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100 thoughts on “Personal Branding: How to Get More Followers in Social Media

  1. I've been wanting to upload videos on youtube, but I've been told that to "make it" on youtube you have to live in the USA. How true is that? Does your location matter? I live in a small European country and I don't want most of my views to come from there.

  2. My boyfriend and I consistently keep watching your videos daily. My Boyfriend and I were speaking how to gain more followers on our other Social Media platform for our Brand .Β It's as if a miracle happen and you uploaded this video today Thank you so much for the useful information and insight and helping us create something awesome πŸ˜€

  3. Awesome video Roberto! I agree that we should be focused on the work and building relationships with people. My focus this year is to network more and hopefully I can meet up with like-minded individuals!

  4. Hi Roberto, i hope you gonna reply my question, does people really gonna hire a graphic designer they found on instagram? because i want to grow my social media, but sometimes i got no time to making it looks cool and unique and eye catching.

    Because i think if im an employer, or an enterpreneur or someone looking for a graphic designer, i wont find a random guy on the instagram to do it for me, idk its just me or no?

  5. Great video! Though I noticed for this video and the, "How to be successful" video, I can hardly hear the audio on the right side. It may just be my headphones are getting faulty. Just pointing that out.

  6. found your channel yesterday and i'm watching everything! you have a really nice way to talk to the camera, thanks for so many good information here!

  7. I can't stop watching this video enough ,you can tell that you truly care, whenever I comment I don't expect a comment back from you ,I know you are extremely busy I just want you to pay able to read this for yourself again ,don't worry about trying to respond back to me,you won't help me so much mostly to take the focus off myself and make it about other people how can I enrich their lives how can I make their lives better, through comedy and some of my own personal experiences

  8. I just learned something new thanks to you, I just began making videos, and I'm was using social media to get followers but I was not interacting with them enough, just the ocasional "nice shot". And this is something that I knew and do in real life but was not using it in this virtual world. I have to interact with them just as same or even more than I do in my everyday life. Thank you again.

  9. Roberto I love the message you put out in your videos. I'm on a mission to teach financial literacy to adults and young adults. I only have about 7 videos up on my channel so far but you remind to just focus on the work and care about people and the results will come. Thank you!

  10. One of the main problems that I deal with being a small creator is that I'm afraid to fully put myself out there in terms of my core message that I want to stand for. I think this is what really forms like a wall for me that I have to try and find a way to break through before I can really start achieving what it's all about for me (helping people in the long run, having a really positive impact and inspiring people to be creative and courageous and not be afraid to go for their dreams because of imaginary boundaries that society imposed on them).
    I'm kinda afraid because I just have a fear of being judged an not being taken seriously. So all of this makes that the content that I've made so far, even though I still feel like it's good content and they represent good memories for myself and my family/gf/friends, has not started to reach the potential I think it can have.
    Sigh… I don't know if this makes sense what I'm trying to say here, and I don't know if you'll get to read this, but I wrote it down anyways now so…

  11. You are so genuine, I Loved that fact about You. Your advice are just incredible. I wish you all the success in your life.

  12. Brilliant Roberto. I welcome and thank every new Instagram connector with a video message. I've tried to use the messages on Twitter to do the same. But never thought about doing that on their feed. Great stuff.

  13. First video ive watched from you. Came here aftet seeing your comment on Gary Vee. This was so good!! I am at 60 vids and 17 subs. Doing 365 in one year. Just got online 6 months ago. Loving the community side of it.

  14. Really enjoy your content. We have been around over 4 years, have over 500 videos and we are just now starting to see some real growth in our subscribers. We have been watching your videos and utilizing more of the ideals and concepts you relate.

  15. Man I'm so happy I've found your channel bro, these tips are golden. Not a single video is wasted. Stay blessed manπŸ˜ŽπŸ™πŸΏ

  16. Thanks for your solid advice Roberto. You keep me motivated to keep doing what I love. If it wasn't for your help, I probably would have quit Youtube / social media a while ago. PS – your SEO tips have been so helpful!

