One Big Metric: The Secret to Simple, Effective B2B Digital Marketing Strategy
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One Big Metric: The Secret to Simple, Effective B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Hello friends! You know the awesome thing about digital? It’s that you can track EVERYTHING. You know the terrible thing about digital? It’s that you can track EVERYTHING. And that’s why we’ve come up with a concept
we call, “One Big Metric.” It actually comes from a book called The ONE
Thing by Gary Keller where he examines commonalities from some awesome businesses such as Google
and Starbucks. “What is it that makes these companies so
good?” And it was that they focused on one thing. So for Google, it was search. For Starbucks, it was coffee. And of course they veered from there later
on, but… that’s what they focused on and that’s what they mastered first. So the question Gary asks is… “What is the one thing that I can do right
now such that by doing so, it makes everything else easier, or otherwise unnecessary?” What’s this have to do with web analytics
or digital marketing? Well, we’ve taken that concept and we’ve
changed it to be… “One Big Metric.” We have a lot of metrics flying around…
how do we know that we’re tracking the right things? Well, we track everything (of course), but
if we change the question that Gary Keller has posed in his book, we’ve changed it
to sound more like this: “What is the One Big Metric that we can
focus on and impact such that by doing so, everything else becomes easier or otherwise
unnecessary?” So for most companies, that’s leads or sales…
or it’s as close to the money as we can get. It’s ROI. It’s return on ad spend. It’s return on investment. So: clicks? Great. Impressions? Okay… Engaged users on your site? That’s better — Leads? Very good. ROI? Revenue? THAT is the holy grail. And so when you use this lens, when you look
through this lens, your whole world will change. So what’s your One Big Metric? Follow me to the whiteboard real quick, let’s
take a look at this… [TRANSITION TO WHITEBOARD] Alright, thanks for joining me at the whiteboard. So, One Big Metric. Every business is different. And often, you can’t really get all the
way down to revenue — you can’t track all of your activities down to revenue. Especially if you’re like a mass-market,
B2C company such as GEICO. You have all these billboards, and commercials…
you’re looking at metrics such as: Impressions
Clicks Video Views
And it’s hard to say, “Hey, this commercial drove this much revenue!” It’s darn near impossible. Even if you have tracked phone numbers that
go to call centers and you’re logging whisper messages and all that… it’s going to be
very hard to track that all the way down to revenue. Now, if you’re like a niche B2B outfit and
most of your leads come from referral or through the web, well then maybe we’re able to track
it all the way down to revenue. And that’s what we at WebMechanix are really
interested in. We like to see how these metrics (impressions,
clicks, views, etc.) come all the way down to sales. Sales is revenue, revenue is “Return on
Investment.” We love it when our clients call us and say… “We got another deal!” or “We got another
lead that’s going to turn into a deal!” “Another Opportunity,” or “We got Marketing-Qualified
Leads.” That’s the world we live in. And we love to see our impact, the difference
that we make, that our work makes on the One Big Metric. But there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. And perhaps, the most important thing you can
do is think about this question. Think about “What is the One Big Metric
and how am I tracking it all the way down to revenue?” So go do that, come back, report back — leave
me a comment, email, tweet, whatever you want. And we’ll see you another time.

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