Plan your 2019 IG strategy (REACH YOUR GOALS THIS YEAR)
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Plan your 2019 IG strategy (REACH YOUR GOALS THIS YEAR)

Everybody, welcome to
another YouTube live. I am so excited that you’re
with me today, because today, I’m going to talk all about
how to plan your Instagram strategy for 2019 so that you
can reach all of your business goals. Because you know what? Being an entrepreneur and
being a business owner is hard. And a lot of times
when you plan things, they just don’t go
according to plan. And I’m all about planning. My team is all about planning. But if you are struggling in
this area just a little bit, that’s OK. Because today, I am here
to help you set yourself up for success, especially if you
love Instagram as much as me. And the things I’m going to be
talking about today in detail are your engagement tactics,
tactics for the Instagram direct message, and also
the shoppable feature, because these are all really
important things that you can really prioritize in 2019. And I want you guys to
stick around to the end because I’m going to tell you
what not to prioritize in 2019. And it’s really good. OK. you guys. So I want to know
where are you from? How do I sound? Is the mic good? Is the audio good? Are you guys with me? I’m going to look over
at my other computer and just do a
quick little check. OK, awesome. This is kind of meta meta. I’m looking over here
and seeing myself. OK. So it looks good. How about thumbs up? Sounds good. Hello, Danny. Good to have you here, Susan. You guys can hear me OK, Ellen. Awesome. Awesome. So let me know where you
guys are tuning in from. I would love to connect with
you when I get off of live. And if you haven’t
subscribed to my channel, go ahead and subscribe
and hit the bell, because every single
Monday, I go live here. I drop a new YouTube video here. I don’t go live
here every Monday. I’m going to be going
live more often, but I go live here
occasionally, and I love doing live
broadcasts because this is real, raw, and authentic. And I truly believe that in
2019, more than anything else, it is the real raw authenticity
that really helps businesses get connected to their ideal
follower and their ideal buyer. So showing up live is fun, and
so I’m thrilled that I’m here. I want to know you guys. Tell me where in the world
you’re tuning in from and what is your specific niche? So do you manage social media? Are you a dog walker? Are you an artist? Are you a photographer? Put that in the comments below. And if you’re watching
on the replay, I want to know where
you’re tuning in from and what you do as well. So you guys, the
truth is Instagram is always changing,
always changing. And it’s important to keep
up with these changes. And I am obsessed with
teaching you how to do that. And today, I’m going to focus,
like I said, on engagement, Instagram direct messages,
and the shoppable posts, three things that you
really should be thinking more about, especially in 2019. Now, when I talk
about engagement, it comes in a lot
of different forms when you think about
Instagram, right? So engagement can be getting
likes, getting comments, people sharing your content,
people saving your content, and having a community that
is built around the content that you share. And in my opinion,
building a community around a common
interest is truly how you have great
success on Instagram. And getting the
engagement from those that you want to
be serving who you want to be doing business with
is where the gold is, right? Not getting random ass
comments from spam bots and other people, but from those
that you want to be serving. So in order to get information
from your ideal customer and client, it’s important to
use tactics and strategies that are going to help you
serve them better. And one way to do
this consistently is by using Instagram
stories and using those engagement stickers. So when I talk about
engagement stickers, I am talking about using
the question sticker, using the poll, and getting
feedback from your audience. Now, I’m going to add a video
at the end of this broadcast on how to use these new
features because I actually did a YouTube video on this. But the truth is
when you get people to engage with you either on
your post or in your stories, you’re building
these relationships and you’re building this trust
before you start selling. And this is where
so many business owners fail, in my opinion. They’re going quickly to the
sale and they’re not following, they’re not spending enough
time building and nurturing these relationships. And so a couple of tactics
that you guys can consider and you can write down, wright
down is that when you get, even if it’s three, five,
six, 10 people responding to either a poll or to
one of your questions, take the time to either take
a screenshot so you don’t lose that information and you
have everyone’s username that you can go back to, and
connect with, and check out to see if there
are people that you want to be bringing
in to your community and going deeper with
in these relationships. Or Instagram makes it
really easy now, you guys. Whenever you use these
engagement stickers, you can simply just tap
on that airplane icon when someone responds to one of
your questions or your polls, and you can have a
one-to-one conversation. And I truly believe,
I truly believe that the gold in
building your business and making more money
doing what you love, especially going
forward in 2019, is by having these one-to-one
relationships with people. Because when you
start a conversation, you have an opportunity
to get information. And that information
is so vitally important to the type of content that
you share on the internet. Whether it’s your
Instagram post, or your Instagram
stories, or going live on Instagram, or
even the IGTV video that you might be doing. So these tactics
should absolutely be an important part of your
Instagram strategy in 2019 when you’re posting. These engagement stickers
