Product Short: Mancala
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Product Short: Mancala

Mancala, though an old game, continues to
draw a multi-age crowd because of its simple nature, counting and underlying strategy.
Our standard pine mancala boards are about 16 and 5/8 inches long by 4 and 5/8 inches
wide by 7/8 of an inch thick. The folding travel version with hinges and a clasp hook
measures 9 and ¼ inches long by 4 and ¾ inches wide by 1 and ¾ inches thick when
folded and 18 and 3/8 inches long by 4 and ¾ inches wide by 7/8 of an inch thick when
open. Both boards are coated in a clear finish and come with an instruction sheet and 60
colorful stones. The standard board also comes with a pouch to hold the stones.
There is also the option to get the instructions, stones and holding pouch on their own. This
is great if you want to play with more stones per pit. Designed and tested for ages 6 and
up. Mancala by Maple Landmark.

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