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Personal Vs Business Branding

In today’s episode I’m going to
be sharing with you the reasons why I’ve planned to add a big cheesy photo of
myself on my business homepage Hey guys so in today’s video I’m going
to take you through some changes that I’m going to be making to my website now
I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while and for one reason or another
haven’t actually got around to it yet and the changes are quite simple so what
I’m going to try and do is focus my new service which is called Videobites and
focus it more on me as an individual as a person rather than being kind of a
faceless agency. I originally took that direction that kind of agency route
because I was thinking kind of long term in the future I was thinking if one day
you know I didn’t want to be responsible for doing this type of work you know I
could build a system, a process, a business essentially around this service
that didn’t require me and I think a lot of the business books you read always
suggest you know try and remove yourself from the business as quickly as you can
so that you know the business can run without you and and that’s something
that’s always attracted me to running a business is to automate as many things
as possible and create very sort of strict processes and I read a book
called the Emyth Revisited by David Gerber I think he talks quite a lot
about this about how you can standardize processes and you can create a very slick automated system and by doing that it removes you as the kind of the
business owner or the entrepreneur, it removes you from the responsibility of
you know doing all those tasks and one day you know you could potentially sell
that business and you’re not going to be a pivotal part of it but then you know
what I’ve kind of come to realize is that I mean I’m a long way off selling
my business you know this is a relatively new business that I’ve been
building in that in the past few years and you know I’m not I’m not anywhere
near a situation where I might be able to sell the business yet but even if you
know three four or five years down the line or even quicker than that I was you
know I’m by changing the branding around the business to be
more about me and my personality and you know by doing something like this doing
a vlog you know hopefully people will start to engage and recognize me rather
than looking at the business as a as a kind of that kind of faceless agency but
by engaging with me as an individual you know hopefully that will I will build
some trust you know they’ll get to the website and they’ll say okay that’s
auntie does that business I’ve already seen some of his video work I like what
he does and therefore hopefully part of that marketing a sales process would
have been bypassed because I’ve already built up a relationship and built up
some trust with the audience and I can still build it I can still create lots
of processes I can still automate as many part of the business as I can about
you know it’s possible and I think the key really is that you know as long as
I’m responsible for the work and as long as the client or the customers come in
to me and they’re saying you know they can see my name on them on the website
they can see my image they know that they’re talking to me and I’m the person
who’s going to be kind of signing off the work it doesn’t really matter
whether it’s kind of that agency and the personal branding side of things and I
think the advantages as I said you know they’re going to build up some trust
with me as an individual and you know people connect with people don’t they I
mean regardless of whether I’m dealing with a big business or a small business
people connect with individual people on a human level it’s a one-to-one
conversation so you know I think by promoting myself as a brand on the
website I think I think it’s a good idea and you know only time will tell but if
you you know if you have any comments about this I’ll be interested to hear
for me please drop them in the comments below the video but yeah let’s get
started. So this is how the website looks at the moment I spent a lot of time on
the design. I’m not a designer but I did as I did all
this work myself really tried to spend some time thinking about the design
thinking about the first thing that people are going to see when they reach
the website but as I said it it kind of feels like and this was intentional I
try to set this up to be kind of a faceless agency so it’s called
Videobites it’s need engaging bite-sized training videos for your
software I use the word we within the first sentence so we create
incredible user onboarding and training videos for software systems websites and applications just the use of the word ‘we’ and then in the text below it says watch
‘our’ Videobite it’s very much focused on “we are an agency and this is
what we do” and as I said in the introduction I really want to try and
make this a bit more about me so let’s get started I’m gonna try and try and
refresh this website to be a bit more focused around myself okay so this is
the final version of the website I’ve just made three small changes I’ve added
the added my name to the logo at the top I’ve got an image of me on the
right-hand side there and I’ve just changed over the text so that it says it
said it used to say we create incredible training so it now says I’m ant and I
create incredible training and and what I’m really happy with these changes I
think they’re quite small but they’re quite subtle but I think they should have quite a big impact and what
I’m hoping is that people who speak to me or hear me speaking at a conference
or who maybe hear me on a podcast or who maybe watch one of my videos on my vlog will start connecting the dots and if they stumble across the Videobites
service rather than thinking okay this is just an agency that does systems
training videos they’ll start thinking well I already know this guy or
when you like him hopefully I already trust him as well and that will go some
way to making that sales process quicker because if they already know me they
already like me they already trust me I think that’s going to really help
you know then connect the dots and think to themselves well if I need this
service this guy is somebody I already trust I like I like how he talks I like
some of his business concepts some of his ideas you know and they’ll feel a
little bit more of a connection with me on a human level rather than just
thinking this is a kind of faceless agency without any kind of human element so yeah I’m really happy with that if you’ve got any comments leave them in
the comment section below I need to go have some lunch and then get on with
some client work but hopefully I’ll see you here in the next episode

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4 thoughts on “Personal Vs Business Branding

  1. Hi Ant. Fascinating to watch you work live on some changes to your site on the video and also to get some insight into your thought process behind it. For me, hearing you talk about it, and then seeing you make the change, and then seeing the final product gave me a few thoughts: 1) the site isn’t really that much different in its message in terms of the product 2) the videobites by Ant Pugh gets me wondering who is this Ant Pugh fellow, or if it is a value add. Much like you might see the name of a chef at a high end premier restaurant. 3) I can instantly recognize you as the owner or lead of the company and or service and this is a nearly automatic connection. I don’t even have to see your name to make that connection since I am watching the videos. and 4) design wise, nice work with the photo of you on the right, providing a vector (from the eyes) back into the headline, which makes you pay more attention to it.

  2. I have also read the e-myth book which is a fascinating read. It certainly made a few light bulbs go off. But I think you brought up a few pretty good points, being a few years off from selling the business, wanting to leverage a personal brand, etc. I think the idea of the book, that clearly defines as “a job” vs. “a business” in terms of being able to remove the owner and still retain value is an interesting idea. However, in contrast to this idea, in a popular show The Profit that they have in the United States, often it is the owner of the company (but not always) that is the key secret sauce that makes things click. I think this is irrespective of using one’s name in the company, leveraging a personal brand, or having a more generic branded name for a company. In the show Lemonis says it is always about the 3 P’s. People, Process, and Product. The show is typically about making a business more efficient or to scale it larger, which is a key time you need to have all of those things nailed down I would think.

  3. Hi Ant. I was wondering how many videos you decide the client should need. Do they usually have a number in mind or do you recommend a certain amount?

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