Progrexion CEO Named “CEO of The Year” by Utah Business
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Progrexion CEO Named “CEO of The Year” by Utah Business

Greatly enjoyed working in the business
environment and helping grow companies. If I wasn’t doing this, I might be an architect. I thought about that early in my career. I enjoy building things and growing things. In my business, I grow businesses as opposed to buildings. The company has done very well financially since Jeff’s joined. We’ve hired over 900 employees,
we’ve increase our revenue over a 130%. And we’ve been profitable every year that he’s been here. And I think that’s a great financial
accomplishment and it makes for easy board meetings. An even bigger professional accomplishment I think Jeff’s achieved is changing our corporate culture. He’s really invested in the employees
uh… the work experience. We’ve upgraded our facilities, we’ve added training programs and rewards for employees. We’ve also added a community giving program. Progrexion has its employees have donated over $50,000 in cash and
over 400 hours of community service. You can see Jeff gets happy when we hit our financial targets, but you can also see Jeff get choked up when he sees the impact that our company
has on customers, employees, and the recipients of our community giving program. We are a consumer business that deals with people that are distressed. They’re frustrated, they find themselves in a situation that’s very
uncomfortable for them. And so the first measure is are we able to take that pressure off of them to make them happy in getting the service. Certainly there are other measures of
revenue and profitability and growth and things like that but at the end of the day if you take care
of your customer, You’re gonna be successful.

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