we need to market it what will happen then that the weakness of our competitor, we targeted it now all the existing customers may switch to us if they didnt work on their weakness so we need to do that really fast we need to show our product and its weakness if their competitor are able to do that then offensive is good for them defensive means that the competitor will work according to their speed their market is stabled, they will understand their consumer i will give them tried and tested products when a new products enter a market which is related to their market the defensive one will observe their business after tried and tested by the market then only i will make some changes example- apple apple, they are not very reactive after tried and tested by everyone, they make changes slowly,slowly takes steps they are still working on less ram coz they know my audience dont care, they want good experience they dont care about the size of ram(2gb, 4gb, 8gb) defensive is not expensive but the competitor is effective and we are more focussed on defensive it may be possible that we may lose our customer so think about it, whatever business you are doing which strategy is good offensive or defensive do you want to use defensive to become like apple or you want to beome jio okay friends with this, video endds i hope you liked the video and dont forget to share and for any queries add in the comment section below like and share most importantly so defensive or offensive Bye goodnight goodmorning goodevening whenever you eatch this

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100 thoughts on “Offense or Defense? | Choose Your Marketing Strategy | Hindi

  1. sir pls apse do tin business nd career related queries he.. mujhe pls apka contact no mail kr skte o kya sir pls sir mujhe.. bhut fayda hoga coz sir i follow u.. very much

  2. Hi! I have been waiting and requesting for Dating apps business model. Still hopeful to see it on your channel 😊

  3. Hi.. sir…. I am from Nepal. I now your feeling.. but I have not that kind of friend… ho like this kind of video..

  4. Bhai ji ye strategy kaha kaha lagu kiya ja sakta hai? Business toh bohot hai online offline. Thora detail me please

  5. sahil i have 2 year experience in digital marketing and seo I'm working in a small company last some day's i trying on Freelance and every time bidding on Freelance but know one give me any project what should i do? for some verification i invest money in Freelance what should i do

  6. Sahil your marketing videos are great, i would say even one the best on Youtube because you explain each and every concept in short ,crisp and clear method. .
    Can you please make some videos on sales and its techniques?

  7. ΰ€­ΰ€Ύΰ€ˆ u r really great….thnk u so much for ur all videos…aapka knowledge sharing method awesome hai

  8. everything in business happens once if you are going to start a 4g company free not going to work start 5g or start working for 6g to beta jio lol

  9. Trillions of likes….
    For your All VideoS….
    Defensive becoz india maee wahi krna chahtae hoo joo Ambani toh kya koi dusra krr bhi nhi skta….

  10. Bro i want to know about maximum company Wednesday offer q deti hai like bigbazar kfc please make a video on that

  11. Sir I want to start my papad company, if I start it with out taking any license at starting of my buisness than what will happen,
    If licence are necessary than how many licences I should take? If you will suggest me something, I will be very helpful full sir.

  12. Sir ap toh kuch bhi bhi bhagwan ke vedio ko bhi dislike karte h its just apka information uske samjha nhi aaya paye hoga

  13. Firstly,an overwhelming thanks to you for creating such videos.
    There is no kind of vague and ambiguity in your videos,it's really very easy to understand by someone who doesn't even know the B of business or e-com..You are creating a huge impact on million of people as well on me also.So keep doing it.:)

  14. Sir really appreciate u .U give osm short it worth watching.thx a lot to give good knowledge m

  15. Shahil bhai business startup karane ke bad funding kab milati he usake lie kya karana hota he please is par vedio banaie urban clap need funding kese li

  16. Good video.. very informative… LIKESS
    By the way, I wouldn't agree to your apple example, my reasons are-
    1> Apple uses less RAM because softwares in appstore is optimized to use only a specific hardware set.
    2> They started they use of MOUSE. (didn't invent it but started mass marketing it).
    3> They started smartphone ( didnt invent it but mass marketed it).
    4> iPod ( literally killed the walkman industry)
    I guess a better example would have been media industry, any news channels, nothing unique there and everybody just want to entertain people.

  17. i like your videos a lot. it is very simple to understand and easy to remember. you can say like education with entertainment. in love with it. expecting more videos. i dont know why but basket ball came into my mind while watching that

  18. Bro, I got your Point of explanation but Still have a doubts on few Point explanation. Please Ho sakke toh Thoda aur Details mein bana sakte ho toh please banao

  19. Lots of support and love from Hyderabad mere bhaiπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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