Pull vs. push strategy || Meaning || Difference || Promotion mix || marketing management || ppt
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Pull vs. push strategy || Meaning || Difference || Promotion mix || marketing management || ppt

in this video we’re going to cover push versus PULL strategy my name is Sonu singh welcome you all to my channel let’s start first of all the basic meaning of push and pull, push is we are pushing something or in marketing terms we are pushing our products onto the customers or consumers where as pull means consumers of customers came to us and demand for our product so let’s discuss these two terms first one is push strategy a push promotional strategy make use of a company’s sales force and trade promotion activity to create consumers demand for a product the produce that promote the product wholesaler the holes in a promote it to retailer and the retailer promote it to consumers a good example of push selling strategie is mobile phones where as the major handset manufacturers such as nokia promote their product by retailers personal selling and the trade promotion tools for that companies such as nokia for example offering subsidies on handset to encourage retailers to sell higher volumes push marketing is exactly what it sounds like you’re pushing your products or services on to the customers you are trying to convince the customer that is this is something they need or want you have to convince the customer this is often leads to battle to price and can result in offering pricing discounts and promotions etc. example can be first a company research and development for product and production has been made then marketing then it gets to know whether the consumer need or want this product or not second one is pull strategy, pull marketing strategy is when you pull your consumers to you you inspired wonder need for your product or service, pull marketing can come in the form of inbound marketing creating valuable contain that attract your ideal customers word of mouth referrals or even an advertisement Apple does a great job at pull marketing consumer will sleep outside the stores overnight to get the latest iPhone they do this because Apple inspired that desire complete that focus mainly on pull marketing are typically successful at idenfiying their customer’s want or needs and putting them first, the goal of pull marketing is attracting long time returning a loyal customers the same example with this research and development production marketing but there comes expressed marketing need then we informed marketing and research and development team to produce further now the difference between push strategy and pull strategy, first basis is target group under push strategy we basically or directly target distributors wholesalers and retailers, under pull strategy we target end users the purpose purpose of pull strategy is demand creation whereas purpose of push strategy is product selling, the primary product primary product under push strategy are industrial goods and under pull strategy are consumer goods, fourth one is one is suitability the consumer durables under push strategy and consumer goods under pull strategy, fifth and last one is advertising under push strategy advertising this take place with the help of specific magazines discounts and gifts, under pull strategy advertising is take place with the help of TV newspaper radio discount coupons etc… so that’s all about push versus pull strategy hope you all understand what the basic meaning of push versus pull strategy and how the companies use them and what are the differences between them for any query related to this topic please mention in comment section thanks for watching please subscribe to my channel for more videos JAI HIND ! JAI BHARAT !

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