are golden if you use them strategically. So I want you guys right
now, grab your pens. Like, let’s be
proactive and write down a couple of questions that
you think your followers would appreciate that gives you
more information on how you can help them and
understand them deeper. Because if you’re
not asking questions, you’re not getting answers to
understand what kind of content that you should be
creating more of. So every time I do these
questions and polls, I end up spending a lot of time
replying to them one-to-one, like I said, and building
these one-to-one relationships. And more importantly,
asking another question to go deeper in
that relationship that’s going to help fuel my business. And I want the
same for you guys. So think of different
ways that you can engage with your audience
over time and plan ahead. It’s all about planning. So if you have your
planner for 2019– you guys might have a handy
dandy planner already– go ahead and write
down that you are going to spend
strategic time engaging. And I’m not talking about just
quickly double tapping, liking, and quickly commenting,
and leaving. I’m talking about nurturing the
conversation that you actually have, whether it’s on
your post in your feed or my personal favorite,
in the Instagram direct message from
the Instagram stories and those stickers, those
engagement stickers that I told you I was going
to link below here. So the second strategy I want
you to think more about in 2019 when it comes to Instagram is
using Instagram direct messages in a way that really
encourages conversation. So one of my biggest wins,
honestly, you guys, for 2018, has been strategically using
Instagram direct messages to the point where I actually
closed a $5,000 coaching client, one of my Hivers, simply
from posting on Instagram. And I’m going to link this
article that we contributed to “Digital Marketer”
this year explaining the step-by-step process of
what we did to have this happen. But basically, just to give
you a little information here, because I don’t want to
hold back everything here while you guys are
watching this video, I crafted the perfect
post which was an awesome quote that had my
core values and my beliefs in that quote. And the description
in that quote basically told people I
had a couple spots left for my coaching, and that
if you are interested, go ahead and send me an
Instagram direct message. And like I said, I’m linking
this article below this video so you can see
this step-by-step. But what I want you guys to
walk away with right now when you’re watching this is if
you’re aligning your content up with your core
values and the way that you do business so that if
someone were to see your post, watch your story,
read your description and feel like they can trust
you, and feel like you’re being true and authentic– this is what I talked
about earlier, right? They’re more likely
to take action. And the action happens
in that conversation that can occur in the
Instagram direct message. So I posted that quote,
wrote a description, said, if you are interested–
not selling and not pushing, but just saying,
if you want to take action. So it’s putting the action
on the person reading and not me pulling
or pushing, but me pulling in the
right conversation from the right people, and then
nurturing that relationship. And so I’m excited for you
guys to read that article, because it was really,
really well-done. Now, for those of you
that know me well, I respond to most of my
Instagram direct messages. I get a shit ton on
the Instagram expert and on my personal
account, Sue B Zimmerman. But if you’re watching
this, send me an Instagram direct message and let
me know that you’re tuning into my live YouTube
video, and I will respond, and I will connect with
you after this video. Now, the other thing about
Instagram direct messages that I want to talk to
you guys about today are the quick replies. And I did a YouTube
video that I’m going to link below this
all about the quick replies. This saves you so much time. So if you are creating
content that really encourages that engagement where
you’re getting the comments, and you’re having
the conversations, and people are asking you the
same questions over and over again, this is a great
opportunity for you to be smart and save time. So these text
expanders, these quick replies that you can do in the
Instagram direct message are amazing, because you can
share links, as I often do. When people ask me
a question, I send them a link to a YouTube
video that I’ve created that will answer that question. Or if someone’s asking
me about hashtags, I have a Hashtag Handbook. I’ll just type “hh,” and
that whole link to my Hashtag Handbook will populate, and
I’m able to send that quickly. I have some do’s and don’ts
about quick replies that you definitely want to
watch in that video. So like I said, I’m
linking that right below this for those
of you that haven’t watched that yet or
even know that this is a new feature in 2018. I’m all about saving
time and planning, and I know that’s why you showed
up here to watch this video, and that you are on
the same page, right? OK. The other new update in the
Instagram direct message– thank you, Instagram. There’s always direct messages
updates that saves time– the new voice messaging. Has anyone used the
voice messaging? Let me know in the comments
that you’ve used it, and if you have, how
have you used it? I love using it. But I want you to keep
in mind when you use it, you have to understand
that in order for people to listen to it, they
can’t necessarily be in a public place,
like they’re in class, or they’re in a conference
and listen to it. So know when it makes sense to
send a voice reply to someone that they’re going to
actually listen to. Again, this goes
back to building that one-to-one conversation in
the Instagram direct message, right? Another fun update with the
Instagram direct message is the animated GIFs. They make me laugh. Like, if you just type in the
word “love,” or “thank you,” or “you’re awesome,” Instagram
