PlanNet Marketing and Inteletravel Tips To Balance Both Businesses
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PlanNet Marketing and Inteletravel Tips To Balance Both Businesses

PlanNet Marketing and Inteletravel all right what’s up everybody Larry
Porter here back once again just wanted to come a camera and shoot a quick video
talking about in teletraffic and plan that marketing so if you have both sides
of the businesses I want to share with you a couple tips on how to balance two
– all right you do not want to miss this all right everybody welcome back welcome
back so if you are a travel agent with the intera traveler and you have also
partnered with Planet marketing as a plannet marketing rep who offers to
inteletravel my agency I want to share with you a couple tips on how you can
balance the two businesses okay so I know trying to do both business models
may be sometimes overwhelming to some people but I will share with you what
you can do to leverage each business model and do it efficiently okay so
number one you are a travel agent okay this is an active income strategy
meaning you booked trips you get paid okay
so active means you have to do something in order to earn income okay now when it
comes to the planet marketing website this is an opportunity to produce
passive income okay you do the work once and you get paid over and over this is
why it’s important to have leverage and build a team now emergency the two
business two businesses together this is what you need to focus on number one you
need to have a marketing strategy okay that can work for you passively
super to to produce that passive income okay for example what we mean you Meeka
do like for example our main marketing strategy is youtube okay we duplicated
ourselves we have hundreds of videos online and they are crafting our message
around that needs of travel okay so this strategy has been producing passive
residual income in addition to what we’re doing actively as a traveler so my
youtube videos are working for us 24/7 around-the-clock why we looking to
travel actively okay so this is where PlanNet Marketing and Inteletravel you can live at your time because I know
he may not have enough time to talk to a lot of people when you’re trying to be
both both business models so it’s very that’s why it’s very wise to incorporate
a passive marketing strategy to build your passive income while you focus on
the active work to do your active income such as booking travel for clients and
things of that nature there are other things you can do if you don’t
necessarily like YouTube some people terrified the camera but I want to share
with you you can do Facebook Ads Facebook advertising is another way you
just put money in and you just as opportunity for you to generate leads
and sales so you think about this I just want to put something on your mind I
didn’t go too much in depth on strategies and tactics but I did want to
share with you the difference between both business models and active and
passive so you want to leverage the two you want to leverage the active work
meaning something you have to do in order to get paid and you want to
leverage the passive passive is my PlanNet Marketing and Inteletravel favorite I do a tremendous amount of
work upfront to get paid four years down the road okay and years to come and
years to come so passive passive income and passive work there’s nothing to
leverage so learn to leverage your time by implementing a passive marketing
strategy with it can be youtube videos a blogging content anything dealing with
something that you can do work once and get see a result on down the road
forever okay and versus a active strategy which you can only get paid or
only see a result according to what you do right then it there okay so I hope I
share it with you guys so hope you found value from this video if you did leave a
comment below provide us your feedback always feel free to like this channel
like this video and subscribe and if you anybody noticed looking to become a
travel agent feel free to click that link below to learn more information we
have a video for you to watch so you can learn more about our fabulous
opportunity as well as you got any questions or inquiries text us at this
number all right I’m Larry Porter signing off
and happy travel PlanNet Marketing and Inteletravel

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