Post Scriptum – OP Market Garden Campaign – Part X: Last Stand [GER Comms/ENG Subs]
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Post Scriptum – OP Market Garden Campaign – Part X: Last Stand [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

My squad on me! We’ll hang tight somewhere! We need to bleed them out! I secured the main junction with I think 6 MGs! Yes, we need to hang in there! Tell everyone to stay conservative! We can’t afford anymore games! Tell your medics not to be shooting with kills in mind Yes, that’s clear! Radio on me! Follow me! Ok boys, dig in, in the houses at the junction! Radio follow me! We’ll put down a rally where possible! That’s neat here! Charlie section took out a full section north of Oosterbeek! Neat! Radio on me, we’ll get to the rest of the squad! My squad, hold the south-west! South-west! North-east! Enemy! Careful!
Medic! North-east, close! Throw some grendes! Small house north-east of the junction! Close, careful! Close! North-east! Throw grenades! Tank squad lead to infantry… More grenades! We’ll go around after!
Were? North-east, small house! My line of sight! Fuck! Medic! Medic! As if he’s still alive, the wanker! At the church as well! Watch the tickets! Shots in close proximity! Watch it, at the church! Behind us! They’re in the houses now! Right at this house row! Are you kidding me?! Where is he? Infantry! Tank to infantry! Platoon lead listening! Massive enemy contact west of Oosterbeek! Full squad, maybe more! Enemy Staghound as well! Understood! Passing it on!
At the church, careful! We’ll retreat and switch the 232 against a Panzer III! Medics, do your jobs! Stop pushing in here! Stop advancing, there’s no use! Dig in! Stay firm here, in the houses! Anything else is wasted!
Lots of enemies spotted west! Understood! Medic!
Fire from the east! Somewhere up high! In the church!
Argh, I’m hit! Where in the church exactly? Don’t know, hear them shooting from there!
Yes I hear that too, but… There, window! Window, lower! At the exit, with us! Squad 8, there are some here! Across, in the houses! Yes, understood! Reloading!
Radioman? Radioman around here? Man, they need to stop throwing their AT weapons at us! Throw out grenades! They’re capping! West here! Men, it was an honor with you! What was that?! Enemy in the church, no?
Enemies south of the road, other side of the junction! Houses south aren’t safe anymore! Noo! Why do you run away?!
Thanks! Yea, it’s capped! GG! Last point!
I’m sorry guys… Still, good work boys! It was fun!

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6 thoughts on “Post Scriptum – OP Market Garden Campaign – Part X: Last Stand [GER Comms/ENG Subs]

  1. There is even a short standoff between you and me 😀 I was the SL on the southern side. My squad was sitting in that row of buildings.

  2. What do you think is gonna be the new Theater that the Dev Team was talking about in the last Teatime with the Devs?

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