Postcard Marketing 2019 Training Video 12
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Postcard Marketing 2019 Training Video 12

Postcard Marketing 2019 Training Video 12 hello there folks welcome back so glad
to have you once again here at post card marketing 2019 say this is gonna
be just sort of a quick little one but it’s going to be a grand surprise for
you today because finally we’ve gotten up to the point remember at the
beginning of the introduction the trailer to this channel here I mentioned
that various things that are videos that I was going to make week by week kind of
get one out at least every single weekend and then pretty much finished up
that topic with the situation of explaining the last three I was gonna
make of course there’s gonna be many more coming booked for the ones that I
mentioned okay we did that one last time that was the brand new form of marketing
which was the texting the software that works like robot like a robot texting
machine or texting software automatic texting when you can get somebody to go
to the phone number there’s a little voicemail there and it captures their
their phone number in writing into your back office for you immediately it sends
them a text message then that will contain another superfast little sales
pitch message and a clickable link to the website that you want to send them
to now I should mention I think I failed to mention in the last video in that
video that explained all of this that back end office is so complete it’s
unbelievable it’s like the whole world of postcard marketing 2019 all over
again but instead of using email it’s a parallel universe using text messaging
and you can actually do all the same stuff using that software which normally
costs I forgot now it’s not very much I think I paid $10 for a phone number for
a whole year and then I paid for the amount of Texas that we’re going to go
out and the amount of voicemail so I’m gonna go out I didn’t actually pay
anything good software so that’s one heck of a good deal and they give you a
referral link that’s not really to make Commission’s off of giving it out though
however you do get free text messages and so on so forth the more people you
get signed up to it but I did want to bring out the fact that it’s just like a
parallel universe except that instead of using email you use text messages and
you can do all the same thing is like for instance what you can with the tools
from the global profit system which I explained you was the three tools that
marketers need so very much the global domains and all the three different
basic functions that that does the autoresponder and this text thing this
text software is up obviously the autoresponder in it built into it and
it’s got the clip bottles now basically you could build your own websites and
stuff and and use that in your texting but now let’s do a quick little review
for postcard marketing 2019 in review before I show you this very next program
it just could be very quickly revealed you buy leads direct mail leads from
elite supplier or wherever you’re going to get them you might get them from the
mailing club naughty light they don’t have to
but I’m making a point you buy Direct Mail weeds and you send postcards out
these leads now those postcards if you’re not using the texting message you
would leave that phone number there for them to call but in the basic standard
postcard marketing twenty nineteen system you’re going to be sending them
to a website now remember you can make tons and tons and tons of money
the way these mailing clubs are already set up but you’ll make tons of much much
more money if you put in your autoresponder opt-in landing page there
to capture their email address so that you can send emails and you’ll make even
more conversions so you make more leads by leads and sales by putting in the opt
in landing page and capturing their email you’ll make way more conversions
by having 30 days worth of messages rather than just a few you’ll make even
more money conversions because of conversions because they’ll trust you
more you can make even more money more conversions meaning more sales more
profit for the bank in your pocket by using a quick little video of yourself
to explain who you are yah yah yah yah my name is William Cala and etc I got
this great little program going on it’s making tons of money whatever just a
quick little explanation you don’t have to be a Hollywood movie star or anything
else just a quick little video we do it on YouTube and do it that way or
something I did remember that I’ve forgotten to tell you now you can
make that video and go directly without YouTube you can do that directly from
your computer machine or your cell phone or however you’re doing it from your
computer or laptop directly into the click funnels
that program has a way where you can do that and you can make like the top half
of the page could be your video and the bottom half could be the signup sheet
that’s how Angie Ben and Angie made that signup sheet for you
then the global domains excuse me the global profit system remember I gave you
the free gift both in the description box and in the bottom right hand corner
of the picture banner header of my channel my youtube channel it says free
Kiev and get that I was telling you about that but that’s something else
that you can do with clip funnels that way you don’t have to be doing this
