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Ostin’s Story | Airware Internship Program

Upon coming to Airware and talking to a lot
of people about my passions, both engineering and creative writing,
and some of them said hey you have to meet Caity, who is the technical writer here. I was really excited
when Ostin approached me and wanted to pursue a technical writing project
while he was here at Airware. I immediately saw a lot of myself in Ostin.
When I was his age, I was also pursuing seemingly two different career paths,
between science and writing, and I didn’t initially know how to marry the
two. It allows you to learn about a wide array
of technical topics, while sharing the knowledge that you learn
with the rest of the world. I had never been involved with technical writing
before, except lab reports in school.
Here I am, right away, jumping into a new project. Whatever I’m trying to say, the user has to easily be able to pick it up.
I got an opportunity to do real technical writing and to create real documentation and to have a real project under my belt. He’s a very talented writer, and a very talented
engineer. And that really shone through. I don’t really know what it is about writing
that I absolutely love, but I know that I do and it feels very
natural. I think Ostin’s story is really inspiring
for future interns because Ostin really came in with one path
in mind, and found another interest and pursued it
to the fullest. Once I get back to school in the fall, I think
I have a new direction. Being able to combine my experience with engineering
and my newfound love for writing seems like the optimal path for me.

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