Purple Boys – Ideal Sleep Solutions and Zonk Strategies (Episode 1 of 6)
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Purple Boys – Ideal Sleep Solutions and Zonk Strategies (Episode 1 of 6)

Hi, my name is Quirky Purple and welcome to the Purple Boys series on ideal sleep solutions and zonk strategies. I’m joined by one of the co-creators of the Purple Boys, Gino Purple. Thank you so much Quirk. I am indeed Gino Purple the Purple Boy, and we are here to help you sleep. Today we’re gonna be talking about the Sunday Scaries. We’re gonna take you on a wild ride and teach you how to say There’s, nothing better than the weekend. That’s why we’re all familiar with the Sunday Scaries, the feeling at the end of the weekend where we’ve got the work week coming up and you just wish you could just enjoy that Saturday night excitement for the rest of time. And uh-oh Sunday night comes. We got a big work. I’m not getting any sleep. I have anxiety. I have paranoia. I have claustrophobia because I don’t wanna see my boss the next day. Boo! Hee hee. Been there. I love the weekends. I love zipping around and you know going to the movies and going to the beach but then I get the Sunday Scaries and it’s hard to sleep. But thanks to the Purple® Mattress, I’m now able to get a real good night’s sleep. Thank you Gino. Thank you Quirky. Love you both. I’ll tell you a little story about my family this weekend. As you know, I’ve been making tiny personal pan pizzas for my wife Ghina and this weekend I cut down some pepperoni slices to very small circles and I said I love you, Ghina. We’re having a wonderful time and uh oh, I looked at my clock. He’s asleep. Ah ah! What a creepy dream. I was in a plane crash. We are the Purple Boys, let’s sleep!

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100 thoughts on “Purple Boys – Ideal Sleep Solutions and Zonk Strategies (Episode 1 of 6)

  1. Episode 2 is dropping on July 27th. But if you need more zonk strategies, check out the Purple Boys Podcast: https://purple.com/purple-boys

  2. Sunday scaries are actually a little too real of a concept for a Tim and Eric sketch. I usually expect something way more absurd.

  3. priss dimmie, this was actually an ad on another tim and eric video on youtube. thank hosana i can't get away from them.

  4. This and hydration mayonaise is the type of advertising i wont get anoyed at. Like im not gonna get certain things cause of bland and anoying ads

  5. So tim and eric bought the purple knee pads contract. Open up and put it in boys… im talking about sunday ice cream. What where you thinking.

  6. The secret of a good night sleep is to never wake up, and if you will wake up hey there's always next time!

  7. Can't thank you boys enough. I had never slept once in my entire life until I got a purple boys mattress.

    All I can think about now is thanking you.

  8. I can't believe this is a year old. I saw it for the first time ever last week. Been trying to find this video so I could share it.

  9. this is the first time advertisements worked on me. I literally want to buy the product just cause of the ad. even as a broke college freshman I don't care what the price is nor what this mattress feels like all I know is I want it

  10. Boy oh boy bless em. Those two zoinks in the ad suggested I buy a time capsule to catch up on the 17 years of sleep I missed during my meth addiction and as a courtesy, dropped off a free purple mattress. Can’t wait to ketch up on some zzz’s. Muchas gracias amigas

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