Pisac Market near Cusco in Peru
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Pisac Market near Cusco in Peru

(Peruvian music) – This beautiful, brightly
colored, bustling market town is called Pisac, and
this is where you come when you want to find
traditional Peruvian handicrafts. There are a lot of things to choose from: flutes, figurines, wallets,
jackets, backpacks. It’s all brightly colored,
it’s all beautiful. (cheerful flute music) Have you ever seen a guinea
pig castle? Well, now you have. This is so cool. In this
bag here they have hundreds, probably thousands, of
little finger puppets. They’re cheap, handmaid, and it just brings out your creativity,
“Hello, welcome to Pisac.” This is pretty much the
only instrument I can play. (wooden flute) What I love most about this
market is that everybody here, they’re selling stuff as well,
but you can become friends really quickly if you start
talking to them, and then, if you’re lucky, they’ll start
playing their flutes for ya. – (wooden flute) Okay. (laughs) – So these hats are probably
the most traditional thing you can buy, they’re made out of alpaca, they’re super soft, and pretty stylish. It’s hard to come here
and not buy something, everything is just so cool,
so today I’m gonna go home with some new PJs and a
hat. Thank you, Pisac.

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