populates all these animated GIFs that gives
you an opportunity to showcase your personality
from a GIF that makes sense that you would actually send. And I want you all to understand
that every single thing that you do in
your business needs to align with your branding,
with your core values. And so even down
to the animated GIF that you’re choosing to
send someone in an Instagram direct message should
align with your branding and it shouldn’t be random. Random anything gets you
random results, right? So make sure that
you’re treating all of these awesome
opportunities in the Instagram direct message with
the kind of attention you would want to receive if
someone was sending it to you. So another tip in the
Instagram direct message– I’m not done with the
Instagram direct messages because there’s just so
much here, you guys– is that you can create groups. And some people create
groups for engagement, which is not what I recommend. I like creating groups
for my community. So my community members of
my course Ready Set Gram, I have squads, Sue B Squads. And you’re able to
name your group, you’re able to engage with
the members in your group. It used to be that
you could have just 15 people in the
Instagram direct message group. But now, you can have
up to 31 or 32, at least 30, which is awesome. So if you want to nurture
a community that you’re serving in your business,
you can create an Instagram direct message group and you
can start sharing content in that group. You can share text messages,
voice messages, photos, videos, links, articles. It goes on and on. Like, you can nurture and
build those relationships. So I recommend if you’re going
to put together an Instagram group that you get
permission from the person that you’re putting in the
group and never, never, never just randomly add someone
to an Instagram direct message group without their permission. Same thing is true for
a Facebook group, right? No one wants to be added. But if you guys get added to
a group and you want to leave, just scroll down to the bottom. In red, it says, Leave Group. I just wanted to give you
that little ninja tip. So plan, plan, plan how you
can use the different functions of the Instagram direct message
with your ideal customer. So I want to know, I want to
know from all of you tuning in, on the replay, what has
worked for you in 2018 when it comes to Instagram? What tactic, what strategy,
what are you finding is really working for you? Is it strategies in the
Instagram direct message? Is it the conversations
that you’re having from your stories? Is it your posts
and the conversation that you’re having in
the content thread? I want to know. I want to hear from you guys. And if you’re
listening to me, just know that I am all
about my action takers. I love action takers, and
I love building community, and I know that’s why
you guys showed up here, and I so appreciate you. OK. So the third tactic for
2019, shoppable tags if you sell a product. So let’s say you
sell a mug, #love, and you have not yet set
up your shoppable post. You can do this in your feed. And recently, Instagram
expanded this to your stories, where you can tag your stories. Now, this means that
you have an opportunity to make it so easy, easy
peasy, lemon squeezy– lemon squeezy,
dressed like a lemon– to get people to shop, right? People want to save time. So on Instagram, you can quickly
tap into a tag on a post, tap into a tag in a story
and check out instantly, who has purchased something
from Instagram using a tag? This is huge, you guys. So this means that
you have to have a business account to do this. I do have another video that
I linked that if you haven’t watched this, how to set up
your catalog, your catalog for your products. So I’m going to make sure
that I link that video below so that you can set that up. But I want you to know that
setting it up is so easy. And if you do sell
products and you have used the shoppable tags,
let us know in the comments what you sell and what,
if any, kind of success you’ve had from
using these tags. So I want you all to
get comfortable selling on Instagram. People do business on
Instagram every day. And users like you and
me are ready to shop. We want the convenience
of checking out. We want to support the
businesses that we love, and we want it to
be easy, right? People are spending time on
Instagram, more time every day, and you can get them attention–
you can get their attention, get their attention
on Instagram. So these are just three
areas that I really want you to focus on so that
you can see results in 2019. So we talked about
engagement, we talked about Instagram
direct messages, and we talked about
shopping goal posts. Now, let’s now talk about what
you shouldn’t be spending time on, in my opinion, in 2019, OK? So you shouldn’t be focusing
on your follower number, because you know what? It goes up and down
and up and down. And you all message
me, and you tell me how many followers
you’ve gotten, and how many followers you lost. And if someone followed
you, in 24 hours, they’re not following you,
and it’s so frustrating, and I feel you. I feel you. I try my best not to
even look at the number, although we want to know if the
numbers are going up and down. But I don’t pay
attention to that. I pay attention to the real
comments from real people, and not the spam bots. I nurture relationships
every day. And I know intentionally
when I’m going to spend time on Instagram. I block my calendar and
spend time engaging. Like I said at the
beginning of this video, if you are not having success
or as much success as you’d hope posting on Instagram,
try spending more time engaging and nurturing
those relationships. And those that are meant to stay
and stick, they’re going to. Those who are just following
you to get a follow, but they haven’t
earned it, don’t feel like you have to follow
someone back just because they followed you. Because if you’re following
accounts that have nothing to do with your
business to be nice, Instagram is going
