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Personas for Understanding Your User | Understand the User | App Marketing | Udacity

As more mentioned, you can also focus
your segmentation on a Persona. Personas are fictional characters
created to represent different user types then they’re going to use
your product in very similar way. So, the best practice is to define
three to five different personas and describe them as if they’re real people,
so with a name, a job, values whatever hobbies and maybe
even a quote that the user might say. We’ll use these to create an actual
profile for each persona. Let’s take you to kids for example. This is Art, he’s a dad, and as much as he’d love to expose his
son to all different content music he really wants to make sure that his son
only consumes age appropriate content. And this is Finn, his son,
he’s 3 years old. He wants to watch YouTube all day long. And he wants to do
everything by himself. He needs an interface that’s going to
allow him to do it himself, and be easy to navigate. These are two personas: Art
is our decision maker, so as a company YouTube needs Art to
trust in their product with his son. And Finn needs an app that
he actually enjoys using. So, a persona for a could be a Dalia, a 29-year old finance executive who
frequently travels for business. When she’s not working,
she loves the outdoors, trying new upscale restaurants,
cooking, and of course spending time with her Golden
doodle, who she considers a child. In a business to business example, creating a persona can be
a little bit more complex. You really have to understand
the business you’re targeting and the individual constraints of
each user and decision maker. So, the user could be a marketing
person or an engineer, but the decision maker could be someone
more senior level like the CEO or CFO.

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2 thoughts on “Personas for Understanding Your User | Understand the User | App Marketing | Udacity

  1. Can you plz explain in brief. I have 5 products ideas in mind, my questions are

    *should I have to go to people explain dm about the product and ask them what they like about the products(about 5 products) and why they want to buy them and accordingly fill the persona?

    *or I have to do the research online and fill them up by myself?

    I am new to this please explain me in brief.

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