Please don’t talk about me Part.2 [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.08.19]
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Please don’t talk about me Part.2 [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.08.19]

(What’s his first impression of Yeongja?) What’s your first impression of Yeongja? (Sitting so modestly) (What about Yeongja?) She looks strong. (You’re right about that) What kind of answer was that? I’m not as fat in person, am I? Pardon? He really is straight-forward. See? He’s so tactless. Whenever he gets in a fight with his girlfriend, he calls a family meeting. “Was I really wrong in this situation? Isn’t she in the wrong?” He wants us to be the judges. I don’t tell my family about the good things that happen with my girlfriend. Why not? (Why is he like this?) She just asked me, “Why is he like this?” She can’t believe her ears. Do you tell your family about kissing and getting physical with your girlfriend? No, I shouldn’t talk about that. – Why not? / – Why not talk about that? I thought you’re honest. Why not talk about that? You should talk about everything! He’s so inconsistent! Just tell us here. Imagine how curious your family is! I want to protect my girlfriend’s privacy. Right. Privacy. That’s not just for physical intimacy. I have principles though. You don’t seem that way at all. What are your principles? Family comes first before marriage, but after marriage, my wife comes first. Then, my family will come first. After marriage, I’ll treat them like strangers. Why are you so extreme? You don’t have to be so extreme like that. You can love your family and your future wife… My brother isn’t normal, is he? Can’t you do that? Your sister laughed to herself. “My brother isn’t normal, is he?” He’s weird. (I’m just being honest…) So is your problem solved if he stops talking about you to his girlfriend? I thought he just talked about me to his girlfriend, but whenever he meets any of his friends… He always talks about you? Whenever they meet me, “I heard a lot about you.” When I’m dating someone… “So, I heard about the guy you’re seeing. He does this for a living. I heard he lives here and drives this car.” – Even his car? / – That’s what they tell me. He talks too much. Yes, that’s true. (Goodness) But I never tell people things when she tells me to keep it a secret. That’s not true! When I say not to tell anyone… “My sister said not to tell anyone this, but…” Oh, come on! I want to record the conversations! Are you a parrot? Are you a recording device? No… It’s not like that. Being honest and sincere with my girlfriend… And keeping my promise with my sister… I feel like being more honest with my girlfriend. That’s how much of a loving person I am. (Oh… We didn’t ask you that) But we do you keep getting dumped? You’re all talk. (Refreshing) He talks so much at home too. He always asks, “Mom, what’s Yeomyeong up to?” “She’s sleeping.” He comes and stands by my bed and starts talking about his day. (I feel like my ears would bleed) When you’re lying down in bed… “So this is what happened to me today.” I come out from the bathroom after a shower to see him waiting right outside. He’s in front of the bathroom door? Yes, he talks from there. “Hey, big news! This is what happened.” He always has big news. (He always has big news to talk about) Why is everything such big news? I don’t know. (That sounds rough) I bet your parents are concerned too. Let’s see what they think. I imagine they’re frustrated. Let’s meet the parents. Hello, ma’am. Hello. Good to be here. Are you worried about your son, ma’am? I’m not sure if it’s so serious that he should be here. But after hearing about it over and over again… Maybe this isn’t such a small problem. Things like this keep happening, so I came up with a solution. I told him to just stop talking completely. That’s what I told him, but I guess it isn’t working. So you know about this too. Did your son always brag to you about his sister when he was very young? He went to his sister’s room as soon as he woke up. He’d touch her face and her hand. He called Yeomyeong a beautiful princess. “Please grow up so you can listen to me.” (The brother’s big plan) He’s been bragging about her since he was a kid. Their mother brought a few old photos. Let’s take a look. (So adorable) How cute! (Stuck to each other) – They’re always together. / – So adorable. (So happy) They’re always together. Gosh! (One second before kissing) That’s when she started putting up with him. He has her on his back. They seem so close. I have a question. Why did your son start talking so much? You seem like a good speaker too, ma’am. Like father, like son. Your husband talks a lot too? My husband talks so much that it’s tiring. I don’t think I talk that much. My wife said that I talk too much, but if you look at an example… – You do talk a lot. / – You talk a lot. Typhoon Danas hit us recently. It was a category 5 typhoon. He said category 5. I could just say to lock the windows, but… Typhoon Danas was named by the Philippines. Danas means “experience”. The central wind speed is this much. It’ll be weak by the time it hits Jindo.” I say things like that. Then I notice that nobody’s listening. (The father does talk too much) Who’s worse? You or your son? I think my son is worse. My dad talks a lot more. Because my dad was a government employee. The dad still has the mic to his mouth. I would come home with a bunch of stories about what happened during my day at school. (Ready to talk about his entire day!) With a ton of stories ready. (A big bag of stories) And when I’d come home, my mom would be listening to my dad talk. I feel like you should be sitting here too, ma’am. It must be rough on her too. But I can see that he really loves his sister. I bet he’s really nice to you when you’re together. I don’t think he’s that nice