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Let’s cover Basic Branding options Change your background image (1,200 x 800) Let’s fix this minor white space Pick a complimentary color to your branding Last step: change your paper’s thumbnail icon for our newsstand 268×181 Check out our extended basic
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  1. I also find that many online products don't do a good job of doing their own training. This is why many of use end up creating our own training videos. I train teachers and could be a great digital tools for the classroom if teachers did not have to spend time they don't have learning how to use it.

  2. It's an ironic shame that the voice talent is wrong, all mid-range, no clear highs and lows, and the music in the background is too loud and and shouldn't be there after the intro. I could only make it to the :35 second mark. This is a great product and needs to have a listenable and understandable presentation. Hopefully, all the material is in a PDF as well, so we can read it.

  3. The prior comments I agree with. However I assimilate data rapidly and this is going to quickly for me.I wish your show it down and the music is basically a distraction.I like your ideology of the paper.Yet it would be nice to focus on her speaking along with the diagram of the videos intent alone the music is annoying and I've watched 3X already!

  4. Ok I tried to set up a thumbnail and the option isn't available. It looks like things have changed in the last 4 years. Is there an updated way to do this?

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