Plan G Vs High Ded. Plan F Comparison And Why High Deductible Plan F Is The Way To Go
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Plan G Vs High Ded. Plan F Comparison And Why High Deductible Plan F Is The Way To Go

Hey, everybody – Rebecca Gordon here at Gordon marketing and I was I just got back from Domincan Republic for our national sales conference in beautiful Dominican Republic And I saw a fantastic sales idea there And we are big believers here at guard marketing that when we see something [that] resonates with us And we think wow [that] makes a lot of sense we want to duplicate it and bring it out to you That’s one of the values [of] working with us. I hope you watch the entire video because what we’re going to look at is comparing a traditional medicine plan G to a high deductible plan [f] And we’re going to look at taking The savings and what you can do with this savings from a traditional mix up to a high deductible And it’s a win-win because we can spend the exact same amount of money but give our clients Way better coverage And so for me that makes a lot of sense plus for you the agent you’re going [to] make more [commission’s] And you’re going to have more products with that client Which is a win-win so yeah? I’m using my trusty dry erase board because that’s kind of my speed a Fancy Powerpoint I don’t think the really resonate [what] I’m trying to show you so this is [your] first time watching me just sit back relax Watch it once the hooking this wears off I bet you [learn] something and if you like what you see, shoot me an email call our office We’d love to go into more detail with this concept so what we’re doing is we’re taking a 65 year old woman aging into medicare for 606 – that is Noblesville dispose of North Side of Indianapolis and For a regular plan g with one of the probably the largest med sub companies The world they did a fantastic job The [rate] for this woman would be 141 a month so her monthly premium is roughly 141 a month now simply take [that] time Average [commission] for this person is Roughly 18% that’s going to give us a monthly commission of $25 or 300 a year all right, so [the] 65 year old woman [you’re] [right] our plan g kind of lost 141 a month and it’s Roughly 18% commission as $25 a month or 300 bucks a year done Now let’s look at a high deductible plan. That’s the reason why I’m looking at this plan is because United American we call them, ua Not only are they a great company. They’ve got great leadership. We love working with them. They have level lifetime commissions and the big Selling point to be in the insurance Market is commissions and renewals, so there’s no other carriers paying lifetime level commissions, so That’s fantastic That’s why I promote this plan in this concept because it makes sense to build your block of business. They do a great job paying their claims and No one [sells] does this so For my 55 year old woman with you a high Deductible plan f Well her premium is $29 a month Now the average cop on. This is about 13% so we’re going to take that x 13% which equals roughly three dollars and seventy seven cents a month or Forty Six bucks A Year All right, so life [different] income 300 [Vs.] 46 all right I got that but let’s look at the difference of premium 141 versus 29 and now what can I do? My goal is to build more of a package for her And stay within to 141 she’s already agreed to the 141 all right we’ve already talked about our finances She can pay this well. What else did we do with that money so I’m a huge fan of Short-term recovery Because people are not buying long-term care too expensive, and it’s too hard to qualify We dabbled with long-term care many times wrote lots of policies And it was shocking to see how hard it was to get folks qualified. Who are perfectly healthy So short-term recovery has really taken off because it’s going to cover that Gap with medicare And you can use this plan for a beds up or this thought for an Ma but if they do go into a nursing home You know one thing. I love to use whenever I’m talking senior to anyone is I love to pull out a benefit guide This is an Ma book I love to open it up, and I love to start looking at whole – the policy and so when you look at skilled nursing We know at the first? 20 days There’s a zero dollar Copay But anything 21 and over save 21 and over your clients on the [boat] for 160 bucks so Roughly one [hundred] and [Sixty-two] dollars so that is a huge gaping hole so short-term recovery is something I like to package in because it will cover those [holes] and Anyone who has a break who has and they have to do some? Recovery in a nursing home because there isn’t someone at home to help them maybe they’ve had a stroke [they] have to spend time [in] a nursing home. It’s a fantastic benefit. So we could throw this on for Roughly $26 so our short-term recovery We could throw this on for $26 a month and if you take that time most States Commission is [45%] That is going to equal one hundred and forty three dollars. [so] we’re going to put our one hundred and forty three [dollars] Right underneath our high deductible plan [m] next thing. I’m going to look at is dental Nothing medicare hat covers any dental at all We know that it is the fact that as we age our teeth get weaker my God I figured that out as soon as I turn 40 things starting to happen 40 and younger nothing happens 40 and over holy cow if you ask every one of your senior clients What are you doing with your dental coverage? You will sell 50% dental insurance Nobody covers it and we all know that if you don’t take care [of] your teeth could lead to some serious issues surgeries infections hospital stays destined to death so if we look at [Medico] And I’ve always loved their dental you go to any doctor. They had two different benefits They’re probably one of the biggest industry leaders with their dental. I know I can throw a dental on their for $33 a month and it’s not just dental and dental vision and hearing So you’re getting all three for Roughly [$33] a month? and we’re going to multiply [that] by Roughly Between 35 and 40 percent commission [we’ll] say 37 percent commission, and that’s going to equal [150] bucks commission [alright] the next thing I get a look I got to put a drug plan on for both of those So if your client is brand new to Part D The price is still the same so [we’ve] got to put our part being on here for both of these And that’s going to be Roughly [26] dollars and for commission Because they’re brand new they’ll make $50. I’ll pick you two dollars [right] there brand new and over here. We’re going to put part D It’s still going to cost Roughly 26 dollars But the commission is their brand-new first time ever took part b. Is $52. So we got to keep those the same The next thing I’m going to look at is hospital indemnity hospital indemnity is the type of plan that you can sell with Medico that can cover it’s perfect for High Deductible [Aca] [claims] because it’s going to pay you so much Per day you’re in the hospital. So you can use their hospital indemnity to cover the high Deductible for your plan up you can use [it] for any m a’s So when you’re looking at the out-of-pocket For your medicare advantage plans this particular plan. I’m looking at as an out-of-Pocket mass of $6,700 we have inpatient hospital Care whole we have Some specialist holes we have skilled nursing holes a bunch of these holes can [be] plugged with the hospital indemnity What’s great about these indemnity plan is that they pay your client your client can in turn? Pay their bills, so [this] hospital indemnity Is $18 a month And that is roughly That commission is 50% And we analyzed that out. We’re [looking] at I see here and about 1/10 the [next] let’s add up our Premium so we know our premiums on plan g is 141 Plus 26 so that’s a grand total of 167 And your total comp here, we’re looking at 350 Cube Will call this premium and we’ll call this Now over here. We’ve got 29 plus 26. This is where I’m going to have to do some padding so sorry five Plus 33 might have students teaching 55 Plus 33 that’s 88 and I take 88 Plus 26 and That’s 14 24 and I’m going to add another 18 And that is 2011 122 Jason is my math, right? 132 well my God that’s high so my total premium is 132 my total premium in 167 my total premium 132 versus 167 now let’s add up the calm so if I add up all my calm Where am I jason is my lovely behind-the-scenes assistant doing on my math for me? now 1 2 3 4 5 I’m going to say five to five oh one Thank you 501 is my total comp 501 Vs. 352 501 versus 352 You might look at this and speak Rebecca if I [fell] a mess up. I’m not going to put up Short-term recovery up that’s fine. Throw a final expense in here My point is this We have regular Plan G super that’s 141, but you can do so much more with 141 You can do so much more for your client your client doesn’t know what they need You know if they’ve gone through a life experience with with a parent and they’ve had to really dig into these things they’re going to be more educated than Someone who happened, but they look to you to help them Decide, [what] do they need you’re the one who can look at medicare and say well if you’re going to a [hospital] It’s going to cover this you know People spend less time in hospitals now because of all the coding and observation more time in nursing [summers] so our job here at Gordon marketing is to give you ideas and when we when we See things and we hear things when I saw this math, I thought oh my gosh all [of] these products are fantastic all of these products Help create a better package for my client. I’m not saying this isn’t good. That’s great This is better This is way better, and it all starts with it. Look at that I’ve a decimal planet. That’s the key We are doing a series of United American mix up meetings around the country in addition [to] pain level for life comp They have a bazillion other things we also have an awesome incentive with medical right now That if you are brand new to medical you’ve never looked at and [you’ve] never hurry up Whatever, you sell one one product it could be any of these I’m going to send you an [echo] dot for just trying it and Then for every 10 or 15 apps that you do it can be a combination We’ve got some awesome prizes right now apple watch and Kendall swig [grill] we just we have tons of cool things, [so] thank you for spending some time with me I hope you thought this was beneficial and do something with it. This is good solid sales training So this is rebecca signing off and selling give us a call here [at] word marketing and I’ll help you do

