Pardot Marketing Automation Demo
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Pardot Marketing Automation Demo

Welcome, today we’ll be looking at Pardot,
This video is brought to you by TechnologyAdvice. Our mission is to educate, advise and connect
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to help companies engage in simpler and smarter online marketing. It is designed to integrate
seamlessly with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, including solutions from
We’ll start with admin and work our way to the left. First up is Automation Settings
and more specifically Scoring Rules. Whenever someone takes an action this is how they get
scored. The more points someone has, the more likely they are to purchase and convert. For
example, If someone were to come from a landing page, they get 50 points. If they click on
a link within an email, they get 7 points. Reports: Campaign Performance + Lifecycle.
By changing the x-axis users can calculate how well their campaigns are doing. For example,
if you have a certain number of visitors, and you want to calculate the revenue from
them, you could chart the performance over time. It’s possible to set up the lifecycle
funnel so users can view where different prospects are within the cycle; however it does require
integration with Salesforce. Prospects: With a specific prospect, it’s
possible to view a variety of information such as source campaign, contact information,
insight, and more. Perhaps most importantly, Pardot keeps track of all a user’s actions
to display how many points he/she has. Actions and score can also be very helpful because
they allow users to see what a prospect has done since visiting a page. This detailed
information can help drive campaigns and more effectively develop propsects into leads and
hopefully purchasers. Now onto the real meat of Pardot: Marketing.
First up within marketing is Automation Rules. When a prospect takes a specific action, rules
are assigned that tell the system how to react. This helps users be proactive and base decisions
on specific sorting rules. I’ll quickly walk you through how easy it is to make a
new rule. Add basic information such as name, folder, and tags and then pardot inserts a
response template. From there users can customize based on desired steps and actions such as
moving prospects from a more informative email campaign to one that is intended to drive
sales once they reach a certain score. Drip program. Within drip campaigns users
can develop a drip logic for how and when Pardot contacts prospects. The interface is
similar to an engineering workflow and has a specific conversion track. Users can drag
and drop specific actions such as sending an email, notifying a user, or pausing.
Pardot has an email template builder for emails within the campaign. Everything from variable
tags to body copy can be easily adjusted. There’s also the possibility for users to
develop campaign emails within HTML to code out the front end of the email interface.
Users can also preview as well as test various potential email messages.
Lists are groups of prospects that can be used to send list emails or to build drip
marketing programs. They are very simple yet important. Users can see how many prospects
are on a list, whether they’re CRM visible and more. It’s also possible to split, copy,
and move lists. Within a specific list users can determine what percentage are mailable,
Made for medium-sized businesses to enterprises, Pardot is available for a medium price point.
A limitation for Pardot is users that aren’t using Salesforce will find many of its integrations
less powerful. Also its reporting is less robust than its competitors as it doesn’t
have the capability to split test a drip campaign. In summary, Pardot helps businesses:
1) Effectively reach prospects with personalized, targeted emails.
2) Generate high-quality leads right from the beginning
3) Send the right leads to the right reps at the right time.
To find out more about Pardot or other marketing automation software, check out our website
where we can help you find technology that will fit the needs of your work.
Thanks for watching!

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