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Omnichannel Direct-to-Consumer Strategies

Nike and IKEA stopped selling on Amazon and instead they focus on their Direct-to-Consumer strategy.
Direct-to-Consumer strategies are my field of research for my dissertation. By
a D2C strategy I understand an omni-channel strategy that brings
the manufacturers brand in direct contact with the consumer. The goal can be
selling products but also learning or engaging with the consumer. A famous
example is Nespresso. Personally, I consider the change in the consumer packaged goods industry as very exciting. D2C strategies serve as an attractive
option for manufacturers. These strategies are linked with a lot of
topics like personalization, capabilities, data management, or social media. Therefore, these strategies are very demanding but also very interesting The theoretical framework and first
research questions are identified. Now, my next goal is to work on this topic
together in collaboration with companies. Thereby, interviews, analyses of data
sets, or planning or implementing D2C strategies might be a way to collaborate. I’m fully convinced that there will be
supermarkets in 20 years as well

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