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Our Content Marketing Strategy | Bam Creative Show Episode #6

Hello everybody, welcome to Episode
six of The Bam Creative Show! I’m Jess, Digital Strategist at Bam Creative.
I’m Richard, Digital Producer at Bam Creative.
I’m Josh. Business Development Manager.
Hey guys. Today we’re gonna be talking about
content marketing and what is it? Why you should be using it and the different types
of content that you can be using for your brand. Who would like to… shall I
actually just continue? Just roll with it, Jess. Thanks guys, for coming while you watch me handle this. marketing is basically content marketing
and content what Richards gonna describe sure so what is content marketing
well Jess how would you define content marketing is the I suppose the engine
that keeps all the content and message of your brand going and so it’s a really
different in terms of social media content where you might just be posting
an event every now and then content marketing is based basically content
creation for your brand matching your business objectives and your message and
connecting with users so basically selling to your customers even while
you’re sleeping which is really I mean it can I just keep thinking of Mike
because Mike does it really well but anyway and what sort of forms can it
type in what some examples of the sort of formats that we’re talking because
it’s different to other sorts of advertising yeah so like content
marketing it’s a really time consuming and that’s why a lot of people find it
really difficult to do so there’s I feel there’s three ways of doing it so it’s
the audio in a podcast for example visual so the photography or video or
written content so an article blog post maybe an interview transcribed or
something like that I mean that they really like the basic forms of content
but they can be split into heaps of new sub categories yeah Josh what would you
say the benefits are in content marketing you know about other sorts of
marketing cool I would say the benefit is that provided you have incredible
content and develop you deliver great value and the information you do create
then it makes sense that if somebody is naturally inclined to say be more
receptive to a message of favors into it through audio versus if they read it or
if they watch it then it is almost like in a way if you’re looking to provide
people with a better experience or you know increased knowledge about a certain
topic or challenge in their life then it makes sense that you should make it as
easy as possible for them to to absorb that content and so that’s why I think
repurposing the content in two different forms
really takes care of that you can take a simple piece of content you can like
we’re doing now with the podcast and the video so essentially there’s a two core
pieces of content but if even we took out the podcast Mike we’d still be able
to get the audio from the video and then we could be able to publish both the
audio the video and like we do for them ourselves is create the show notes and
maybe even go to the extent of doing transcriptions but doing that really
caters to three different modes of learning and yeah it’s about covering
bases and getting more people knowing or hearing about you your key message so
that it can better position you or in this case position bam creative is
actually knowing what they’re doing not simply saying hey this is a great idea
and then once you sign up to a service we’re like we’re not probably going to
do anything with because you don’t actually know what
we’re doing versus what we’re doing right now which is going through the
actual implementation process of developing our core content repurposing
them into different forms of content read disc reading that and two other
platforms online with the intention of being getting in front of more people
but then also of the back of there having some enduring benefits like
increasing our search engine ranking by having more content out there that’s
keyword targeted and and again just just allowing ourselves to provide a very
different experience compared to a lot of our competitors it’s really
interesting because the whole motivation behind Qin content marketing can be
different depending on the brand so for example ours it’s very much about boomin
because we’ve been around for so long since she doesn’t – and you know a lot
of us like I’ve created my first website when I was like 11 I’m 21 now anyway
yeah but it was 20 years ago that I create my first website and a lot of
people have been in that industry for a really long time so we feel very
confident to position ourselves as experts in our field and that’s a big
driver for a lot of our content marketing what I am 22 anyway yeah so
that’s really the big motivation for our content as well because we but a lot of
other businesses and brands may be using their content marketing in a very
similar way to present themselves as experts in their field so yeah like a
few brands that do do you guys know you know the people that do that really well
currently in terms of everything was just really really increasing content
yeah like using content marketing to position themselves in a certain way
yeah cool so TV web and movie web online brands that providing a large amount of
content on a daily basis so they’re Everage I think it’s between living in maybe 16 or 15 pieces of what
daily Wow don’t lean so there’s just a few if you go to the movie web website
