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Plumber Marketing Strategy – HVAC & Plumbing Companies- Why A Website Is Not A Marketing Strategy

Attention local business owners who are
also plumbers are you getting dozens of phone calls to your plumbing business
each and every day well if not stay tuned because we’re gonna discover how
plumbers are locking down high-paying customers each and every month by
ignoring their website and ignoring SEO hi my name is James from a AccuWeb Marketing
and my mission is to get your phone ringing with customers who want to
hire you now so a little history for years where your local website ranked
organically mattered in fact studies used five to seven years ago showed that
if you were in the number one spot on search engine results you can expect to
get about 40 percent of the clicks for a given keyword keyword being like broken
pipe in your town and you would come up and get 40 percent of those clicks SEO
providers and plumbing businesses then got a false sense of security thinking
that they were doing things well by tracking these keyword rankings again
like leaky faucet broken pipe, install appliance and more; but they never
actually measured the metrics that mattered like how often was the phone
ringing and where were these phone calls coming from. new studies have shown
that the consumers have had a change in their search behavior and basically it’s
because everybody’s walking around with a cell phone now a local mobile phone so
here’s the hint they’re not visiting websites. the new method rewards big
brands and companies that have exhibited a lot of authority or trust or companies
that have a lot of reviews and the smaller plumbing businesses like this
gentleman right here he’s gonna get pushed out. just to show you what I mean
if we did a search for plumbers on Long Island we’re gonna see some we’re gonna
see an ad up top we’re gonna see a big map with the businesses mapped out on it
three local plumbers their websites directions to their companies Google
really wants you to go there basically and then you’re gonna have the organic
search which is what SEO does it makes you rank up near the top but
who’s dominating the top well we have those companies that have built up a lot
of authority like Yelp Yelp is one plumber here that means the Yellow Pages
then Angie’s List then homeadvisor only one plumber on that whole list so
if you go back to to the these three businesses here on the Google 3-pack
they call it those are the ones that are being shown predominantly and if you
look down here more businesses there are more than three plumbers in Long Island
so that’s where they’re all located in more businesses you don’t want to be in
more businesses because you’re not being shown okay so Maps this about visibility
matters more than ever right now meanwhile organic rankings simply don’t
matter as much number one being in the three pack of Google Maps is the most
visible place you can be and why because it has the most real estate on the
search results it’s the biggest item on there and number two consumer behavior
has radically changed their visiting websites less and less instead they see
the three pack map listings they read the reviews and they either call now or
they read more reviews and then they call a little bit later and the data
supports this the data is telling us that year-over-year 17 percent fewer
people visit a business website after reading good reviews the number of
consumers who would visit a business as their next step after reading a good
review has increased by 10% and that’s study from bright local consumer review
in 2017 here’s more of these results they’ll visit a website less and less
and they’re gonna look at more and more reviews and then go straight to the
business in fact I predict that within 2 years 50% of consumers will will ever
visit a website before taking action it’s simply going to go right and they
have the ability to call right out of Google Maps
so why pay SEO is to rank your website’s especially when they’re being swallowed
up by huge directory styles sites like Yelp Yellow Pages Angie’s List
homeadvisor and the list goes on so why spend time ranking a website when people
aren’t visiting it for local search but it gets even better being ranked highly
in three pack of maps goes beyond just visibility and ranking it ties directly
into a buying decision and this research was done by Google and it shows that 76%
of people who conduct the local search contact a business within 24 hours and
28 percent of those searches result in a purchase of service so they’re either
calling your business or they’re calling a competitor’s business who’s on the
maps but what does all this mean to you that being highly ranked in the 3 pack
of Google Maps is 100% vital to your success especially in the years to come
it’s only going to become more and more important and that the phone is ringing
in your business and that’s what Maps will provide so having your website
ranked simply no longer matters it’s not about your website anymore
it’s not the thing that’s gonna make your phone ring it’s about online
visibility through the maps and online reputation your reviews so stay tuned to
get your free roadmap for local plumbers the inside secrets that are in this
roadmap include how to dominate your top two competitors so you steal their
business and how to dramatically increase your online presence so you
reach more customers also how to be seen as a go to authority
even if you are not yet at this point and lastly and most importantly how
plumbers can get a steady stream of phone calls that will increase over time
so just get this roadmap for plumbers it has everything inside there and if
you have any questions contact our office thank you you

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