Plannet Marketing Scam – “Insider” Reviews of Why MOST People FAIL
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Plannet Marketing Scam – “Insider” Reviews of Why MOST People FAIL

Is Plannet Marketing a Scam what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once a can and in today’s video I want to talk about is planet
marketing a scam so you think about joining Planet marketing perhaps and
you’re online looking for reasons white shirt John and trying to see is
legitimate can you make money into the stem all this hype that you’re online
well I want to share a couple things with you so make sure you stay tuned in
this video okay so here’s the myth that goes around because anything dealing
with our own based business opportunity it’s gonna always be some hype around is
it a scam now most people get this conception of X it’s a stand because
most people don’t know how to market the excuse me market their business however
planet marketing from my perspective I’ve been in it not too long
at this point couple months now and for what I see and the resources that that’s
made available to me it is not a scam I’ve made money with Planet marketing
okay and it’s real money it’s so anything you can make real money in guys
it’s not a scam if you can make a dollar and a home-based business opportunity
that’s the opportunity to make more money meaning it’s not a scam it’s
legitimate and I don’t know why people get this conception of it because you
know it’s a business your own business the opportunity for you to start your
own business now the good thing I like Is Plannet Marketing a Scam about it is you can start your own
business from home and even if you’re new don’t have any experience in it you
can actually get started and know nothing about travel and hit the ground
running because there’s a lot of ongoing training the resources are made
available to you okay and it don’t take long to train because like I said it’s
ongoing training you can do a little bit each time you don’t have to know the
whole travel industry you know saying I know people been in
for years and they still are in the travel industry but it doesn’t take that
to book or travel or you know recruit a travel agent and your downline so Pat
market is also in the realm of network marketing okay you can build a network
marketing team or should I say a team of travel agents working up under you to
kind of give yourself some leverage now let’s leverage income okay you don’t
have to solely complete on your efforts I should I say rely on your efforts and
ways to make money you can rely on your team and make over our Commission’s off
off of their efforts off of their booking travel and things of that nature
so guys you can really make money with Planet marketing but you have to do the
work you have to get in you have to get busy now the myth is most people that
get involved with home-based business opportunity its opportunities they fail
why because number one they don’t know how to market their business you know
any time you’re dealing with network Is Plannet Marketing a Scam marketing or any type of home-based
business opportunity you have to get your own leads they tell you make out a
list your family friends contact your warm market approach strangers do hotel
parties and meetings with which is okay but I’m gonna do that I’m sorry I do
internet marketing all the way I don’t like going around chasing family friends
bugging strangers and things of that nature you don’t have to do that guys
you have to just learn a skill you get good for example like right now I’m
doing a YouTube video you can leverage YouTube to build your online marketing
business or should I say you’re playing a marketing business yeah that’s
actually people are looking for what you got to offer online there’s people
looking to join your business your travel team is people to look to book
from you so usually have to put your your message in from the right people
and online is the best way to do that way the way guys to make a long story
short no it’s not a scam just to learn how to market professionally
and don’t bite into all that jumbo hi I’m not just trying to sell your on
opportunity no I’m not really just being real because it’s a myth most people
don’t believe in all our businesses or home-based business because people don’t
make money or they don’t know if they don’t or they for for example some a lot
of people that’s creating this myth is lazy and they failed at it because it
lack of marketing knowledge okay and you have to have the right mindset to
acquire of this because it’s not easy no it’s not I’m not gonna lie to you like
it’s easy it’s not easy however you can do it okay that’s my time just want to
share this quick video with you about planet Mars you know it’s not a scam you
can make legitimate money and plan that marketing it’s a good home based
business opportunity plenty of resources plenty of tools and guides to help you
along the way when you’ve been trying to the drop industry so if you like this
video please give us a thumbs up subscribe leave a comment and all that
good stuff now if you’re thinking about joining
flight planning marketing feel free to join our team there’s a link below this
video we can watch a free presentation and you can learn even more about
planning marketing and you can decide for yourself it’s a scam okay so that’s
my time please feel free to like the good stuff and I will see you on the
next video peace and happy marketing alright happy travels

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2 thoughts on “Plannet Marketing Scam – “Insider” Reviews of Why MOST People FAIL

  1. I personally don't think Planet Marketing is a scam, because becoming a travel agent was the best decision I ever made in my life!

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