Plan for Success – Creating a 12 month marketing plan 📈
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Plan for Success – Creating a 12 month marketing plan 📈

well hello and welcome to another
episode of my 100 day to prosperity challenge journey it’s me Timesha I’m so
glad to have you here today and I’m an online marketer but I also do youtube on
the side but my channel is basically about online internet marketing and
teaching people how to start an online internet marketing business how to be
successful in that business and how to sustain sustain their success for the
long haul okay and I also teach how tools and tricks of the trade and
strategies to help you build and grow your business so if you’re interested in
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so you will get the down-low anytime that I get out any fresh videos or give
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so stoked about that it’s so stoked that you’re on this
journey with me so today we’re going to talk about marketing and coming up with
a successful marketing plan strategy and what we’re going to talk about is do you
have a plan hmm do you have a plan have you sat down in your business and
created a plan for what you want to do in your business everyday how do you
want to market your business what content are you talking about um how are
you going to bring people do lead generation how are you going to bring
people to your product what you’re going to learn to help you get there
so if you don’t have a plan and unfortunately most marketers don’t even
think about the because they think of this as a side
hustle not a business and those that do think of it as a business don’t really
take it to the next step of how do we plan for the future so we can be
successful in the future and that basically is what separates the people
that you know get a little success and kind of fizzle out and those that
actually are building businesses that are you know making thousands ten
thousands hundred thousand dollar months okay and if you want to be a six-figure
to seven-figure to even more earner you have to think long term you have to put
a plan in place that will help you be successful long term so this is what you
need to think about the first thing you need to think about is you what is going
to be sustainable for you if you have a full-time job you know you may not be
able to sit in front of the computer for twenty hours a day doing your business
that’s not feasible so you have to think of what you can do to maximize your time
and maximize your efforts so you don’t have time to do little frivolous stuff
like sit on facebook and check out everybody’s posts that’s not something
that you have time to do so if that’s not that’s not the case what
should you be doing well you should be thinking of your content that should be
number one and the way you think about your content is how would this affect my
target market who am I talking what is it that they need what pain do they have
and what products do I have in my arsenal help meet that pain okay so what
solutions do I have in my tool book that I am trying to offer the marketplace I’m
trying to offer people that I want them to ultimately purchase and once I think
of that I say okay January I’m going to promote my well at
my belly loss shake all for the month of January I’m gonna talk about my belly
loss shake and things around my belly loss shape like things that will help
the belly loss not the belly lost shape has helped them lose their belly fat so
if people know if I am marketing to people who want to lose an extra 10
pounds around their belly fat what are strategies that will help them do that
well I promote like I said a shake well I promote an e-book to help do that will
I promote exercises well I put a diet plan together will I you know take
somebody else’s diet plan and promote it and once you put your arsenal together
and once you put your product skills together then you start promoting it now
I love you too because you know I don’t have to write anything because I hate
writing because I hate in English and though I wasn’t horrible at it I I had a
intense hatred for writing now I will write if I have to and so I have to get
over that feeling because you know in my emails which is kind of different
because you know you just like you’re talking to somebody but you know just
like writing reports and ebooks and stuff that’s not I don’t want to do that
okay so YouTube is my thing because blogging is not going to be my thing I’m
not gonna sit there and write 200 250 articles I may pay somebody to do that
but I’m not at a place where I want to do that right now
I actually want to get my hands wet so I can actually learn my business and be
successful in it before I start adding a whole bunch of people into my space so
that’ll be down the road but right now I like YouTube because I like talking to
people I like talking to you okay so if YouTube is your form of Myr
kidding then you need to think about what type of videos that you want to put
out that will actually meet the needs of the people that you are trying to target
what is the solutions that you have for them already in your arsenal basically
the offers that you have and you know come up with a plan we’re in March right
now so March should be done I’m going to talk about I’m going to talk about
weight loss and I’m going to talk about these aspects of weight loss and every
so often I’m going to throw in my offers into that video so people will know and
you you can put up a video every day like me or you can do it three times a
day you can do it three times a day three times a week or once a week
whatever you’re doing make sure you’re consistent okay because you to reward
rewards consistency so make sure that you come up with a plan and come up with
a plan of concept that works around your product so you want to do something like
a how-to like some type of review like some type of success story or whatever
that goes along with your niche and you know put it out there every day and if
you like blogging god bless you then do the same thing with your blog and put
that information out there every day if you do an Instagram then you know put it
on your Instagram story and put out content every day and Instagram it’s a
little too rabbit pace for me so I’m going to learn Instagram but you have to
put out a lot of information but from what I learned that if you come up with
60 to 80 different content pieces or Instagram you can just keep working
those things over and over again so you need to think long term what is my
product one of my products because you shouldn’t have just one what is my
target audience what do they need and how can I best put that out there for
them to be successful alright and once you start thinking in that
space write it down write everything down write what you’re gonna do for each
month what you’re gonna do for each day how you gonna lead generate for each jet
each day meaning bring people into your business so you can they can see and
consume your product what you’re gonna do to market your product meaning how
you going to get that information out there to you to the people how you gonna
build your follow up and once you come up with your plan footsteps into action
to make it happen every day okay so hopefully that was valuable to you if
you want to know more about that make sure you leave me a comment in the
comment section if you have more questions or how to do it I have no
problem I love putting stuff together and organizing stuff so if that is
something that you need help with please hit me up and I will definitely get back
to you or hit me up on my facebook Messenger because that’s the best way to
get it because it goes to my father alright so you know hit me up and I will
definitely get back to you so if I’ve given you any value today make sure that
you click the like button down below and make sure you subscribe to my channel
because I’m givin out daily videos I want you to be in the know I want you to
be successful there’s no point in sitting here watching me and not doing
anything with your business if you want the same result keep doing the same
thing and the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting a different result if you want to be free in 2019 that you need to
do and make steps and plan your steps out to have you want to make yourself
free if that makes it okay you need to make the app you meet you need to take
action alright that’s the simple take action and do it okay if you also want
to know everything that I’m doing and you like the information that I’m giving
you want to know how I’m learning all that information then in the first link
in my description box my learn and earn system we have a great
support team and we would love to have you join us and if you you know don’t
not sure about that but you want something for free like everybody does I
have a free checklist also in my description box that follows my videos
it gives you actionable steps to help you may be successful on your online
marketing journey okay so until next time my friend make sure that you think
big dream big take action so that you make all the life your trees by now you

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