you’ll be able to seeing shadow to move you would love to work and so you’ll be
able to go through and you can see on a daily basis how many articles are being
published on on their website and then as a follow up from there all of those
with all those articles are being promoted on Facebook yeah so they’re
really hitting in Boots given that only you say I don’t know if I’ve to maybe 11
percent are going to see who are organically following a page you’re
going to see any of the content so by just putting out so much additional
content they’re really seaming ourselves up for success because and you can go
and google it right now or even on Facebook to be searching movie with you
go through you’ll be able to see the number of followers but you’ll also be
able to see the frequency with which they post content and so there’s a real
really good example of them still being in the front of people’s minds and it’s
not even in followers right because mostly it’s going to be a case of their
followers liking content and then or commenting on the content and then
that’s going to lead other people seeing it yeah so yeah that’s a really good one
that I can think of and then there are a number of any marketing brands and I
know I like the idea of because I suppose people always think like social
media marketing is content my theme actually isn’t but I like the idea of
I’ll come back to that and explain the difference of content marketing as the
presence because you’re hosting its and you control the narrative which is
something we talked about on the first episode which is do you even need a
website so you do need a website for effective content marketing so
essentially being the narrative of your brand telling your brand story and then
you would actually utilize social media platforms to spread that message so
whatever it is that you’re talking about you would use it to
the content over time and to continue to spread that message and make sure that
it’s something about you which is something that we always ask ourselves
as well like for we’re repurposing the content that we’ve already created
because we feel like it’s going to be providing value to people we’re also
asking ourselves again is this post so for me it’s going to be creating value
father’s because it just kind of leads back to the greater content strategy
that we have as well which is providing value father’s I mean that’s pretty much
our primary goal yeah I find that really interesting though like the amount of
content that you can actually create from one piece of content it would be
insane and we talked about this I think in the last episode in terms of creating
contact and Instagram and how to use curated and original content to kind of
pad out the calendar a little bit but yeah creating one piece of content can
actually create endless amounts of pieces of content for you and your brand
to continuously tell your stories I think at the moment oh of course
so we we create about looks like 40 pieces of additional content that we
publish on different platforms currently and yeah so that gives you an idea and
that’s just from one episode for example so that kind of gives you an idea of the
possibilities of taking a piece of content and taking parts of it and
spreading that and different on different platforms to communicate
different message provide value each time so yeah really cool it’s good if
you can repurpose content that’s great if you can create a video or you know
that’s fantastic you don’t necessarily have to do that you can just start off
with a blog as well crazy like a that’s in the yeah I guess there’s different
levels that you can get into and it has to reflect your business as well it has
to be like you suggest has to be actually engaging to your audience
can we can you show your example of how we’re doing that for sure I’m so just
yeah just the gist the process not the reason for the campaign interesting sure
no no so I mean at the end of the day it’s to get traffic and improve search
ranking okay and a lot of content marketing is
like that I mean if you take someone like miles per hour managing director he
likes to write this blog posts so he’ll talk to you about 6q you know some of
our side projects and how important the blog is and you know the the long-term
benefits that can have for any website so we always push that to a different
clients but I’m in this case this client had an existing website and they just
wanted some search it should help so we’re wrong and they don’t have a blog /
site they’ve got publications but we can work with that and we’re just working
with them to find appropriate websites where we can you know basically leverage
you know their story and just reach new audiences and find new traffic back to
their website this is really interesting about your client as well because so
everyone has like their own drawer to whatever type of content they like to
create so for us initially we tried just doing written content and that was the
only time and now we’ve gone to audio and visual and written because we find
written is a lot easier to do after we’ve done all this stuff and with that
particular client it’s just feeling out the situation so we’ve said you know
have like you can record yourself talking and a lot of people find that a
lot easier than writing because while they’re writing they might want to
re-edit writing you gonna get crazy it takes a long time but just speaking on a
topic that you know you’re really comfortable with can help us then create