  17. Thanks man, I recently discovered your channel and I really enjoy watching your videos ! What a great content, thanks πŸ˜€

  18. What a great tips, dedication, doing what you love and connecting with people, I believe are the most important. Keep up the good work! πŸ‘

  19. Smashing Video man, i love how you actually talk about really connecting with people and building a friendship group of people you like, I often forget this is what it is all about…Not the numbers!!! Keep Up the Quality Content!

  20. love your "spewing out" of information, its quick fast and full of heavy and great content that you can take away from 100% of the time. I'm really looking to expose myself and build a great following on Youtube but also on the internet as a whole (that's including social media: instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.) I believe this video has helped me exponentially and I have a good groundwork so far.. -Liberty Willis

  21. This really is going to help me with not focusing on my numbers, really gonna make me think long term, thanks for the sick content as usual πŸ™Œ

  22. Thank you, I've been follow you since my first channel, and the first channel is growing steadily.

    Now I started my second channel, and fall back to the point of pining for views and numbers, which causes some doubts, but on the other side I know what I do is what I believe.

    Thanks for reminding us the key point to be here as a creator.
    Keep the good work.

  23. Thank you so much for this video! You are an amazing and continuously inspire me to create something awesome each day! ❀

  24. I love this message! Im trying to do exactly as you say and build relationships. Great job and thank you!!!!

  25. Hi Roberto, Thanks for this video. for my 100 sub video, I did a video reacting to my favorite videos that my subscribers created. I treat my subscribers like friends and relationships and not dollar bills.

  26. I'm going to be binge watching your videos for at least a year or two. so much great content……. so little time..

  27. Roberto you are great. Love your advice. #gotfired #haddepressionbefore That's why I want to start to have a creative outlet and share my passion for what I love

  28. I'm still struggling here. It comes to TWO personal brands, it seems. I have not found a way to combine them. On one end is having a personal brand as an actor and on the other hand is having a professional brand for your video production business. I amusing at this point it is simply that: having two desperate brands. My main interest is acting and filmmaking but I'm not making a living at that at this point. However I have been getting by with making a living with videography. In the last few months I've been struggling with somehow finding the one brand to encompass it all but it seems that would dilute how I market myself. If I'm making myself clear. Through your valuable videos I have been putting more focus on personal brands and marketing oneself but this is where by struggle lies. Wondering what your thoughts are with people who have more than one main interest. There are many people who have many interests but need to narrow things down in order to compete in this very competitive world and market themselves. Can if effect the way you’re perceived?

  29. Roberto is the greatest! when you Said he made 100 videos for 70 subs i was like let's make another video tomorrow πŸ‘πŸ“½

  30. Robert Blake, I believe you! After trying a couple of failed methods, I realized you were right! I actually went back and checked out "Superwoman's" 1st video and must say I was inspired. I look forward to one day being on both of your levels. Thanks!

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  32. Asked about this video on another vid of yours (recent live stream) and here it is, you have everything! So motivational how hard you work especially with regards to consistency.

  33. Guys, I just came across of a amazing website which gives you free instagram followers. It's known as incentafan. Don't have a link, google it on your own.

  34. I used a lot of these methods from both the videos and the comments, and just one worked. Search Google for incentafan.

  35. isn't working…. you get some stupid survey and end up emptyhanded πŸ™ i tried all, and only incentafan got the job done. find it on google.

  36. Thank you Roberto. You are one of the few people on youtube that brings so so so so much value to their audience and does whatever possible to help motivate and provide support to the people that watch. I love what you're doing and I feel like I and many others have gained so much knowledge from your content. I find you to be one of the most helpful youtube/business/personal brand youtubers out there right along side with Gary V :). Appreciate you brother.

