Period Products Every Girl Should Know 🙋🏻
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Period Products Every Girl Should Know 🙋🏻

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Lavendaire. Today’s video is for my girls. It’s about period products that every girl
must know about. So if you’re that girl that still uses the typical pads and tampons
that you buy at the store, this video’s for you because there are so many new options, so
many alternative options that are better for you. They’re better for your body and your health,
better for the environment, and in some cases, better for your wallet. Today I’m going to share about menstrual cups, organic cotton tampons, and period panties. And I do want to give an honorable mention to reusable cloth pads because that’s another
option. I just personally haven’t tried them yet so I can’t really share too much about them
in this video. Alright, let’s start with my favorite option
which is the menstrual cup. I’ve been using this cup for over a year now, and I first
heard about it from the YouTuber frmheadtotoe. She has a really thorough and amazing video
on menstrual cups so I recommend you watch that video for the gritty details. I basically got the same cup that she got, and it’s by this brand named Sckoon. There are so many menstrual cup brands out
there. They each have slightly different shapes,
different hardness to them, so it depends on what works for you, but I tried this one and
it works for me pretty well so far. The way it is: you fold this into a specific
fold. There are so many different folds but I use this version. And you kind of insert it similar to a tampon,
and once it’s in, it will pop out like that and then it will
just catch all the period blood. And the best thing about this-actually, there
are so many best things. 1. This option is very eco-friendly because you
don’t create much waste. You don’t have plastic packaging to throw
away each time that you change it. Basically, it’s just a cup made of silicone. You wash it before and after you use it, and
that’s it. 2. It’s super cost-effective because one cup
can last you up to ten years. It’s made of silicone and it’s pretty durable,
so if you take care of it, it can really last you a long time. Imagine making one purchase for a period product
and you don’t have to buy anything else for almost ten years. It’s just so much cheaper in the big picture, compared to when you’re buying and restocking
pads and tampons every month. Also, it’s cleaner and safer for your body
because it’s made of silicone. I’m not sure if you all know, but a lot of
pads and tampons that you buy in-store, the very big brands, they’re not made of organic
cotton. They do have chemicals, and if you’re sticking chemicals up your body
for hours at a time, or having chemicals in that area, it’s not
as clean as you would think. Something that’s silicone, it doesn’t emit
anything. It is cleaner and safer. Honestly, though, for me the best part about
menstrual cups is the lazy factor and the invisible factor. I love that you only have to deal with the
cup basically twice a day: in the morning and the evening. You can leave this in your body for ten to
twelve hours, so that’s half a day right there. I just put it in in the morning and empty
it out in the evening, and then put it in for the night, and then
the next morning do it again. It’s really easy to handle your period in the comfort of your
own home, in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to bed, which is
amazing because the most disgusting thing about pads and tampons are changing them in
the middle of the day in public bathrooms. Ugh. So that’s what I love about this thing. And also the invisible factor, the fact that while you have it in you throughout
the day, you don’t even notice that you’re on your period. You see no blood. Someone like me, I don’t like seeing blood. It feels clean that you don’t see blood. You only see it in the morning and the evening, and that’s not a big deal. I think the sacrifice of getting a little
bit dirty with your fingers, inserting and removing, that is worth the
cleanliness throughout the day of not having to deal with your period. For those of you who love tampons, tampons
are your favorite period product of choice, I would definitely recommend switching to
some organic cotton tampons. These are by Cora, and they’re originally
a subscription-based tampon company, but I think now they sell Cora in Target,
which is pretty amazing. What I love about Cora is their branding. They package their tampons in very sleek,
black, classy packaging. It comes with this little pouch and they have
this big box for you to put in your cabinet. And they also give you these individually
packaged tampons for you to share with your friend. Like I said, a lot of those big brands of
pads and tampons are made with cotton that’s not organic and there are chemicals
added in those products. And if you’re serious about taking care of
your body and doing what’s best for your body, I don’t think I would want to insert anything
with chemicals or pesticides into my, you know, area. So definitely give some organic cotton tampons
a try. They feel the same. There’s not much of a difference except for
the fact that you know that it’s made with cleaner products and it’s made sustainably
and more ethically. The last product I want to share are period
panties. These are Thinx underwear, and I’m sure you might have seen Thinx ads
all over your Facebook. That’s how I found out about them. And I just decided to give them a try. So I purchased one, and the concept is weird. You know, letting your period flow straight
to your underwear and, you know, just going about your day like
that. So I was like, “Does it really work? Does it really last all day?” So I’m here to tell you, if you haven’t tried
period panties before, that they are cool but it is like wearing
one pad. I wouldn’t wear this all day because once you leak into here, once your
period flows in here, it is wet. It’s not like your period disappears magically
and still feels like new underwear. So I would say that one panty would last four
to five hours depending on your flow. I got this one, the hipster, and they have
different styles. I think I would wear period panties on light days, for those days where it’s not
really worth it to wear tampons, or you just don’t want to wear pads on your
light days, then period panties are a cool option. But like I said, I don’t think it’s like-I
couldn’t live with just this option because it does feel not as clean because
it’s, you know, wet down there. But it does work. It does not leak. I have not had any leakage problems with these
underwear. And you just have to get used to washing them
right after you use them and then you can throw them in the washing machine
for when you’re ready to do your laundry. Another similar option to period panties would
be reusable cloth pads. If you’re a pad type of girl, then consider
switching to reusable cloth pads. And the reason that it’s gaining popularity
is because a lot of people care about reducing their waste. They don’t like that, each time you have pads,
you have to throw away all this plastic and packaging. It’s bad for the environment. If you have a cloth pad you could just wash each time and reuse a
few, then it’s more sustainable. Also: the fact, like I said, the chemicals
or whatever in pads that are sold in stores. But I’m sure there are also organic cotton
pads out there. I haven’t done my research to try those out, but I really like the system
that I have here. Generally, I just use a menstrual cup if I need to. And sometimes I’ll use those organic tampons. And on very light days, I will use period
panties. These, I just bought to experiment for fun. But like I said, I wouldn’t use this as my
only option. Alright, I hope today’s video opened your
eyes to some new alternative options for managing your period. Let me know in the comments if you have other
suggestions or other tips for all the girls watching this
video. And I’m not an expert at this, I just wanted to share the stuff that I’ve
been experimenting and discovering, so yeah. Also: if you recommend some good articles
or resources related to periods, products, and new ways to manage them, definitely
let me know in the comments and I’ll put the links in the description
so more people can learn. Alright, thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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