to me. When he wakes up he says, “What should I eat? What should I have?” – For you to fix him breakfast? / – Right. And he goes to me and asks, “What should I wear today?” “I’m wearing this and this. This t-shirt and these pants. Look.” I have to give him the okay for him to leave. Not only that, when he meets his girlfriend… “I have an anniversary coming up. Get a wallet around this price for my girlfriend.” – He wants you to buy the gift. / – Yes. (He even asked you to do that?) (I don’t get it) (You’re not really that nice to me!) You’re always bragging about your sister, so why do you keep making her do things at home? Yes, I also think that’s a concern. (What?) – All of a sudden. / – He drew the line. So how are you a good brother to your sister? I always give my sister emotional stability. She wouldn’t be here if that was true! (You’re the one that’s emotionally stable…) I could make a mistake and make my family sad. I tell my family that I’ll never become a great person, but at least they’ll never see me on the news. I think that’s good enough. We haven’t been on the news… Oh, right. I have. The two of us will stay out of this. (Got called out all of a sudden) (Yes) (Ow, my head…) It seems like you rely on your sister a lot. Is this true? I think it’s true. She’s so good at what she does. I respect her for that. And I sing. I majored in vocal music. And working in music isn’t exactly stable. I worry that I’ll be a burden on my sister later. I got a chance to talk to the CEO of a big musical entertainment agency. He complimented me a lot after my audition and the last thing he said was, “You have the voice of a lead, but you don’t look like one. I don’t think you’ll last long in this field.” That was harsh. That’s when I lost my way a bit. (Her cheerful brother had hidden hardships) Have you ever talked to someone about that? No, this is my first time telling my parents. I try not to talk about serious issues because I don’t want other people to worry. I keep those things to myself. I bet you’ve never heard him talk like this. Yes, I never knew he felt this way. How does this make you feel? I’ll just work hard and support him. – Your brother? / – Yes. (These siblings are angels) Ma’am, this is all news to you. What do you think? This is my first time hearing this. Well… (This breaks his mom’s heart) I wish he’d just tell us things like this. This is what we should be talking about. He’s always talking about stupid things. So you don’t want your sister or your parents to tell you if they’re going through a really hard time? No, I like listening to people’s problems. Right! You’re so inconsistent! Your family feels the same way. Not just your family. Everyone does. We all heard how great you think your sister is. You must also be proud of your brother for something. Can you brag about him? I’m sure you felt this, but he’s very kind. He’s not that good-looking, but… Why? He looks fine! Stop hurting his pride! He kind of looks like Tony An when he smiles. (They look so alike) No wonder he looked so familiar. He’s really good at singing. His voice… – Let’s hear him song. / – I want to hear this. (We’re curious too) (Stands) (Building up his confidence) It’ll be more touching if you close your eyes. That’s up to us! Too much information! That’s up to us! Here it comes. Let’s just close our eyes. (“Thanks” by Kim Dongryul) (He starts showing us what he’s capable of!) (His voice sounds robust as a vocal music major) (A treat for the ears) (His voice really shakes you up) ♪ I think I know why ♪ ♪ Being with you ♪ ♪ And loving you to death ♪ ♪ Is happiness someone gave me ♪ Wow! Chills! He’s good! (The audience is very impressed) I got the chills! That was great! You seem so different now! That was great! That was amazing! Even singers get nervous when they’re asked to sing on the spot. He’s so good. Thank you. Your voice is sweet. If only he was more tactful… He’d be really popular with the ladies. He looks like such a mild-mannered and gentle guy. Yeah, it’s nice to see how happy your family is. But instead of bragging, try to feel confident. “I have a great sister! I’m so happy and she’s so reliable.” And compliment your girlfriend instead. I have a question. – May I ask? / – Yes. What’s he going to ask? We haven’t gotten a question in a while. I think this is the first question we’ve gotten. I brag to my girlfriend about my sister. Then shouldn’t she think that I’m family-oriented? – Nope. / – No. You girls talk to him. No, it won’t make you seem family-oriented. She’s herself and your sister is someone else. Why do you keep comparing? If you’re truly family-oriented and you’re really close with your family, they can just sense that. You don’t need to brag. Make the other person feel that. Naturally. No need to say it with words. How about some closing words for your brother? Wait, not to your brother. To his future girlfriend. Yeah. (Embarrassed) Our family will not be hostile towards you. We want to get along with you like a big family. We’ll be really nice to you, so please stay with my brother for a long time. What a sweet sister. Yeomyeong, you know I love you, right? Whenever I feel like bragging about you, I’ll try to stop myself. I’ll try to make changes gradually. And I hope my next girlfriend ends up as my wife. (Happy ending) Let’s start with Taehun. I say it’s not a concern. I can tell how much this family loves each other. I don’t think it’s a concern. I hope you can remain close with your sister. I hope you get a pretty girlfriend and end up marrying her. (Seunghee says it’s not a concern!) If you think this is a concern, press the button! (What do the people think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! (So many votes!) Time’s up! “Big Bro, That’s Enough!” Show us the votes. A lot of people voted. – How many? / – Really? 103 votes. (103 votes)

