Personal Training Business Plan Template: Getting Traffic & Leads [ep. 10 of 10]
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Personal Training Business Plan Template: Getting Traffic & Leads [ep. 10 of 10]

Hey guys, welcome back, it’s Lance Caron again, and this is video ten So this one is going to be focusing on running your ad. So at this point here, we have gotten your sales funnel Completely built up at this point. We have your emails ready to go If you have gotten my opt-in and you have gotten the funnels, which the link will be below at this point here you have not only gotten the option or the Availability for all the funnels that I’ve used the sales pages the opt-in pages all that stuff But you should also have the broadcast emails for your email list. So you can promote your challenge that’s coming up so we’re assuming that at this point we’ve gotten all of this done and at this point we’re also We’ve gotten the challenge mapped out. We know we’re doing the sales page is connected to the merchant account It’s connecting to either action etics or Aweber for your email service provider All of this stuff has built up. Thank you guys for tolerating my voice – I’ve had laryngitis for seven days It has been awful. I’m so nevertheless at this point now what we’re doing is we are going to run not only Social media traffic and email traffic to more sales funnel to your sales page For your challenge to promote it But we’re also going to run and add so we’re going to do paid traffic to generate specifically over to your challenge There’s a couple different ways to do this Number one you can warm up your audience by doing videos Prior to your challenge and I used to do this stuff And basically what would happen is when people do certain things if they watch like up to 25% of your video you might want to do something on like tips or tricks or nutrition or something that Kind of lets them know that you are an expert in the industry For your area and you want to target the people that are around your 5 to 10 mile radius You know who maybe are? Female or male or between a certain age? And this is where you know later if you want coaching help I can help you to determine your avatar and your Democrat But you’re going to create video specifically for these people you can broadcast them and so and so forth and you can really get like $0.01 views on these videos and what’s gonna happen is is you’re going to Promote another video or a lead magnet to those people who have watched 25% or more of those video ads and What this is doing is its warming up your audience so that they know like and trust you and see you and ecstasy you as an expert in your industry or your field and Because if you were to just do cold traffic or cold marketing traffic to these people you might get some people signed up But it’s not going to be as well as if you were to warm them up by using the methods that I used to use my cell phone that I still do even for my coaching business and So this is a way that you can do this I would recommend at least one video two videos is even better to where you’re going to do some very just all you’re going to do is run videos to your target audience your market and talk about these things and Hopefully get it to where you’re getting a good 10 15 thousand views on this video And then you’re going to retarget your next ad for your lead magnet to be for the people who have watched 25% or more of Your video and then what’s gonna happen is these people are going to opt-in for your lead magnet if you’ve got a good one. Um, That I have one that if you if you want if you’re coaching with me I can help you build I’ve done one for like seven at home workouts I’ve done one for like a seven day meal plan or a doc a detox meal plan You can do all of these things create another opt-in page that will help people to You know to click and join onto your email list And what this is doing is creating an audience for us who knows us and lysis and trusts us Who sees us as an expert that we can actually begin to give them content and value? Up until it’s time to run our challenge so that whenever we do run our challenge and we promote it there are so much more Likely to not only click and check our emails but actually go you know what I like this guy I like this drill and they’ve given so much value. I want to try this and they’re right down the road Let’s go for it. So this is the pre-launch of your Challenge do not skip this step again. I’m not going to teach you how to do everything. I am going to give you the system To do this in as you can see here You’re going to get some examples of ad copy now. Some of this is a little bit dated so it still works The copy is still good The issue is that Facebook changes so regularly So you’re going to need to make sure that you have good copy writing to be able to get ads that still convert? But I wanted to at least show you some of the stuff that I learned from originally so at this point now we’re assuming that we’ve warmed up the audience and We are getting nearer to promoting our challenge And so by this point here we’re going to be creating ads you want to start creating or added leads two to three weeks before you’re promoting your challenge and the reason why is because There’s no guarantee. You’re going to get your ad approved in the amount of time that you think is considered necessary or appropriate because Sometimes they can be good and sometimes they absolutely suck. And so I start giving myself a lot more time to do that So this what I’m doing here is worth its weight in gold, so don’t skip over this and then so the other thing that you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to