Press Release Writing Fundamentals – Press Release Writing Format and Template
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Press Release Writing Fundamentals – Press Release Writing Format and Template

Tonight on this #hoa we will be covering the
fundamentals of how to write press release and prepareing your press release format.
Press release writing info below about writing SEO press releases. Writing a press release does much more than
inform. They are meant to excite the interest of journalists to entice them to cover the
topic further. Creating a great press release is the first step in creating enough interest
to pick up your article and syndicate it to the world. Journalists are inundated with potential stories
on a daily basis, making yours stand out from the pack is crucial. While the format for
a press release is basic, the content of the release should
be anything but. Below are some tips to get you started writing a good press release. Press Release Writing Tips 1. Grab attention with a good headline.
2. Get right to the point in the first paragraph. 3. Include hard numbers.
4. Make it grammatically flawless. 5. Include quotes whenever possible.
6. Include your contact information. As with most good writing, when writing press
release shorter is usually better. Limit yourself to the basic information needed to get your
story across. Writing a press release can be quick and easy
when you know how. View a pres release examplefrom a link in
the description below. For more information about how to write a
press release and prepare a format for a press release watch this webinar listed below. Join our #hoa for more in depth training. press release format,
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5 thoughts on “Press Release Writing Fundamentals – Press Release Writing Format and Template

  1. Resources mentioned during the Webinar                                           

    Get complete info about access to press releases and in depth training

  2. Thought I knew all the fundamentals re: creating press releases – but actually picked up a few new tips – thx! 

  3. Gentlemen, as someone involved in the press release distribution industry, we were happy to come across your video on some press release writing tips, which we will be sharing.

    Some excellent information (wow! the hour went quickly!!).

    Thank you!


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