Ohio State Outcomes: Rob Oleksa ’11
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Ohio State Outcomes: Rob Oleksa ’11

Going to school in Columbus was great because you weren’t set into just a college town. It was really nice to be in Columbus and have lots of opportunities to interact with a really diverse community. In the Fisher College of Business we had a lot of group work and that applies a ton to
the real world and all the internships that I had. At Ohio State, I was able to grow my professional network really well even as a 20-year-old. Columbus is a great city — top 20 population in the United States, a lot of great Fortune
500 companies. Much like Ohio State, where there’s something for everybody, there’s also something for
everybody in the workforce here. I love the people. I love all the opportunities. I love the nightlife. I love going to sporting
events. There’s lots of opportunity to not sit in
your house on a Friday or Saturday night.

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