the as well being written content and I mean
you can even probably repose that content as a podcast if you really
wanted to which is really cool because you know I think a lot of people are
getting into audio at the moment I don’t know about you guys I love listening to
podcasts pretty much all the time even when I’m working just which is so would
you say that you know sitting down to actually write a blog post can sometimes
seem harder than just finding a mate and talking about as you killer you know
issue any kind of issue out of a hat and then listening to the transcription and
then just running what was that yeah I mean I I find that it’s actually but I
like to kind of talk it out and then write a post because this is just me
personally but you finally listening to the audio listen back to the audio
sometimes when I’m writing the post I’ll think oh there’s something that we were
about to touch on that was actually like we didn’t quite get there because maybe
maybe like rich and Josh collectively interrupted me and then I feel like okay
that’s actually are really good things and I’m your body in value again like
that’s actually a point that I wanted to talk about so I find that’s really
helpful and then go yet going into a little bit more detail and I think it’s
the hardest thing as well as actually when you’re writing content is planning
it out but you already got the audio individuals already kind of find out for
you so find that a lot easier so easier but
I find that yeah a lot of people do get turned off by the prospect of writing
blog posts I mean we’ve experienced that a lot it’s pretty fun and sometimes like
that’s the thing like you’re gonna choose whatever comes naturally
really why riding mm-hmm yeah people up speaking and so basically it’s giving
people I guess you’d say content marketing is giving people options to
generate content in ways they want and people to also receive it and digest it
in my say a bit more come forward yeah but unfortunately guys like the biggest
thing right now it’s video and audio like I’d like to be romantic about
written content cuz that like I started blogging when I was seventeen which does
we know those five years ago but you know I’m sorry Karen yeah yeah but yeah video and audio is where it’s
at because like people are you know trying to consume content really fast
and you can’t really do that with written content it depends on the
written content cuz you know we can do slides or something like that which can
you do content one size chunks which is another way you can do written and after
just doing an article but um yeah super fast so audio-visual is what I list a
nice anchor how about you guys have you heard of income but I think it’s got a
really cool like thing on their app where you can listen to stuff
one-and-a-half times faster and I’m all about that like I’ll just listen to
audio really fast but I love audio but it kind of just need the point you just
need the points right away yeah so as long as it matches with who you’re
talking to move your marketers then yeah I think
it’s worth you considering whether you can use video to separate yourself from
the rest of those computers in your industry and then after there it would
it should help yourself on being as unique as possible obviously I would love her to do a podcast because
I just think she’s very uncomfortable being on camera very uncomfortable
recording herself she’s super comfortable with writing a humongous
long blog post dr. Cowan it was really cool and awesome actually I really loved
that but yeah it’s all about yeah and then I think the only way you can know
so this is your comfort and then there’s also the enduring benefit it’ll have for
your audience so if yourself like you see if this
person loves writing over podcasts content like if she is if she is the the
marker of the industry we’re like basically everyone in that space nobody
is producing content like on podcasts yeah and if all the audience would have
be turned off from having audio content to consume then fine but also if that
person in their own security is in comfort zone also sees that there is
actually an opportunity for her audience to get more value from podcasts then
like you say that there’s no issue whether you’ve been going from this
great high quality blog post and then her just getting like a ghost speaker of
somebody like that to record the podcast on her behalf and then yeah she can be
able to ever podcast called podcast content really available to people I’m
he’s saying that but so you’re basically saying that if no one else in the space
is dominating that like if not if everyone’s just kind of doing like one
blog post yeah and no one else is really doing podcasting video it’s probably to
your benefit to actually get in there and do something cuz you be like the
first so you can do it really well so if you’re quite comprehensive in terms of
you making sure you’re offering people value making sure that you know you’re
publishing your podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud and whatever platforms you
want that’s actually what I’m saying is like if you’ve never tested it yeah like
do it let it crash and burn and then be like I know this perfect versus somebody
that’s like yeah but you may find it it may not be say your your normal approach
to doing a podcast so your your initial assumption of what the podcast should be
yeah and then eventually by say polling or interacting with your audience they
