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Problematic buying allows you to use
audience insights and technology. To tailor messages to the right
person at the right moment in the right context. It was known in the past
as Real-time bidding. As it helps you respond to Real-time
signals across screens and across channels. But today it’s much more than Real
time-bidding, it’s everything related to media mind decisions, that is done by an
automatic system rather than manually. For example, if a dog owner was
booking his travel online and was interrupted in the middle
to take his dog for a walk. Problematic buying can help set
an apartment to target this dog owner on his phone and make sure he’s booking his
apartment on his Smartphone on the go. The secret here is to really
define your audience well. If you do this successfully, you’re more likely to send them
the most relevant message. Research has shown that when an ad is
delivered in real time to an individual, they’re twice as likely
to interact with it.

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