Product Short: Train Whistles
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Product Short: Train Whistles

Everybody loves the sound of a train whistle!
Now you can bring that excitement home! With our 4-tone train whistles, you simply
blow into them and they will make that robust, satisfying blast.
There are 4 different styles that the whistles come in. The first is plain. This type has
absolutely no graphics. The second is with a standard blast chart. This chart is laser
engraved into the side of the whistle and indicates what each sequence of blasts means.
The third type is with a flag. The flag is printed onto the side of the whistle and is
perfect for any patriotic event. The last type is personalized. With your name or graphics,
you can make the whistle yours. The whistles are made of pine and birch plywood
and come individually shrink-wrapped. Designed and tested for ages 5 and up.
Train Whistles by Maple Landmark.

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