could just be a client base initially then you might get a bit of sense of are
you actually I probably I wouldn’t normally listen to what cast but if I’ve
talked about this main issue or if it provided me with this kind of
information that I could really benefit from then I would I would get into it
and also you know maybe they have their own preconceptions about what a
podcasters are one of a video channel is so addressing those things really helped
you again to redefine your self in that space and help separate you from all
from everyone else but yeah we touched on one interesting point though Josh’s
how would you actually measure whether or not you’re doing a good job doesn’t
have to be honest about John oh he gets it every time what do you think what do
you guys think in terms and playing these piece of social power
our content is in marketing where they can have crossover I would say YouTube
is a social media channel run if another thing for the question if you’ve put if
you poured your heart and soul into an hour and a half you know a video of you
you know doing what you love talking about what you love yeah I guess you can
measure how many people played it right and you can you can get a feel from the
comments as well but in terms of podcasts you don’t maybe it’s not so
easy to track edge blog posts generally don’t convert into sales straightaway so
how do you and you get a feeling let me just interrupt you because I think the
whole thing with content marketing is it’s like a really huge brand awareness
all I’m like we talked about it’s really hard to but you actually talked about
how it is very difficult to measure the ROI it’s super hard so if we’re gonna
get all airy-fairy time but then of course there are a myriad of other
metrics that you could be looking at and you can depending on the platform but
yeah so just if I could ask you what would be like a digital goal but you
would sit up for something like a blog post well I think in terms of written
content my biggest goal would be to increase the
returning visits because like if I’m creating content for a different cycle
like in the bycicle for example maybe other night but yeah so fun creating
content for different buyer cycles I want to know that people might be coming
back to see that content again right so if I’m creating a piece of content
that’s supposed to be educational in some way and that you know people are
referring back to it then kind of make me feel a little bit good about it but
I’m probably providing something about people are continuously coming back for
and again that’s only really content if it’s like yeah if it’s a reference point
if it’s educational if it’s something I want to keep coming back to yeah we look
at if we look at in a bubble I probably add to that by saying my main objective
if we’re putting out a blog content yeah would be to get the email address
something yeah because then I can increase the likelihood of them coming
back as a returning business rule because my next blog article will be
promoted and the email newsletter or the email notification that I send out so
yeah and then I would also make sure so I would ensure that there was was a
clear call-to-action in the blog post depending on the topic the topic may
very well be to give any other updates about this particular pain or pleasure
point that you relate to as a prospect sign up to this newsletter and so that
would help me to to better control yeah I guess my reach because the thing is
like what do you have the email address it gets a little bit easier it’ll be
like a phone number and what if you were then repurposing that content on us we
interrupt her really no I didn’t I was I was drawing in breath but um yeah yeah
no repurposing content I think that’s a little bit different I think you you can
you’ve hit the nail on your head guys when you say like there’s just this
amazing efficiency in doing one thing and then having 40 pieces of content
yeah and you know you can you can repurpose the hell out of that wherever
you want over the internet for different reasons some different social media
networks and which means you’ve got a lot of different goals there but it’s
it’s cross population it’s it’s all working towards a brand awareness like
you say reaching your audiences and then yeah driving hopefully driving a bit of
traffic to where you want them as well so I guess their goal you know for
podcasts would be to get some subscribers or
his views you know that sort of thing you know and obviously you know you do
the showing of its every week there’s so much written content there then you know
you might have missed something in the audio so there’s value we had that so
you know if anyone’s actively seeking that out and spending the time to read
that that is a goal I think Thomas ah yeah these are these are girls as well
there’s you know you know it can pounce week to week yeah it’s not a question
but oh I can’t remember it now so can we please talk about just in the short time
in this super short time I don’t think it’s literally been five or six weeks
since we started at this podcast and we we’ve barely even started our little
like repurposing content schedule another can we please talk about social
media metrics that we have come across in the short time that we have been
publishing sure no worries me an email jobs in the other day so you’re kind of
basing it so why don’t we just start with Facebook what’s happened with our
