Port of Long Beach 2018 Summer High School Internship Graduation Ceremony
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Port of Long Beach 2018 Summer High School Internship Graduation Ceremony

My name is Katherine Grubbs, and I was one of the 25 interns selected to participate out of about 300 applicants for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Every summer for the past 8 years, the Port of Long Beach has provided a hands-on paid summer internship for local high school students as part of their educational outreach program. What’s great about this internship is that they’re actually doing work for the Port, they’re not just making photocopies and filing, so they’re a part of our team. We got hands-on experience, we got to work on the same projects the Port manufactures, we got to see Matson Terminals, the JCCC, we got to explore the entire Port. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to get exposure to the maritime industry, the goods movement industry. At this year’s graduation, city, port and school officials were there to congratulate the teens on their achievement. It really squares the Port as not just an institution that’s providing jobs and moving the economy, but also a partner in the work we do around education through the greater College Promise initiatives of the city. This is one program of a massive quilt that the Port does for our community and especially for Long Beach Unified, they are what I call the model corporate citizen. This is a really important program; educational outreach for the Port of Long Beach, because not only does it create opportunities for young people, it also creates a future workforce for the Port as well, so everybody wins. This internship has opened so many doors; I now know how the port operates, it has its hands in so many different organizations – the Port’s a very big place, so you learn a lot. Find out more about all the educational opportunities offered by the Port at academy.polb.com

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