Make sure that you have some ad images. There are some ad images here that you can use I’ll give you a couple of examples Some of these will work for you that you can use as ad images Some that would use that one. Some of them some of them are for different things Some of them won’t get approve just so you know, but some of them you can use And you can use these different things You can even sprinkle them across your social media to build up that this is about bikini bodies and so on and so forth So you can do these things Slap a look, you know the logo over it or leave a blank It just needs to be something that captures the attention of your audience Which is again people that are looking for that bikini body. And so this year, you know this one I know this may get approved I don’t know, you know and if something seems a little bit too like you know, whatever You know that want to use it or something don’t use it. These are things that were, you know, given to me through the course that I bought and so some of these and I’m just showing you some of these this one would get approved and This is something you see in Sligo a nice beach the girl who’s trim and fit but she’s not a fitness model You know this is something that seems realistic or at least something that I seek after as a woman and If you’re like what my business was ninety five percent of my audience were female. So this is why we do the bikini body You might get people asking About you know can guys join and just be honest let them know they absolutely can It’s just a ninety-five percent of our audience and people who look to us are female. So we market to them That’s what we do And so it’s just honesty is always going to be the best approach with that stuff And then lastly to so once you’ve got this stuff built And you’re adding in this these are some of the copy Examples that you can get access to and again if you want all of this stuff, this is taking forever So you can do some different things like this. Some of this is a little outdated some of it won’t get approved But this gives you at least a good starting position What I would highly recommend is what’s helped me in so many people that I know I have studied copywriting before going on like eight or nine years from Dan Kennedy and all these different people and taking courses and so on so forth, but I’m gonna put a link in the in the comment box below for What’s called funnel scripts It’s not cheap but I will tell you my very first funnel that I bought was a thousand dollars and Funnel scripts is like things like 497 a year You just having it for a year will literally change your life. I’ve spent three to four hundred dollars on a single Copywriting course or not, of course, but a gig for people that have done that and it was basically garbage and then I have gotten to See different stuff that was produced from funnel scripts Which literally is a a mechanism that will build your copy for everything from ads to sales pages to? Headlines to email copy you name it it does it all it Is just one of the best things that you could use in our industry, so I’ll put the link for there, you know Don’t feel obligated to use it. But if you start looking into like hiring a copywriter, I’m going to strongly advise you Don’t do that You’re gonna waste on a lot of money unless you’ve just got money coming out of your ears So funnel scripts for me was one of the you know the best investments You know that made itself available and that’s something that you know I’m gonna recommend to people who are in our industry unless they are copywriters and even though I’ve got a lot of experience in copywriting From my own stuff, you know funnel scripts still concern me because it’s constantly evolving so nevertheless I’m not here to promote final scripts. I’m just letting you know I’m gonna put the link there for that So you can get access to that if it’s a fit great If not, totally cool use this stuff if it’s not a fit for you Or if it does not fit into your budget and at least use this but just know you’re gonna have a little bit more work You know to do to make sure that these things get, you know approved and that they actually convert so that’s the whole other thing too is because you have to make sure that your audience is actually Reading your stuff and then it moves them in an emotional way and connects with them enough that they decide You know what? This is awesome. I’m gonna do this so nevertheless That’s everything with your ads. Normally what what you want to do is just make sure that you have copy. I’ll show you this again I’ll show you one. This is one how you actually ran this several years ago something similar, you know and what I did was like Attention women you can’t now attention do attention women or call out what they want to do anymore You can’t do like if you’re trying to lose ten pounds or more sometimes you even have to modify the Your sales page, too So just so you know so if there’s something that doesn’t fit You don’t reach out to let me know or if you’re struggling with that we can do a coaching session But nevertheless this here in essence works My new 28-day bikini body program starts Monday, you know, we’re down to only three slides left It’s only 97 bucks 70% off. The results are guaranteed our money back. You still gotta watch that doing the guaranteed thing you can put that on your On your sales copy, but I don’t know that that still works on here and you definitely cannot do this So if you had ten more pounds to lose give me a call. You cannot do that. So just so you know You can use some of the other stuff use the link the same way that we’ve got