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Penn State Smeal MBA Career Connections

>>The Smeal MBA program has
given me a lot of great access to recruiters during my time here. We have a few people on staff whose
sole job is to be able to connect you with these people who–
the hiring managers who can help you along with your career. We have career fairs
in every concentration in the Business Building itself, as
well as, in the larger University. And we have a lot of MBA specific info. sessions where a recruiter will
come for a more intimate session. We’ll have dinner, discuss the
company, discuss opportunities and really get a chance to
network on a one to one basis.>>Talking to people and being
able to network, you know, is a skill that doesn’t
necessarily come naturally to me. So, it’s something great that Smeal’s
really worked with us to get out there and network and make
connections and, of course, it’s balancing the internship search
with your academic life as well. So, you’re still in school, you still
got to complete your papers and, you know, hopefully, get straight As, but balancing that with the
internship search at the same time, I think it really builds, you know,
these meta skills that take you to that next executive level for
the workplace eventually as well.>>The career services has been an
immense support for me in finding that internship in a consulting role
which was a supply chain internship. They gave us the right tools, they gave
us the access to the various databases and really helped us, especially from
an international student perspective because we’re not used to the
routines and the different kinds of interview procedures
that we have here. So, they really coached us
by having mock interviews, they did a lot of resume reviews, they
did consulting case interview practices which really helped develop the skill
sets required to crack that interview and also be successful
in the internship.>>Internship searches
can very easily feel like an additional class
that you’re taking. I know right not I’m in the
heat of it and I’m trying to juggle, you know, 10 companies. I probably have 50 e-mails out right now
trying to make connections with people, trying to get my resume
out there and get signed up for interviews and stuff like that. But, you know, one strong point about
Penn State is the alumni association and the network that
they’ve created here.>>My internship definitely had aspects
of the entrepreneurial aspirations and I’m continuing that
throughout my second year so it’s something I definitely
keep my mind on and look back to my past internships so
that I can use my classes. And, hopefully, use that moving forward.>>The biggest difference to me was
understanding the holistic view. So, having the initial MBA class
work, having some marketing, having some finance, the
communications course, some strategy, I had a good idea how my projects
fit into the bigger picture. So, that really helped me. Also, the BA 517 course at the end of
the summer, like most all internships, you’re required to give a presentation
to the senior management team and so, obviously, felt very comfortable getting
up in front of them and speaking.

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