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39 thoughts on “Please don’t talk about me Part.2 [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.08.19]

  1. He seems like a nice man, but sadly without any confidence, so he relies on his sister and he uses her as an good example in every situation he can, because he feels like his sister knows better than him, since she is so perfect in his eyes..I hope he will find his confidence so he can do things on his own and feel like it's the right thing to do without his family's opinion.♥
    Btw his voice is amazing!

  2. I guess he needs to meet a person who is more perfect than his sister, that will make him eventually stop. He just needs that right person, until then she is his definition of perfect

  3. “Ur voice is a lead but ur face isn’t”
    Bitch his voice is a main and he have dated more pretty girls than u have in ur company. F u🖕🏽

  4. damn his voice is amazing! how could that person say his looks aren't meant for a lead? He looks pretty decent to me. I don't think an audience of a musical or performance would care that much as long as he does well. He didnt seem nervous while he sang in here either.

  5. Is he confusing adoring his sister for sister-complex? Like he has a lot of hurt? Or he always got compared to his sister when he was younger?

  6. Staring at someone's while sleeping is not being sweet… It's a cringe situation… He's being her stalker. 😱

  7. What it!!! Why they won't hire him due to on his appearance…. Oh please! I don't care about ugly or handsome. Talent is important that they hire🙃 I pray the man. Bless the family🙃

  8. His brother is so clueless and tactless!! Herghhhh 💆😤

    "My brother isnt normal, is he?"


  9. His voice is perfect for Ost and stuff, These people really need to stop sleeping on such talent just cause they don't find someone good looking in their eyes .

  10. He can be an ost singer or even a tv personality because he is a good speaker and is humorous too he just needs to be confident about himself

  11. What a sweet fam 💕😊 i love the siblings relationship haha the brother is just awkward and needs a bit of confidence thats all. His singing is so amazing 😍😱

  12. The only issue I see is that he compares the girlfriend and his sister. And I think he has some self esteem issues. But I don’t think he is a bad person at all.

  13. "He looks like Tony An" . Thats true! Thats what I thought when watched the part 1 and almost write it in comment LOL 😀
    He is indeed looks like Tony An. Wonder why that CEO he talked about said he doesnt has the look. And he is funny guy 😀

  14. 생목으로 이런 노래를 부르니
    진짜 가수네
    목소리가 감동이네
    오래만애 감동목소리 들었습니다

  15. I get that Yeongja is a comedian but i hate that they always take her as an example of ugliness (Mostly because of her weight..) in their jokes bc she definitly isnt. Especially in a country with a high sucidide rate bc of social pressure they should stop making the appearance a topic of a social discussion. Everyone should mind their own business. And especially a show that tries to fix those old society standards shouldnt make her the center of all the appearance jokes..

  16. Amazing voice
    sad how people judge him over his looks though he looks just fine
    and above all its TALENT that matters more than looks !!!!!!

  17. I don't get it.. How come nobody ever finds Yeongja pretty? She's on the chubby side, but she has a pretty face and her skin looks amazing! She's also super funny and kind… :c

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