  37. Great post!– You should also watch this video. Increase engagement and Run your Stories at your own apps! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJAQW6_Tv6E

  38. This is very inspiring as I’m starting from scratch and only have 46 subscribers at this point. It’s nice to know they will come eventually, but regardless of how many subscribers I have, I’m really enjoying being on YouTube and spreading the love ❀️

  39. Hey Roberto,

    I really want to thank you for this video. It's funny how we all want to get rich or famous overnight without putting in the work. It's time to work and have fun doing it. Thanks a ton for this video.

  40. Thank you! I am passionate about what I am doing and that is the important thing. I keep getting caught up in struggling to get my work out there when I am not getting the shares etc. (My husband doesn't even watch them and if he does, he does not share and he is the one who got me into posting videos on YouTube!) Your videos help me understand that this is not going to happen as quickly as I think it should. I appreciate the work you do!

  41. If you are just starting out on graphic design and youre down to work I’ll help out as much as possible on instagram/ Twitter @holtavequince

  42. Great advice Roberto. I made about the same 100 videos and over one year only had about 200 subscribers. When I started posting more frequently I gained 200 subscribers over 2 months time. Now it has started to become a snow ball effect and they are coming in much faster.

  43. This is encouraging. I have 20 or 30 videos and I have 75 subs. It has been both encouraging and discouraging. I have pivoted my message a few times as I tune in on who I am and what I want

  44. Beautiful end message man, we usually get absorbed by the numbers but what really matters is the willingness to share something valuable : our creation.

  45. Another awesome video. You are def right on putting in the work. My view on growing in social media is that it is a marathon not a sprint.

  46. Roberto I just watched this video for the first time and it's so encouraging that I could cry. I started my YouTube channel two months ago and I'm working on it FULL TIME. I have only 40 subs right now and it's so hard to see that all your hard work is not being recognised. "The motivation shouldn't come from acknowledgement, it should come from accomplishment." I will write it on a big paper and pin it to my wall right after I finish this comment. Why doesn't anybody say that? It's exactly what I've been doing for two months: I continued working 12 hours a day every day to produce, publish and promote my content disregarding whatever number I saw on my analytics. I just needed someone acknowledged to tell me that this is the right path, that I'm doing right, that I'm not going to throw away two years of my life working so hard and getting no results. THANK YOU ROBERTO.

  47. That was exactly the content I needed. I was searching for β€žhow getting more followers on IGβ€œ and all the time there are so many tricks. And of course there are good tricks and tipps that are really usefull, but nothing about the right mindset! The whole β€žmake everything for a communityβ€œ-thing takes so much preasure away and it makes it so much more fun! Great! Thanks a lot πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

  48. You make a really excellent point about growing a channel now vs then. People have very romantic notions about everything being easier back in the day because there was less competition. I've actually been making videos since 2006 (though you wouldn't know it to look at my channel now). It was never really easy. Fewer people were watching and no one took it seriously. The advice in this video is really down to Earth, thanks for making it.

  49. Wow, that's the most motivating thing ever. And I thought I was doing bad because I have 50 videos and only 76 subscribers, but look at Marques. Thanks for all of the inspiring videos my man

  50. Thanks so much! You really helped me refocus the way I need to consider my work because I am starting very small now … it's about connecting and building relationships not focusing solely on the numbers! I had a Twitter goal of 1000 followers by Friday and I was off my count by 50 … I woke up checking! You are so right that I shouldn't have worried over that! Being authentic is key and building my tribe is more important than a number!

  51. Yo Man thanks for the vids. Keep being straight forward and very understanding. One Key I see standing out with you is that you tend to talk people into getting things done and now beating around the bush. Thanks allot

  52. I'm at about 140 pieces of content on Instagram and I don't feel bad about having only 37-36 followers because I'm not in a niche that people follow yet. I've narrowed down to bad parenting comic strip. I get more scared about my success than I do at my unsuccess. Am I the only one who experiences this?

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