Publishers in Norway and Sweden unite product and tech
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Publishers in Norway and Sweden unite product and tech

Journalism has been around for centuries. And it will be for centuries to come. What we don’t know is in what form it will be delivered; in what form it will be consumed. In the old days, you published a paper and that was it. Today, the digitalization really enables journalism. It’s a bit of a trick when it comes
to the business model but for the real journalism, it’s just more interesting than ever before. Working closely together, journalists and developers, has been important for Aftonbladet
for many digital years and will become even more important in the future. It’s crucial that we succeed with this project, because the technology we can make within Aftenposten is just not good enough anymore to compete with the quality level that others can deliver. I think it’s really important for Schibsted to be able to make tools for the newsrooms that we all can share because none of our publishing entities is big enough in themselves. So we need to work together and I’m really optimistic because in the last 10-12 months we have built the media platform or started that work, and already now, within these few months, we are on a level that we just didn’t see a year ago. And of course, working together is a
fantastic chance to really challenge the global giants who call themselves publishers. My wish is that you have full focus on why we make this technology and it is to a job on behalf of society. To inform, to investigate stories that someone doesn’t like that we
investigate but it’s a really important task. So – yes – we do technology. But we do technology for a purpose.

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