Press Release: Loystar E-Commerce Plugin
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Press Release: Loystar E-Commerce Plugin

Hi. My name is Ayo Dawodu. There a shift happening today in the world of commerce. Your customers no longer just buy your products and services, beyond that, they also buy your relationship . More than ever, your customers want an association
with you personally as the owner of the business or with your brand. At the same time, these customers are omni-connected
and can perform commerce anywhere. If you’ve noticed, they are on Instagram,
WhatsApp and all the popular platforms. So What does this mean for you as a retail
merchant? This simply means you have to be available
at some, if not all of the touch points, otherwise you just may be losing out because the touchpoints also serve as a sales channel for your business. At Loystar we are always thinking about ways
we can enable you as a retail merchant maximize the opportunities technology presents. This is why we have developed the Loystar
E-commerce plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce. Whether you like it or not, whether you choose
to accept it or not, every business today is a technology business. If you sell clothes, you are an e-commerce
or more accurately a m-Commerce business. If you sell food, the same applies. The Loystar Ecommerce plugin is a powerful
piece of software that connects your offline sales activities with your online sales channels just so you can deliver ONE connected seamless experience You track you inventory accurately, message
your customers via SMS, wish them a happy birthday and of course run loyalty programs
to keep your customers coming back. Peter Drucker once said, the purpose of a
business is to create and keep a customer. Many of us do a pretty good job at the first
part, but struggle with the “keeping the customers” part. This is why Loystar exists, we help you not
just sell, build Customer Loyalty.

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