Facebook profile okay so was this a 10-week period compared to the previous
ten week who is there Josh no like this is Tim literally like one month computer
all right oh okay okay so I felt like the 22nd of June 2 2009 to August and
then you know the same period from June to mid July so let me just said a lot
we’ve prior to this we actually had we weren’t doing content marketing
actively in this sort of schedule that we have now especially not with the
pillars of content that we’re currently engaging with so this is just from the
podcast and downcast so Facebook trend figures grunt
next all right it’s gone I’ll see two hundred twenty two percent
Britain is three hundred and twenty two percent that’s pretty amazing
that’s Instagram traffic growth now this is mostly just as real number that’s a
real presume that’s a real 1800 and that’s most of us actually which is
pretty cool which is and then LinkedIn traffic growth of thirty two point five
percent which is pretty awesome considering that we weren’t really
engaging very much with LinkedIn prior to that and then which we like we
recognizes a huge opportunity for us yeah so in writing the campaign doing
like we’ve done this is the go Specter testing we had we had a hypothesis in
mind before he started content marketing we had students digital goals in mind
most of them are unengaged and then now I have to enter the first month we’re
seeing some stats coming through and then we’re going to pivot which I’ll
talk about end of you guys hearing the stance but yeah yep and then Twitter
session pretty much the same I think that’s been good a lot of our audience
are very much um I think they’re very much into headlines and then you can see
yeah but I don’t think that’s keeping our audience I think that’s Twitter I
mean because who knows very much about headlines and sharing in the morning
I think it’s very difficult yeah and like it’s really interesting because at
the end of every show we always ask people to tweet us but we probably get
more response in our emails and Twitter and I think that’s just it’s weird but
it is it very much like it’s a very boring and you know there’s a little
wallflowers at this cocktail party because no one’s really talking to us a
lot of brands don’t realize it for that reason which is pretty cool but I just
think it’s hard to have that kind of like that’s fantastic Wow which is
pretty cool so we have to shut down a YouTube channel they don’t want to break
you too not another like it’s not many it’s not
mail today but it’s kind of interesting to see this because again like we
haven’t really been going you know publishing calendar yeah it’s just kind
of like dipping our toes in the water so it’s just interesting to see this kind
of mini explosion in that time on social media as well so that’s kind of like how
it just goes to show you that you know from one piece of content and refocusing
the pieces of content I can see Josh like what we need for that he wants to
either say no no no I was just curious about like to put it in context how many
channels have we used versus how many we’ve we’ve put in the the entire
schedule you know like because you you just you did pull it back a little bit
yeah so like just for everyone watching so they can understand look these the
amount of channels of these are the channels we’re actively using there’s no
ones that we plan to using other big ones for example so
Facebook Instagram Twitter and actually know where actually I’m using it now the
really interesting thing about LinkedIn is my I suppose ignorance of LinkedIn I
basically ignored it for a while just because I thought that you know it
wasn’t very interesting and people weren’t really interested in what we had
to say on LinkedIn and I kind of dismissed it and again I just from your
advice you know just talking about trying things out and seeing what
happens from it and just even utilizing the do now I’ve actually decided to ramp
it up a little bit um a little bit more it’s weird though because it depends on
what what what content is suited to what platform yeah it’s like for example I
don’t know how old video does on LinkedIn at the moment because I have
only published a few on there so I need a bit more data for that ok so in the
future I would really love to implement a few other platforms ok yeah sure I
really want to implement anchor because you know that I have I’m like in love
with anger and anger is basically a podcasting platforming you can podcast
five minutes at a time so it’s like really short snippet so you know it’s
almost like snapchat for a podcast because they disappear within 24 hours
from doing anchor here like just started yeah oh my god but the thing I love
about you is that people can call in and then you can like repost those call ends
and then Anna’s boom which is really cool because it kind of gives you no
really live aspect to podcasting which is awesome people can
things like that there’s other video platforms that we want to engage with is
also repurposing a written content into slides so you know passing that value on
to another platform so being Google slides and LinkedIn slides which would
be really cool but yeah like I said because everybody just sort of started
doing these is kind of figuring out our internal process and how long things
take here and how we can do things fit off and and once we’re feeling it feeling stronger like Britney Spears
like stronger than yesterday type that in there but yes once I’m feeling a bit