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15 thoughts on “Plan G Vs High Ded. Plan F Comparison And Why High Deductible Plan F Is The Way To Go

  1. Isn't it misleading to use a $141 Plan G comparison base when a couple of quality carriers offer Plan G T65 Female rates at $90 per month in that zip code?

  2. Good Morning Rebecca,

    Thank you for taking the time for the webinar. I understand the point you are making, however, your example is not realistic.
    the points I am making are as follows:
    1) Plan G rates in the zip code you are using are $88.97/mo (with Manhatten Life), not $141.00
    2) Plan HDF will be discontinued in 2020 leading to potential sky rocking rates.
    3) Dental Discount plans such as Aetna are far lower in cost and have no maximum spending limits and give patients 40-50% off all treatments.

  3. This looks like a pretty good option for a 65 year old, but don't the rates for all those add-ons increase more than Med supp Plan G rates and don't many of them also require annual health qualification annually and risk leaving them without coverage or really expensive coverage when they need it most (after they get sick?

  4. Umm Why am thinking Plan F has no deductible and therefore a higher premium? Plan G has a deductible and lower premiums.

    What an I missing?

  5. If you're truly doing what's best for your client, you will do high deductible plan F if that's what makes sense, regardless of the commission or the client adding on any ancillary products.

  6. Hard to make multiple and accurate comparisons in a short video, the clarity is in understanding the calculation to me…I think well done.

  7. What I see here is you are more worried about commission, and to make up for the low commission with UA F-HD let's find other things to sell to this client to get to the $141. I have never seen any YouTuber Medicare agent talk numbers with their commission, this is a first. Is obvious what your first interest is and is not the client, but your commission.

  8. In looking at the title I'm thinking she's going to do a comparison between the two plans to help us clients get a better understanding. Instead, it's geared more towards how much commission the agent can make and not one mention about the client having to pay that $2300 deductible.

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