Personal Training Business Plan Template: Best Email Sequence [ep. 7 of 10]
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Personal Training Business Plan Template: Best Email Sequence [ep. 7 of 10]

Hi guys, welcome back Lance Caron here again, and this is video 7 of focusing on building your profitable bootcamp and Today, I want to share with you specifically once you have your sales page built you’ve connected stripe All of this stuff now we have to make sure that we have some Automated emails that go out so that as soon as somebody signs up they hear from you number one so they know what to expect and then secondly, so if you have your emails built Number one letting them know what their nutrition is number two We want emails built that actually keep them motivated and encouraged throughout the 28 day program. So when you guys opt in and hopefully right now you’ve already Clicked the link on each of the videos. I posted a link where you can You can get access to all of the stuff that I’m teaching you And get access to the funnels that I’m sharing with you. So you just drag and drop those plus your free 14-day trial for click funnels And again if you decide to stay on with click funnels a great program And then this allows you to keep all of these funnels that I’m giving you The second thing is once you do that on your second the third email that you’re gonna gift from me tour I’m giving you a couple of couple additional tips. They’re going to get access to this here, which is the bootcamp business Course items etc and so one of the very first ones that you’re going to get I’ll make sure I go in order here is going to be The Welcome. Let’s see. That’s the forms of the Welcome isn’t in this so the Welcome. I’ll show you It’ll be included in there as well. But The Welcome is basically just gonna let them to enemy actually. Let me click on that just to be sure Yeah, this is there we go. Okay, so the welcome email Is going to just show them and now again, I didn’t write this. This is something that I purchased several years ago It’s your Josh Carter and this is something that you get for free. So Nevertheless, all you got to do is swap this out. I’ve literally use this a million times Obviously change the phone number. I’m going to think that’s a real one, but change the phone number the name etc and this is all you’re going to do is copy this and you’re going to enter this inside of your Like I showed you in the last video whenever they sign up with you This is the very first email that they get through a weber Once that list gets connected and again i’m not gonna teach you how to do all of that stuff Unless you want to do a coaching session or something with me But this here’s where as soon as they sign up they’re going to get thank you for your purchase and then email one is going To be letting them know this here and This is the subject line here. Congrats blah blah blah Welcome to for me. It was registered resurrection fitness your success starts now and then, you know make this a little bit more personal I Didn’t care for all of the layout in this one. So I made it way more personable So it was like, you know, hey, I’m so excited for you I know that this is one of the hardest decisions that you guys you know that you could have made and The cool thing is is you’ve done this I know you might be a little bit nervous But let me reassure you this is going to be an amazing opportunity for you And this is where you know, you’re gonna have like the best experience. Here’s what you can expect and then you know, Whitelist my email so you can see some of the other stuff and you’ll see too that he mentions the the program guide so This is the first thing that you’re gonna do Up above and then finally we’re going to get to the checklist which this is for you to make sure that you have all of this done which is going to be like You know the you can send them out the prep phase etc So but this is what you have to do though. This is for your emails change. The dates names prices links, etc Which I’ve taught you how to do So edit the welcome email Reading that at the accountability retention emails fully. So I Didn’t necessarily always send those out. I did those I built some of those on my home So create your sales page which again? You’ve got a video specifically on do that. You actually get my sales page You had complete three four complete free access and then face book prep. This is where you’ll edit the image Your post I’m going to teach you how to do to create some hats And do something like that as well This here choose your lunch date so again This is where you’re going to decide like I mentioned like what the date is that you’re going to do The 28 day bikini body you might choose like May around 15th, you know probably maybe a little bit earlier than that because you want to give them time to actually get great results before they start swimming So you’ll choose the initial weigh-in date, etc this is where we do like a group orientation when we did this which I’m going to teach you on the next video and then of course the end date which is going to be the final land and you want to make sure that Everybody gets to do this And then of course preload your promo emails so I’ll show you how to do that in a second and Then finally launch which is going to be like this is the emails plus your ads, etc The initial weigh-in is where they’re going to do all their forums. They’re going to do all of their orientation everything Running the program this is where I’m going to teach you a little bit more as we go and then again final way and this just gives you Some final touching points to make sure that you have all of that on point okay, so The next one is this is where if you you know, we’ve talked about building up your email list Not only are you going to run ads but this is where you’re going to begin This is the email one that you’re going to start promoting Your 28 day unlimited training And so it’s all exactly here that you once so, you know again, make sure you put your name change all this stuff This is the next one that you’re going to do You can kind of what I normally do is do these one or two days apart, but all of these are built for you So you literally have to copy and paste inside of Aweber or fit pro newsletter or action etics, whatever you want to do So you can see all of this is in here. And again, I’m