PlanNet Marketing Reviews on Making Money | What Does It Take? [Truly]
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PlanNet Marketing Reviews on Making Money | What Does It Take? [Truly]

PlanNet Marketing Reviews on Making Money what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and we’re back once again back with majestic travel and in today’s video
we’re gonna talk about reviews or plenty of marketing on making money okay so if
you’re looking to make money with Planet marketing I want to give you some things
to look forward to before you get involved or if you’re already involved
some things for you to put on your mind to keep you going in their momentum and
keep you going in the right direction so we’ll be right back all right welcome back welcome back so
if you’re implanted marketing and you thinking about joining Planet marketing
and you trying to see is just reviews on making money the planet Margaret so I’m
gonna give you my honest review I’m affiliated with plenty of marketing and
Intel a travel on my home-based travel PlanNet Marketing Reviews on Making Money agent me and my girlfriend Yumiko and
one thing I want to share with you guys if you serious about getting into the
travel industry get in it okay get in and get involved get with a host agency
such as intelligible in their marketing and crush it okay now one of the biggest
things when it comes to making money is I we would recommend posting your deals
and getting vacation and booking for clients your friends family whatever but
the big thing you want you to see the long tail picture I won’t see the big
picture need to build a travel team okay there’s a lot of people that want to
become travel agents so many people want to become travel agents but I don’t know
how you can be their go-to person showing people how to get started okay
you can become the travel agent you can be booking your friends family coworkers
if you’re anybody you can show them website but you need to be building a
travel Tina this is where most of the leveraged income will come meaning
passive income meaning you won’t have to do as much work because you have a team
working for you working abundant and they have what they will have a team and
your organization just get bigger and bigger and bigger and your team
organization gets big and bringing everybody’s making money but however you
need to have a mindset up you need to build build this business you need to
crush it one way that we like to do that our
businesses using YouTube videos for example you we do videos a lot now if
you’re really serious about it giving it to the travel industry you got to think
long term especially coming to building the business a long time you will not
make money right away be honest which do you think you’re gonna make money right
away for a quick way to make money do not get
started this business is not for you it’s for the long term and long vision
people okay I would recommend at least two to three years before you see
significant amount of income so that’s that’s how this things work you know you
have to be a momentum but it’s all about what you do but between those one two
three years are you just sitting back complaining or you crushed it
think about it what would happen if you do the YouTube video every single day
for three years straight how much traffic do you think you can generate
going to your your your offer getting getting eyeballs into your in front of
your presentation how much traffic PlanNet Marketing Reviews on Making Money how many eyeballs you think you can
generate in three years you did a YouTube video ever seen today think
about it yeah mind blowing you have a sign up automated automated sign ups
left it right okay so I just want to put some on your mind so Forrest making
money you can make good money with playing that marketing and until the
travel however you must put in the work gotta work your ass off be honest which
you can’t be coming here crying and complaining and bitching no get what gas
off you got to get him giddy so you know hope I resonate with some of y’all just
want to be real with you but you become a tribal agent get started and leverage
the travel agency platform look people booking your vacation packages for your
clients however you need to leverage and build a team by becoming the planet
marketing rep as well build a team okay that’s all the way you can make
significant amount of passive income you can make money but you want to be
passive you want to do less work it’s possible but in the beginning you got to
work your ass off I’ll just be honest with you so if you find value from this
video please like give us a thumbs up subscribe leave a comment give us your
views on this video tell us what you thought about it if you or anybody you
know looking to become a travel agent if there’s a free presentation click that
link below watch it learn more about planet marketing and other things how to
get started with a hold the right host agency and then
so click the link below watch the free presentation and we will see you on the
inside next video Larry for the synagogue back with majestic travel
happy trapping

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