Our Success With InteleTravel and PlanNet Marketing | Our Testimonial
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Our Success With InteleTravel and PlanNet Marketing | Our Testimonial

Inteletravel and PlanNet Marketing what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
what’s your name unique and we’re back once again in this video we just want to
talk about a success with Inteletravel and plannet marketing since we’ve
been in it a little over a year just a tad bit earlier and some of our mistakes
and failures along the way alright so we’ll be right back and we’re back welcome back welcome back
so back with majestic travel so who likes it down they ain’t got a home and
we’re in our pool area and it’s so beautiful
we’re gonna show you guys area once we make a new video so we just want to talk
about Wow when we got started in the travel industry with the Inteletravel
and plannet marketing so we first got started and we didn’t know anything
about travel I always knew is traveling was a good industry to be in and we like
to do it was passionate about it so jamika got into the business first of
all yeah I really wasn’t passionate about it and all I just was looking at
the senator that a travel agent was getting like discount rates and
everything like there was no passion at all but once we looked more into it and
saw that hey this is a good business to try to build a team and make everything
work then why not get passionate with it so we’re here now and we’re trying our
best to push through and there’s only one way and this is the way yeah there
is no plan B so like I said we was passionate about travel but far as the
business island we were just trying to find our way trying to find our way
trying to get into it trying to figure out okay how do you book how did you do
this how do you do that there’s a lot of training to take but we just a lot but
you know you don’t pick and choose what you do or do it learn along the way you
know don’t let that hold you back because you can get frustrated okay how
do I do this how to do that no don’t worry about all that just focus on
learning what you can and implement learn and implement a lot of times you
may spend I think we spend quite a lot of time just on learning without
implementing so well first six months if I’ve been to Sweden didn’t one done
shaking in our business wasn’t happening just learning mo so you Mick was saying
first then I was doing some research on the company
reason I’m more passionate about marketing I love doing YouTube videos in
our life hmm let’s see this business can be marketed global cause some businesses
can’t rewrite will like about and Inteletravel plannet marketing because you can
market it on a global scale and I seen a vision I like wow we can get clients we
can build a team globally like ooh we can do it all YouTube so we started I
think about six seven months in we started putting out videos regarding our
travel business we got in the travel niche and it took some time to get it
going but as of I say fast-forward maybe eight months later
now these videos have allowed us to rank advance three times within the company
and we’re on the right track and I just want to say that it always has to deal
with building a brand online you know we’ve got started like talk to
our family and friends I’m not really do really have a lot you know to share with
you know I’m honest with you I ain’t got a lot of friends you know let’s put it
out globally because most people you know they do have a network of friends
and family but within after that then what okay most most people will say no
and watch your business opportunity or most some of you may find that some
families are not as supportive as strangers are and a lot of our successes
came from complete strangers be honest with you and it was like okay this is
the way cold market cold market you know tap into the cold market one markets
good place to start however we didn’t start that we just
jump straight to the cold market because we implemented no marketing online
building the brand with our travel business so fast forward like I said
with that being said you too can have success with any business it’s all about
marketing so instead of travel plan that market is a great opportunity
gives you the ability to learn about the tribal industry as well as travel at
great rates as well as give money back on your own travel so so like I said we
write the rest three times and believe it or not it’s all been automated I can
you know it’s all been automated for us you can leverage your time using social
media like for example this video that we’re putting out today will be working
four years down the road so each video we put out is just keep on working and
working and working okay no I’m like doing videos I don’t like getting the
camera but hey you know you first get started you it’ll grow on you
honestly when you start seeing hey I got a sign up or I got a new client for my
video that’s gonna put fire where you put I’m be honest with it’s gonna light
a fire point of you you can be like wow this works by company a couple years
back when I first made a first dollar online and I seen potential I made this
done while I was asleep Wow so what if I did more videos so I
met you me can we get into the travel agency we just integrated in both
marketing with the travel industry so guys I just want to let you know our
success we are doing very very well far as we got a retail have a team now we’re
getting clients and it’s all coming from video marketing we do do a little
Facebook advertisement which does good for generating leads but our main
strategy that converts well it’s you to just be honest with it I’ve bought back
to YouTube so I want to encourage you all when you get started as a travel
agent on the travel industry brand yourself build a brand
don’t try to pitch people into your business all the time be give people
killed people value people want value people looking for information I’m to be
honest with you there’s a ton of people online looking to become travelers
looking typing it in YouTube Google it’s good thing I like about YouTube in
google videos ranked in both Google owns YouTube
so whenever video ranks in YouTube it’s gonna freeze on Google so they even
though they have two different algorithms I’m not gonna talk about that
but hey you can get traffic from YouTube and Google with YouTube videos so I just
want to let you know that youtubers are dominating factor and like I said that’s
ton of people looking to book travel as well as become travel agents you know so
that’s the part I like about Inteletravel and Plannet marketing gives
you ability to become a travel agent and build a travel team at the same time you
know even though the bidding the team is optional but you do have that leverage
you know I recommend it to anybody so guys that’s our success we love what we
do just love the fact that we get to give money back on our own vacations and
helping people out with their travel needs and more people to get into the
business we have some great business partners yeah great
business partners – shout out to team majestic very very passionate people
about travel and like I said you too can do the same thing so it’s something
you’re looking to get into you can always click the link below watch more
information watch free presentation on how you can get started in the travel
industry with intel trouble and planet marketing you choose to do both sides
and we would love to work with you we also live a number of below right
besides a link and you can always Texas we got any questions and we are real
people and we’re gonna make this real for you you okay you guys do you want to
say I think that’s pretty much it that’s pretty much it happy travelling so if you know anybody
share this video and share that link below or watch it link and do all that
good stuff if you got any questions you can always text us or leave a comment in
the video little elf your feedback we love comments and we do reply back okay
yes we do all right signing off wouldn’t just travel
happy traveling

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