getting all this for free even though I pay for it And then finally once they get started with you these are the emails that you’re actually going to build inside of their program so What I do is I build a list for I want to create a single broadcaster I welcome that they get basically as soon as they sign up And that again if you want help doing something like that, I will do coaching sessions with you I’m not going to teach you guys everything. There’s so much to teach But this year if you enter in I would create inside of a lever. For example, I’ll show you here So this is the bikini body challenge email list that I showed you guys done the two videos ago And on this one here, all we’re going to do is we’re going to create hope not a message We’re going to go here and create a legacy follow-up or we’re going to create a campaign either as fine. So we’ll create a campaign And Then here since there is that we have no campaign listed will create one. This is gonna be a Kini potty this is going to be we’ll call this. Let’s make this 2018 Because we want to show because you’re gonna do this multiple times so you want to list like 22 did the bikini body fit for fall? Etc. And then the year that you did it so you can create multiple lists Otherwise, what happens is when you add more people in the list and you change things essentially those sort of people can get the repeats so And I like to track and see who open and someone so forth unless you want to go and manually remove people once they’re no Longer in the program totally up to you. So we’re gonna do 2018 and we are going to call this the Clients list. So these are all people who have signed up with you and Very simply we’re going to put on subscribe. Okay, so and all we’re going to do is we’re going to drag a message over here We’re gonna hit create message just regular drag-and-drop is fine What’s that happen? Oh, there we go All right, so all’s we would do here as we go right over to this We do subject line 28 D bikini body, I don’t love that. Let me copy that of course not So because it’s in it’s not actually I didn’t download this. I’m in Dropbox We would just type in 28-day bikini body program guys. You’ll be able to To actually do this. So this is basically after they’ve gone through your orientation So what we do is every time that somebody goes through our orientation. They’ve made it with us We add them into this list so that they all get the same They get the same emails at the exact same time so we could just copy this put it into the subject line Copy all of this stuff and then put it into the body. So That would be the subject line here this is the body we put all of this thing And then the first thing I’m going to do is make sure that I blow this up to do 15 on the font So it’s a little bit bigger to read and write And then that’s it. So we would basically hit save and exit Even though that’s not nearly complete. We’re not done with anything. Let’s put 28 I can’t remember what that one was Welcome save and exit mmm Okay, so now what we’re going to do is we can hit wait in between there which is going to be because in there you’ll See how many days to wait before they get them I usually do one to two a week But you’ll see all of that is guided for you So you can just very simply set how many days you want between that totally cool. We’ll set two and then Zoom Becca, we’re gonna go back to send the message. So then we do this all over again. We create our messages so we’re going to build out the total of Maybe it’s like eight to ten messages But they go out go out exactly at the right time and this gets started once they get subscribed to this list So as soon as they get added to this, which you can manually do Or you can make sure they do that again You can check with whatever, you know, whether you use Aweber action that X on how to do that But all of these things are built out for you and this is going to guide them through your entire challenge So it’s going to feel to them like they’re hearing fresh things from you and they’re going to get motivation They’re going to get reminders certain things. Just Kim curing some of the things that Josh put in There was a he’s a little bit more of a type-a personality than me. So I changed a lot of that up So it was a more based on like hey you guys are doing so awesome Don’t forget to do this check into the Facebook group, you know things like that. This is how you get more success And so I just made it a little bit more personable based on my personality So be sure that you guys do that, but this is everything that you’re going to do within your emails And then the like I mentioned will go into the ads and things like that, too I’m not going to actually build an ad with you But I’m going to give you the idea of what you can do to build your ads and to run this sort of things So that you know exactly what to do, so I will talk a little bit about your orientation And about setting those things up and what to expect And then making sure that everybody’s on the same page, but again all of this stuff I’m giving to you It’s completely free I paid for a lot of this stuff and it took me years and years to learn this through paying for coaches, etc and again, all I ask is that you know that you treat people well that you do this well and Usually again, the reason I’m doing this is because number one I want to help people out because these people help me out tremendously Number two because I usually this is where I get to coach with people and that’s what I love to do So I’m counting on that This will turn into at least a couple of you that it’ll turn into a couple coaching sessions and things like that and then, you know, of course not to mention the fact that You know getting to work with people and teaching them doing different things. It’s just an amazing way to build up relationships So thank you guys for watching this one and I will see you guys on the next one the next one I will be going through a little bit more of the logistics of the challenge Running it successfully some of the ways that we did this including orientation follow-ups, etc And then I think that we will get to ads towards the very end because we want to know how to set up the program Before we start running ads but you’ll see all of that as well. So that is it I will see you guys on the next one

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