stuff like with YouTube and make make a video immense it by the way so here’s
what I’m talking about down there click on the link down there you don’t have to
keep doing that if you use the clip funnels and go ahead and get that set up
where you have your video in there it’s your opt-in landing page your signup
page your everything and your your Aweber gets connected into that and then
I showed you how to do all that the only thing I didn’t show you how to do
because most people are not motivated enough to do it but you can go into the
clip funnels and watch the tutorials that they have for you and you can learn
how to do that that way you won’t have to flip them from one screen to another
you put it all in one screen and now let us continue on I want to show you I’m so
excited here to show you this program it’s called make money even I don’t know
how they come up with the even at the end of make money but this is a make
money program it’s unbelievable it’s so incredible it
is so powerful it is beyond belief when I saw this and you’re going to see these
numbers – you see this screen up here in the background I’m going to explain a
little bit about that but I’m not going to try and play that you’ll be able to
see that in the video when you go down to the description box and click on that
link that I have for you there and what what that’ll be a regular website and
you’ll be able to sign up from there you can you’ll see it all there but I want
to explain very quickly before we’re out of time again how it works because you
can advertise let’s say you buy a mailing list okay Direct Mail weeks and
you may own the postcards to them and you could put your gate or you could put
that website directly or if you wanted to you could use what I just showed you
in the last video put your phone number from the texting robo texting robo
talking thing whatever anyways they come up to the web page this is one of three
videos that’s in there and when you go to that website click it open I want you
to watch this very closely what happens as you sign up it’s going to cost you
like $10 to sign up then when you go into your back office you to find $10
there they do that they take a loss like that they make up or plenty more than
that don’t worry about it as you go along and do business with these people
they do that to help you so it’s like you make money on day one
you’re at least breaking even and I call this a five up system which means you’re
gonna have to give up five to the sponsor me thank you
but you’re gonna do it every other one like I’m gonna get one give one up get
one give one up and so on and so forth now I can’t I’m going to take this mouse
here if I can catch your attention and look where you say I’m circling around
with the mouse I want to bring it to your attention here so right here after
you made 10 signups okay you’re ten page signups you’re gonna have a total of
five that you’ve kept for yourself and out of those five that you gave up
remember those five have to do the same thing so that’s really 25 those five
we’re gonna give you five more that’s 25 people
now what’s twenty-five plus five is thirty and you’re going to get a $5
Commission off of that okay for each one of those and that ends up being look
here a hundred and fifty dollars now that’s just for getting ten signups I
did was advertise the website and one way or another you got ten signups now
out of that you got $150 now I’m going to show you I’m going to bring this
mouse downwards to the bottom to where you see this red here that’s 19 excuse
me 19 thousand five hundred and twenty five it looks like it’s a little hard
for me to see on the screen there like that now that’s just without any
upgrades when you upgrade folks it’s only gonna cost you $200 but you can see
when you start making know right here six hundred seventy five or six hundred
twenty-five dollars down here again you’ve repeated this kind of cycle light
at several thousand dollars I think he could afford two hundred dollars to
upgrade then what happens if you look over here on the right in the green look
at these numbers building up I want to see what that means when you watch this
movie he’s going to explain what all this means you’re just looking at one
set screen rather than the video but let how much money there
is over $20,000 you know we can round this one off 20,000 all together add
them up that’s $40,000 you could do this in a couple months people a couple hours
a day or whatever a couple minutes a day with leads from a good mailing list
that’s like 10,000 a month so remember use the postcard marketing
20:19 techniques that I taught you use the global profit system or the texting
system go ahead get everything set up get people going to this site and you
are gonna make a ton of money lots and lots of money with this program it’s
insane and this keeps going on forever and ever and ever you go ahead and get
ten people you can imagine how this is a Deana and every single one of them is
going to upgrade over here on over to the right hand side why because of the
extra money it’s insane amounts of money people are
greedy they want just like you do just like I do
so make money even as one of your most powerful powerful powerful businesses
opportunities out there right now it makes the most money so thanks again
from postcard marketing 2019

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