Product Launch Strategy — Evergreen vs Live Launch (which is best)
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Product Launch Strategy — Evergreen vs Live Launch (which is best)

– I absolutely hate launches. I love an Evergreen business model. The ability to create and
generate revenue every single day. Scott Oldford and today I
wanna talk about Evergreen versus launching. (upbeat electronic music) As you see, there’s lots of
people in this online space that launches this and launches that. They’re always doing launches. They’re always kinda cross-sharing. Hey, you promote my
launch, I’ll promote yours. It’s an interesting little bubble that we’re in, is it not? We’re always launching
something and creating scarcity so that we can sell it. See, I believe that business is based upon illuminating someone else’s pains instead of manipulating someone. You can really kinda be in a gray area of manipulation of scarcity. I mean, we opened it and we close it. We have cohorts and I get it. I understand the need for scarcity. We’re human beings. We’re human doings doing
the things that we do on a day-to-day basis and
we only have so much time to have the attention that we need. Scarcity creates the attention
and we end up in this space and time of be able to buy something, because we feel like
it’s going to go away. We’re taught to be able to do this. We’re taught to create
scarcity and create timers and things where the,
when is the countdown? How long do I have until
the offer is valid? Well, what if we, instead, spent
more time actually allowing that person to truly encompass,
embody the pain they have? Truly understand the process and instead of utilizing scarcity, just
ensure that that person wakes up and in their mind, they need to change. They need to make that level
of change in their life or their business or their relationship, because they’re just done with it. They had enough and instead of using that kinda age old scarcity, we
use illumination instead. Now, there’s lots of good
things of doing launches and I’ve done plenty of them and know that they’re
not a whole lotta fun. You work, you work, you
work, you work, you work for three or four months and you launch, and you get a bunch of money
and you’re super happy. Everyone’s high-fiving
and then you realize that it’s not actually that much of a profitable business model. Launching is based upon not
just a scarcity piece of it, but as a business and as a business model, putting all your kinda eggs in one basket. I mean, it’s not exactly
that smart to just go and do a launch and not actually know if everything is going to work. You have no ability to optimize. You have no ability to know
if this video is going to work or that video is going to work, or this webinar pitch is gonna work, or whatever it may be. If you do it the wrong way, every single time you launch, your advertising costs are more expensive, because the costs of advertising
are continually going up. If you’re not advertising
today for the product that you can sell today, today, tomorrow it’s gonna cost more money. It’s kinda like knowing that
the stocks are gonna rise, but waiting until tomorrow to buy it. Doesn’t make a whole
lot of sense, does it? The problem is most
people just don’t know how to get people to buy when
they’re out of launch mode, because they need that scarcity. They need that reason of
actually being able to sell, and I really just truly believe that if we’re creating enough value and we’re putting enough value out there, that we could always be selling. We don’t need the next
sale, or the next product, or the next moment to be
able to have that sale. We can sell always,
because if we illuminate and we show the pain, we help that person understand the pain, and we show the gap, and we show how to fix that
gap, how to solve the problem, well, the commitment’s not
gonna come down to even price. The commitment comes down
to that person being ready to take action and ready to say, yes, I wanna solve that problem. It doesn’t matter if
you’re selling information, if you’re selling coaching,
if you’re selling products, you should be operating from a place of being able to consistently make sales, ’cause if not, you don’t
have a business model. You gotta hustle and I don’t care if you’re on a five-figure, six-figure, or seven-figure hamster wheel. If you’re on the hamster wheel,
you’ve gotta keep on going and going and going and going. That truly is in the business. I’ll see you next time. If you enjoyed this content
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entrepreneurs continue to elevate, allowing us to evolve society and evolve our world. I’ll see you next time, bye. (upbeat electronic music)

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  1. Gotta say you're a little off your rocker….. in a good way! I just finished watching you on Billy's video and you are one amazing guy.
    When you mentioned working on Thanksgiving and the psychedelics, man, I could really relate to you.
    I'll be watching more of your vids and I subscribed.
    Btw, Billy is another wizard in business but you outshined him with your business viewpoints.
    Looking forward to getting to know more about your teachings and business models.

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