Oracle Content Marketing – Content Portal Sneak Peek
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Oracle Content Marketing – Content Portal Sneak Peek

Hey I am Nard. And I would like to give you a Sneak peek into
a brand new capability coming to Oracle Content Marketing early next year. By introducing Content Portal, Marketing teams
have the ability to enable sales to accelerate their sales cycles by having access to marketing
approved, customer centric content. Today, most organizations are challenged with content
that lives in many different places across the enterprise. Making it very difficult for sales and other groups to easily find,
share, and repurpose their content. So the challenge is.. how can we help sales
to accelerate their sales cycles by providing them with easy access to marketing approved content. While at the same time, from a marketing perspective,
making sure that content is being produced in alignment with brand guidelines as well as internal
processes. To address these challenges… the Oracle
Marketing Cloud is excited to announce Content Portal That enables sales to access marketing approved content On top of the robust content planning, production,
and measuring capabilities provided within Oracle Content Marketing today. To help find the right content fast, sales people can choose to leverage advanced filtering capabilities including attributes like buyer personas, engagement stages, and many more. To keep track of any newly created content, sales can even setup content subscriptions as well as using text-based search to quickly identify the right assets. Once found, Content can immediately be
previewed within Content Portal, but there’s also there is also additional information about the context, purpose, and target audience as provided within the more info tab. ‘Favorites’ can be used to build a personal collection of assets helping sales to repurpose successful content more easily. And finally once the perfect asset has been found,
it can immediately be shared across popular social media
platforms, as well as direct email. And the good news is all of these capabilities can be accessed from any mobile device as well as directly within your CRM or Sales Automation System to help you drive internal adoption. We hope you enjoyed the sneak peak of Content
Portal. coming to Oracle Content Marketing
early next year… And if you would like to find out more feel free to register for our upcoming Customer
Briefing session on the 8th of December Thank you for for watching.

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