it there what I normally do and I still my brother has a boot camp that I helped him grow in the last app that I did it kicked butt and Basically alls we did was we talked a little bit more on the emotional aspects that it was like, you know What if you had a program? You know or what if there was a weight loss Program that actually did what it said it claimed to do but it didn’t force you to eat things that you didn’t want to eat and It didn’t take up all of your time at the gym and this this and this and it was only 3 bucks a day You know, and so then we mentioned like we said wait into you know, my brand-new 28-day, you know I wouldn’t say bikini body program just in case I mean You can try it just see if it gets approved but they’ve changed so much, but you can do my brand-new 28-day unlimited personal training program Starts Monday that whatever and you know where you’re going to get You know meal plan this this and this we’re talking about some of the benefits, you know Go ahead and click now to register before the spots are all gone create a little bit of urgency And this is what you’re going to do So this is where you’re going to get people that are going in order to point them directly to your your sales page the one that I’ve given you and The main thing that again you can run this to cold traffic But I would HIGHLY advise you to make sure you do this to people who have either opted in for your stuff or at least I’ve watched some of your video or engaged with your stuff on your Facebook page your Instagram, whatever Again, if you need help with that, you know reach out. Let’s do a coaching session And I can help your special opinion cop or you help with copywriting or what have you? the other thing too that I don’t want to get into too deep but people who Don’t purchase That often you can retarget ads to them and give them a second version of an hat I don’t want to create too much confusing stuff for you I’ve done that it works really well, which is basically like hey It looks like you might have gotten busy and forgot to sign up, you know, whatever. There’s still four spots left. Don’t forget let’s do this and you can do that and point them right back to your funnel or you can also do for people who Opted into the sales page but didn’t actually sign out you can do what I used to do Which is this is free You can send them an ottoman build an automated email sequence of three emails Then basically it’s the the non buyer email sequence that just lets them know like hey I think you forgot something and then your second ones like hey, I’m a little surprised You haven’t taken me up on my offer yet. There’s still three spots left You know, it’s only this price and at this price it’s literally the smallest investment You can make towards your your health and your confidence so these are the sort of things that you want to implement, but this is in essence the final stage of Like you’re ready because you’ve built your program. You have your email sequences ready? You’ve gotten your meal plan Everything is set up at this point If it’s not go back and do that And this is where you’re actually running ads because you ramped up people and warm them up you’ve been engaging with people and This is where people know you they like you they’re beginning to trust you and you’re making an offer. That’s at a great price So they’re they be crazy. This is a no-brainer For them to do and this is what’s called a low barrier offer And so this is where you start getting people to sign up for your program in which case that the next step is what I taught you before which is how to Just kill it give them great results and then convert them into long paying clients Which is this here is what you will do three to four times a year Or you can do the same thing with your 21-day Rapid fat loss program that I’ve given you access to as well in between these challenges Toriel just run little five-dollar ads To people who have watched your videos and it might be instead of like hey this comes up on this date You can just say something to the effect of you know, my 21-day You know program is an amazing way for you to test drive my service and to see how amazing the results truly can be Good and click here to get signed up before the spots fill up This will be open long something that creates, you know that urgency So but this is everything if you have questions comment below leave in comments. Let me know what your questions are again, the link is also going to be below for funnel scripts for you to have your Copyrighting sequence is built for you, which I highly recommend And then lastly if you for some reason have not gotten access to to the funnels that I’ve given you along with all of the extras the Emails the mail plans all this stuff to run your entire system shame. I’m here crazy In the secondly just go ahead and do that now so that way you can you know You can actually start building this this is literally what I did four years to grow a very very high six-figure business So and I’m giving this all to you So again, check this out figure out everything if you have any comments Let me know if there’s something you want me to cover in greater depth. I will do that This is the final video for all of this stuff But I can add additional videos if you guys would like me to And do that and let me know if you guys would like me to build a Facebook group on some of the coaching stuff, etc But in the meantime, that’s it. So good luck. I Can’t wait to hear in the comments below how your challenges turned out tag me in those things Let me know what happened and I will see you soon

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