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100 thoughts on “Presentation Phrases & Public Speaking Advice | Business English Course Lesson 8

  1. CONTRIBUTE SUBTITLE TRANSLATIONS HERE: http://bit.ly/presenationsubs (Have your name displayed under the video as a token of my thanks)

  2. Thank you i think you read my mail about making presentation thaaank youuuu very much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Hello Lucy, I'm from Egypt and I encourage you to continue because you gave me and helped me speak English

  4. Thank you
    This is the most important point you talked about
    I lost a lot of jobs because i wasn't able to present myself in front of many applicants 😪😓

  5. Thank you so much Miss Lucy ❤️
    Could you please help me…
    I'm a teenager from India ..I can write English language and I can also speak in English when I'm alone but when it comes to talk in front of my class…I feel very shy and unconfident…so please help me
    And lots of love to you from India ❤️

  6. Good morning teacher Lucy please make a video on how to write correct spellings 🤔. I read in class 12 now and my spelling power is so week. I takes dictation daily but it's not working. 🙁😢😵😞😭

  7. Superb Lucy . Why because you didn't waste even movement in this video . Apart from this video i could perceive that you're too enthusiastic to put forward your ideas , opinions regarding professional public speak .

  8. From my humble perspective, words are very essential. Therefore, we should pay extra attention to how we design our words and also selecting our words

  9. The #1 way to have a knock-out presentation is to thoroughly know the material so completely inside and out that you could give the presentation in your sleep. Giving a talk about something you barely know and have to rely entirely on notes to get through is going to really show, in the worst possible ways. Know your topic like the back of you hand!

  10. Hi Lucy,
    Your lesson provide wonderful information about how to prepare your effective presentation. I admire your tips and suggestions for improvement.
    Thank you.

  11. That background is awesome! I feel like you're about to introduce some cool true crime mystery 😎👍 Great lesson Lucy!

  12. Oh, Lucy, I can't possibly tell you how grateful I am for this lesson! My BIG presentation is approaching fast and I will definitely be using your ever so helpful tips!

  13. Thanks so much Lucy for your tips and advice!!, I used to get stuck and mute when I was holding talks with technical support staff from abroad, since I work for the IT department in a university in my country. That happened to me for lack of words and vocabulary I guess!!!. Thank you very much and kudos for you again from Chile!!!.

  14. To improve my English skills and public speaking confidance i joined Toastmasters club in my company look if you can do that to.

  15. Sorry, I have trouble understanding this: "..you see giving Ted Talks." You see those who are giving or maybe anything else? 🙁 I was thinking I totally understand Lucy's speech…

  16. Thanks again Lucy for your helpful and awesome video I still expecting your next video keep it up

  17. I'm lucky to have your channel as a recommendation from YouTube. I've been watching your lesson for a while now and it helped me a lot to improve my listening skills and communication in general (working at an inbound contact center btw)

  18. Why take a course and spend money when you can search for English With Lucy and watch courses for free?

    Love your videos.

  19. Hi Lucy! I've accidentally found your channel a couple of days ago and I'm sooo excited! I love your pronounciation and the way you teach. There are so many tips making the process of learning English way more easier and clear. Thank you! One of the best channels I've ever found!

  20. I have a question and I don't know if you will answer but I'll try… I'm from Serbia and here our teacher teaches us British English, but I often feel weird trying to sound British. How do I get rid of feeling stupid while I talk? Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English ❤️

  21. Thanks for the video. Despite all the problems that you are facing , u are still working hard and you are trying to make us improve our English. Thanks Ma'am for all that you do for us students. 💖💗

  22. Hey Lucy … I missed your usual final hot kiss you used to blow in your videos … It now seems less enthusiastic … what’s wrong with you 👋

  23. Hey Lucy … I missed your usual final hot kiss you used to blow in your videos … It now seems less enthusiastic … what’s wrong with you 👋

  24. Hey Lucy … I missed your usual final hot kiss you used to blow in your videos … It now seems less enthusiastic … what’s wrong with you 👋

  25. I feel so happy watching Lucy’s videos because I can understand everything she says 🙂 And then I’m like “look at me, I can understand English”
    Fun fact: my portuguese teacher’s name (I’m brazilian) is also Lucy hahaha

  26. Wow! This is a great video! Lucy, could you please make more videos where you give us phrases like these? Also, these phrases come naturally for the native speakers but non-native speakers struggle. Do you have any tips for practicing?

  27. Thank you so much for such a video. For your last tip, I always choose you and anyone who comes to me asking how did I learn the British accent, "watch Lucy!", I answer. Good luck!

  28. Hello i'm a teenage girl trying to be confident enough to speak in English (with a British accent on top of that) in front of native speakers or literally anyone, i'm quiite good when i'm just alone but when it comes to public speaking i just shut down and say sh*t so yeah i need help please ??

  29. Thank you Lucy for these pieces of advice that I'm in dire need for the moment as I am trying to develop myself and the way of presenting during my viva voce the coming months

  30. Your channel is so inspiring. Would you consider creating content related to Job Video Interviews?
    I would really appreciate it.

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