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Hey person! Yea you, the one staring at the screen right
now. Have you heard of the new piece of technology
that is sweeping the nation! Well how about you and I take a trip for a
great adventure and I, Jordan Dockter, will be
your tour guide. Wait, what is that in front of those things
you call eyeballs. Well its none other than the fantabulous Oculus
Quest, the latest and greatest Virtual Reality headset. It is the newest creation of the Oculus company,
and its the second standalone VR system they have
created. As a Virtual Reality headset, its primary
goal is to bring you and those around you actually into
the video game. When you put the glorious headset on, you
are immediately placed into a complete 360 degree sphere
of virtual goodness. Inside this world, you can play a multitude
of games that you are actually apart of. Instead of holding a controller and sitting
on the couch to play, you will be moving all parts
of your body to play the game. But WAIT! There’s more! Not only can you be inside the video game,
you can also watch videos and movies that are VR compatible and place yourself
inside the screen! AND thanks to the great people over at Oculus,
you can also get placed in the front row to concerts,
sporting events and more while sitting on your couch or standing in your kitchen. Now that you understand what the capabilities
are of the Oculus Quest, let’s discuss what makes
it so great. When looking through the eye ports, you will
be greeted with a OLED display panel and a resolution
of 1440 x 1600 per eye. You will also enjoy a refresh rate of 72 Hz
thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that’s
built into every headset The Oculus Quest also comes with 4 GB of RAM
and either 64 or 128 GB of memory. That’s a whole
lot of memories to store! And when it comes to the life of this VR system,
well the lithium-ion battery will let you play
your new favorite toy for up to three hours. To help you through your journeys inside the
Quest, you will have two controllers to manipulate the world around you. Both of your hands will have its own controller
and you will be able to use these controllers basically as hands inside the virtual world. There are buttons on the front and sides of
the handles that you can use to dictate the virtual
index fingers and grip of your actual hand, not to mention a joystick and multiple buttons
for your thumbs to use. The circles that encompass your thumb actually
serve a purpose. These aestitcally pleasing rings
help track the movements of your thumb and index finger for the more delicate tasks of
some games. The controllers are light-weight and feel
comfortable for the player to use for an extended period
of time, which is good when you are deep in the immersion of the virtual world. The only unfortunate part of the controllers
are that they are battery operated… but one small
sacrifice for the freedom to control all thats around you. Now you may be asking yourself, what sets
this VR system apart from its counterparts? Well the main and greatest difference is that
the Quest is a standalone system. This means that the Oculus Quest does not
have the constriction of having to be connected to a PC
at all times to run and so you have the freedom to play in the virtual world wherever and
whenever. This may not sound like a big deal, but if
you have ever tried to move a large boxed PC to your
friends house for a night of gaming, then you will understand the ease of being able
to take the lightweight Quest over instead. Not only is it standalone, but you also are
not restricted to staying in one location like some
other standalone VR systems. With four cameras on the front of the Oculus
Quest, it can track exactly where you are in room,
and help you map a boundary so that when you are in the virtual places, the Quest can alert
you when you are nearing a wall or some other
weird obstruction… Like a person! This boundary system means that you can basically
play in any room imaginable, b ut I highly suggest
to always find the most amount of space so that you don’t have to worry about hitting
that border that the Quest is so nice to keep track of
for you. The future of Virtual Reality looks like a
shinning star, and the Oculus Quest is the Red Giant of
that star cluster! With more games coming out regularly, more
events being opened up to attend in Virtual Reality, and
more movies becoming compatible, the Quest is a great tool for all of these! If you are looking for a great time with friends
and family, or are alone and want to get away from
the real world, then Virtual Reality is there for you. The Oculus Quest is avaliable through most
retailers at a price of $399 for the 64 GB version, and
$499 for the 128 GB version. This may sound pricey, but for all of the
fun and fabulous times that you have with it, you won’t
regret the invest one bit! I hope that you enjoyed this little adventure
with me, and I hope that I have swayed you into seeing
that the Oculus Quest is the best VR system out there.

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