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We mentioned before that YouTube can be
a great platform to host videos as part of your content marketing. Now YouTube could also be a great
place for paid marketing. It’s still a young advertising place, so you may find cheaper rates than
you would on, let’s say, AdWords. Now there are a ton of different ad
formats on YouTube, and at least for videos, you only have to pay for the ads
that people actually engage with. So if someone skips your ad,
you don’t have to pay a cent. Now, on the other hand, creating a high
quality video and hosting it for free on YouTube can generate buzz
around your product or service. And if you promote it on social media,
you can encourage virality. If you’re considering advertising
on YouTube with videos, remember that the viewer’s
attention span can be pretty short. So, you want to invest in
a high quality video that can hook your users really quickly. So let’s explore just a couple
of the different formats you can use on YouTube because there
are ton of options available to you. Check out the link in the instructor
notes if you want to see all of them. One option is the desktop or
mobile video mastheads. These are video ads that
play on YouTube’s homepage. On a desktop,
they play without any sound and it’ll end as a thumbnail of your video
or any other video from your channel. On mobile, the video thumbnails will be
available for your users to click on. You can even add a link
directly to your website. Let’s look at what it does look like. So, here’s the video masthead. You can also have a rich media
masthead which would go here as well. So the rich media mastheads
are seen in that same location. You can do a ton with the custom
mastheads from carousels, use cool videos or just images. There’s a lot of options out there. That’s surprising I know but
you can also have a video ad. I’m sure you’ve noticed these ads
playing before different videos that you’ve seen on YouTube. Now there are different options for
the video ads. Nonskippable in-stream video ads
are videos that appear pre-mid or post-roll when viewing
different content on YouTube. They could be around
15 to 30 seconds long. And the viewer must watch the entire
ad before they’re able to watch their selected video. Now, for the skippable ads,
you can go to the true view format. And there are a few different
types of true view ads. So you have the in-stream
that play before video, and you’re allowed to
skip after five seconds. You could have display ads
that are suggested videos, in that suggested video list. Let’s check that out. Here’s an example of a display ad. And this is an example of
an in-stream overlay ad. There are a few more options for
true view ads. You can check the link in
the instructor notes for more. You can have your standard display ads,
which are similar to what you just saw. And you also saw
the in-video overlay ads. They pop up, then you can select them
while you’re watching a video, or you have the option of closing them. But as I said before, there
are a ton of ad options in YouTube. You can even do live streaming ads,
if you’d like, so check out the documentation
to learn more.

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