PlanNet Marketing & Inteletravel…You’ve Just Sold An ITA…What Now?
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PlanNet Marketing & Inteletravel…You’ve Just Sold An ITA…What Now?

Inteletravel alright alright what’s up everybody
Larry Porter here back with majestic travel so in today’s video you just sold
an ITA now what so if you just made your first
sell and you just brought in the new agent I’m gonna give you some tips for
giving your new agents off to a great start
alright you do not want to miss these tips we’ll be right back all right everybody welcome back welcome
back so you are partnered with Inteletravel and plannet marketing and you just
brought in a new ITA okay meaning an Inteletravel
agent so by you being a plannet marketing rep you probably seen this message
because you just made Inteletravel travel agent sale so you brought in a
new agent and now you’re wondering okay now what what do I need to do now I’m a
leader so what are some of the next steps do I need to take for getting this
new agent off to a great start and I want to share that with you so to
kind of get you in the going in the right direction okay so here’s what you
need to do next okay so as soon as you first break in your first new agent as a
planning marketing rep and you so cha ta need to send your new agent a welcome
letter okay now this Welcome letter needs to
contain all the initial steps that they need to take in their back office it’s
very important to leave links and your welcome letter so they know okay go here
go here so pretty much guys a welcome letters consist of you know
welcoming your new agent to the team giving them the action step step by step
detail this is what you need to do make sure you do not skip steps follow this
follow this follow that and here’s how to navigate through your back office go
here go here go here so the kind of gets them kind of kind of get rid of some of
the overwhelm that some of your new agents may have so if you can kind of
give them a little detail plan step by step of what to do next do this you get
them off to a great start okay and we eliminate a lot of questions
okay so make sure you send your new agent at your welcome letter now you can
get this welcome letter from your upline your upline you should y’all should be
sharing the same walking letters if not if you haven’t received it welcome
letting yourself from your upline create one created action plan for new AIDS
what do they need to do you know reflect back on what did you do when you first
got started you know well here’s the fact here’s the first thing you need to
do you know for example first thing I did I went to the until it’s we have a
library and I watched the training videos okay the academy training videos
those videos are step-by-step no you can put that in the welcome better leave the
link so don’t let it go you know so kind of give them the details playing on what
to do next okay so after you welcome to your new agent give him the Welcome
letter make sure you plug through a new agent into Facebook groups okay if your
upline has a Facebook group where they can come in and plug in to communicate
and ask questions and get a lot of value from a use their group okay if you don’t
have if they don’t have them if your upline don’t have a group you don’t have
one and tell it’s rather departure lounge is a great Facebook group for
travel agents okay and tell us well for travel agents only okay this is this is
a great resource to ask questions get tips get strategies pretty much
communicate with other agents kind of get people unstuck when they get to that
point okay so make sure you plug your new agent
interface for groups to help them get them going quickly or they can
communicate with you and ask questions another thing very very handy to have
plug your new agent into team member group chats very very valuable resource
give your team member or your new haven assets to you and your team 24/7 so one
of the great places that I like using is facebook Messenger okay even if they’re
not on Facebook they can use messenger and you can be communicating with your
team on the go okay you can send out a mass text message and messenger and your
entire team gets it okay so this is a very very viable resource so if your
upline already has one just leverage there so you don’t say create one right
away but your blonde doesn’t have one of
these create one is very simple to do just go to message or create a team
group trip coop chat plug your new member in there it’s just
your first agent hey that’s fine you know you gotta have a one-on-one inside
the group chat and as your agents team begins to grow
y’all have a team group chat where where you answer questions or someone off your
team will answer the questions so there’s been times where we have team
mates on our team they may ask us a question in our group chat and you know
us being up last of our teammates some of the other teammates will answer the
question before we even get to it get to them so that’s a lot of support that you
can utilize inside of a team group trip group chat so make sure you plug your
new aides into a group chat okay so that’s all I want to share with you
that’s a couple tips to do to make sure that your aids and get off to a good
start so make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel and thank you for
watching so be sure to LIKE comment and share also if you or anybody you notice
looking to become much alive h feel free to click that link below this video to
learn more information how you can get started in the travel industry and if
you’ve got other inquiries or any type of inquiry free or free of Texas at
their number below Inteletravel alright I see you on the next one

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  1. Well in this short video today, I'm going over a few tips to share with your newly enrolled agent for getting off to a fast start.

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