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PowerBroker Training Seller Oriented Reports Creating Marketing Plan

MarketEdge PowerBroker has many seller oriented
reports. One is the marketing plan report. As you can see on the screen, the marketing
plan allows for a six-month listing period and up to five different categories that are
defined by the user. The user can then add activities and a timeline
for when those activities occur and reoccur. So how do we make this report? First, you need to go to the proposals tab
and click on the three dotted box next to marketing plan. This buildout box will have your five categories
and a list of action items for you to add under those individual categories. You may enter in the title of your categories
as you see fit, in this case, we can label one Proactive Brokering, the next: Reactive
Brokering. If we then add any item descriptions, we can
them label as either category one, two, three, four or five. In this case, let’s add 50 cold calls per
day and let’s put that under Proactive Brokering, category one. That’s going to start in listing week one
and have a frequency of ongoing. If we then said we’re going to list the
property on LoopNet or the MLS, I can place that in Reactive Brokering or by category
two. I can say that this going ahead and start
in week five and that will also be ongoing. If I had an activity that was not ongoing,
such as send 500 postcards, I can again put that under the given category, put the start
week, and pick a new frequency, maybe that happens once every two months. I can then save this and view my timeline. To do so, I just need to checkmark my marketing
plan and preview and save. Now you can see my marketing plan is starting
to be built through my listing period, my proactive marketing and my reactive marketing. Once you create your marketing plan, you can
save it as a template. In this case, I have alrady saved a templated
with all of my different categories and all of my different marketing plan items. To load that template, I simply click load
template and it shows all of my different marketing items and my category. I can then save, exit, and I will have a marketing
plan built for every single property moving forward as I’ve saved this now as a template. This is a wonderful report to include in your
proposals to your sellers to show them why they should use you versus another agent.

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