more bit stronger we can start mentioning other platforms as well and
testing and seeing which so tell me about the pivot was that LinkedIn you
just Laurie pivoted before you know it’s good you meet you Instagram is one and
then there are a myriad of others oh my god sorry
Instagram stories there’s a lot of woman splaining going on here today
interruptions but no like I think one of them the other wasn’t think about is
there what underpins the entire content marketing strategy is that we’re
actually coming to the market with value or of what we feel this value and some
of the initial feedback is positive and that regard so there’s what we’re going
to use to to continue or to validate what we’re doing currently and continue
doing that so you we don’t want to paint the picture that you can really you know
you can hope to paint poo and then take pictures of it and plaster it all over
the net it has to be great content that people are going to be really interested
in and then from that perspective you can go like 40 pieces of content or 70
pieces of content but just get it out there you haven’t heard the same and so
it’s really it’s gonna be critical like for your own strategy and that’s why for
us we’ve gone through and we initially had certain certain goals in mind but in
looking at all our stats we’re like cool we need to we need to be mindful of what
percentage of of people who are geographically say located in Australia
are consuming our content and especially Western Australia because it’s alcohol
target audience other things like just making sure their
tracking set up for for other say second or third tier goals for when people are
interacting with that website so we can monitor that and then ideally see
improvements over time but yeah it was really going to help us to go from
strength to strength so it’s a positive uptake initially and I don’t expect that
that growth curve to necessarily state over the preceding months but what I do
see is that there’s going to be significant a significant improvement in
engagement and then also we will stop we’ll continue to see the slight growth
over time once we start introducing newer channels and then just making sure
most importantly that we’re tracking everything we can track so clicks back
to the website from various channels or various sources and mediums it’s going
to be critical to us knowing ok Paul this this channel here is really good
for engagement versus this one which is actually quite positive in terms of
conversions and so maybe we should be scaling up our activity on on the second
channel and ramping or providing different types of content on the first
one so that’s when we can really get quite calculated yeah creating content for a different buyer
cycles of Jo and then matching those goals to this buyer cycle surely
someone’s you know interested in Instagram marketing for example and
they’re gonna search about how to create an industry marketing strategy they
might come to our site and then we actually have goals that uppers to you
know because they’re learnings about you know they’re trying to figure out what
their solution would be so then we have goals set up for that and then if
they’re a little bit more specific in terms of you know coming up with an
actual strategy like what would be included in an Instagram marketing
strategy then there’s you know that’s like the consideration set so there’s
that and then of course actually the decision cycle as
well as those vehicles that you can map to H as well so what about tips like one
tip for people that are listening so if your marketing manager if you’re a
business owner you’re contemplating how need to look at digital marketing yeah love tools love tools get some tools out
first especially with content marketing for example like trolleys are really
good to use that can be service calendar because then at least you can sort of as
you’re creating topic ideas for example you can start planning out when it’s
gonna be published what needs to be done the roles and processes of actually
creating that content because that is just as important as actually creating
and publishing that culture do you like utilizing tools is my big thing on that
note tools you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money you can record video
on your phone you can edit it on your computer with free software so get into
it give it a go awesome and then mine would be making sure that you’re really
on point with the type of content making sure that it is audience centric as
possible so there are a couple there they’re about 10 questions that I’ve
gone through the past with previous clients when it’s come to creating new
content and these 10 questions are actually from direct response copywriter
Dan Kennedy so what I’ll do is I’ll probably just get you will just post up
the ten questions on the show notes and if you read through those and if you
envision cool I’m sitting down create a content and I go through all these
questions they’re gonna be really they’ll help you to get a better
understanding of oh cool this is what my clients are currently going through all
my prospects are currently having problems with so that would be mine as
well yeah thanks Gus okay just I can’t other things
thank you so much for watching it’s listening to us today we really
appreciate your attention and as usual you can always ask us any questions
emails podcast at band or come to a you don’t bother to salamanca

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