to start showing you more of that kind of
content in your Explore tab, and that’s not strategic
for your business. So comment and engage on
accounts who are inspiring and who will serve you. And anyone, anyone
who makes you feel defeated or gives
you negative energy– and trust me, I can
spot it a mile away– just mute or unfollow. And if you need to mute an
Instagram story account, you just put your
finger, hold on it, and you can mute that account
without unfollowing them on Instagram. But if you’re feeling
any negative energy, we all want to have a
more positive experience on Instagram, and
you can control that. You have the ability to
control how you feel. Something else that you
should not be doing in 2019, in my opinion, is posting
multiple photos a day. I recommend spending more time
crafting the perfect post, whether it’s a photo or a video. And if you’re feeling compelled
to post multiple images, I suggest posting a carousel
post, because here’s the thing. When you post a carousel post–
and you can post up to 10. And yes, I have a video
all about carousel posts as well that we can link in
this description for you guys. But here’s the thing. When people are on
your Instagram account, and they see a carousel
post, and they’re reading your description, and
then they’re swiping left, and they’re looking, and
smiling, and maybe one of those is an actual video, because
you can have a video that’s up to 10 minutes long
in a carousel post, they’re spending more
time on your account. Instagram is tracking that. It’s all part of the algorithm. And when people spend
more time on your account, Instagram pushes your
account to more people. So the goal is to get people
to spend more time on the posts that you do, and not necessarily
post multiple times with just quick short descriptions. It’s all the amount of time that
they’re spending on your feed, in your stories. Are they engaging
with those stickers? This all contributes
to the algorithm, and getting more eyes, and
getting more engagement. So instead of posting
multiple times a day, if you’re feeling like
you need to, I say engage. The time that you were going
to spend posting twice a day, put that time into engaging
on other people’s accounts. Makes sense? You guys digging this? Yeah? OK. So I want to know
from you guys, where do you want to spend
more time this year? Is there something
that I mentioned today that you just find difficult
and you want to learn more? You’re still stuck. You heard me. You liked what I said. You just are stuck. If you’re stuck, I
want to hear from you. I want to know what
you’re stuck on. This goes back to the
more you know about those that you want to serve, the
better that you can serve them. So if any of you who are
listening to this video feel stuck or something
was confusing to you that you heard, I
want to hear from you. So I have a little bit of time
to answer a few questions. So I’m going to look over here
on my other computer and see. Sandra says, engagement. I need to do more engagement. Exactly. So your posts are
so good, Sandra. I love your Instagram account,
and you’re so talented. I love your videos that
you’re doing with your art. So if you’re spending way too
much time creating those posts, take a break. Go find people who you
want to engage with to build your community. Susan’s saying that
her clients have yet to make a sale
from a product tag. Well, when they
do, Susan, I want to do the Insta
happy dance with you. I want to know. Who else is asking questions? Let’s see. Dani said she’s frustrated
because she’s not seeing the stickers. I feel you. A lot of people,
Kendall in the chat, too, she’s missing out on
having some of the features on her Instagram account. I’m really hoping that Instagram
takes a sweep this year and that their New
Year’s resolution– Instagram, I’m
going to toast you. Can you please make
sure that everyone has the features in 2019
and that you get rid of all the spam bots? Can we say cheers to that, Sue
B, because I feel you guys. I really do. I’m just going to check
for a few more questions. You need engagement as well. Pam said you mentioned
product tags. I’d like more info on
that for your product. Awesome, Pam. We are going to link that
right below this video for you, and I hope that you
start doing tags. And please when you do, send
me an Instagram direct message and let me know so I
can come check it out. What do you sell? Let us know in the
comments below. We want to know what you sell. If anyone that’s tuning
into this broadcast actually sells
something, let us know what you sell, because
we want to support you with your product tags. OK. Wow. How was that, you guys? Did you like this live video? I hope that you
learned a shit ton. I love teaching. And I’m going to
link all the videos that I talked about that
are additional support, including the great
article that I did for “Digital
Marketer,” which is all about strategically
growing your business and making money
authentically in the Instagram direct message. It can happen, you guys. It can happen. It happens to us
on a regular basis. So remember, you guys, to
subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet
subscribed and hit the bell. Of course, I have an emoji bell. [BELL RINGING] Hit the bell so you get
notifications every time I drop a new video
here on Monday. And if you are
wanting more now, I want you guys to check out a
few more of my recent videos that I have. You can stay on my
channel right here. I’ve linked a bunch of
them below this video. And these are all
strategies that are going to help you grow in 2019. And if you’re looking to use
Instagram direct messages more, my favorite place to hang out
and build those relationships, I’m linking a free checklist,
a free checklist of everything that you need to know about
Instagram direct messages. So be sure to grab that as well. Thank you so much for
tuning in live, you guys. Have a wonderful day, and
I’ll see you here very soon. Take care.

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