Push and Pull Marketing Strategy
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Push and Pull Marketing Strategy

Today we’ll talk about Push and Pull Marketing Strategy. We’ll discuss this in detail. Push means you are forcing your consumer to buy your product. Pull means I presented my product in such a way that My consumer gets attracted towards me. Now how does it happen? I’ll give you some examples. Now Push Strategy Push means I am forcing you to buy my product. For example BBK Electronics. Whole company. All their product lines. in different categories. If you are not getting the technical words i’ll use in this video. What is Product category? Product line? You can follow my full marketing series You’ll find everything you need to know about marketing. All the terms of marketing Now talking about Push Vivo Oppo If you go to buy a phone from a retailer shop. And you wish to buy samsung. The salesguy will manipulate you to buy oppo vivo phones. Why are they doing this? Because they’re getting high profit margins. So retailer sees high margin somewhere They would push/force you to buy vivo/oppo Push means try to sell This is Push Strategy Now in Pull Strategy For example Lapaas- Digital Marketing Institute I never push/force my viewer to join my course. I never do that. and if anyone has ever called us for fee structure/information. that they want to join We never call you back To ask them why didn’t they join the course. that you called us , why didn’t you join. none Our Product is best. I trust my product. I trust my ex lapaas students that they’ll recommend other people also Through Word of Mouth That our course is best. Side by side our product is good. also through my youtube channel i added a value in your life. So you know that If he is providing this in free Then paid course is going to lot better than free course. Then you came to our institute. If you want to learn digital marketing course. This is simple example of Pull strategy. Now let’s take an example of BBK electronics. There are 2 brands under BBK electronics. 1- Oneplus 2- Realme now both work on Pull strategy They never push/force people to buy their product. But i’ll say The phone they launched recently Mclaren edition – 50,000 According to me, It was positioned wrongly. It does consist of Pull strategy. They are comparing it’s speed with mclaren car. They are portraying it like this But ultimately if you see. This product is not going to sold much. Maybe Company know this too and trying to enter the 50,000 segment Whether they can enter this segment or not Now should we always use Pull strategy? If i am using Pull , then it doesn’t mean it is the best strategy. No For some products we’ve use Push Strategy Let’s say there’s a new product and let’s say price of product is very low Let’s say 100rs. Now 100rs item. If they use you to buy it Chances of conversion are high. If i try to sell my 40,000 worth product by forcing/pushing you It’ll will affect my brand image. So push strategy works in cheap products. You can use push strategy there. But for costly products So you have to use Pull strategy. You can force/push But it’s not good for long term. Now in pull strategy We did research first . We got to know that this is lapaas some institute. We looked at their curriculum We understand all the key points. We read their reviews. Now in Pull strategy We got to know about Lapaas Now we did more research on lapaas their reviews , website. Their competitor. and their reviews as well. their modules. Ultimately we took the decision that conversion was successful. In Pull strategy, there’s no guarantee that person will be converted or not. If your product is best only then. You’ll be able to convert them. But in Push strategy. If your product is good or not. You can manipulate. them to buy your product. I repeat Push strategy is easy on Low cost. on low cost. If person needs the product on the same day Then you can push. But for some products , research is involved. Then you should use Pull strategy SO for a new brand What should they do? Push/Pull? First of all add barriers that price is low then Push strategy Pull Strategy for expensive products. if i am working on cost leadership. If i provide cheapest product in the market. If i push Then also my product will be sold. Even if i don’t force/push them , they’ll still buy it because of low price. Because product is cheap in the market. So For a big brand like apple They have a reputation in the market. They don’t need to manipulate people to buy their product. But for a new brand and nobody knows anything about it. Their initially you need to push. For example When Mccain(snacks) was launched When we used to visit big bazar We used to get a chance to eat it for free in it’s initial stage. Veeba sauces. Funfood sauces In the release of these sauces, They provided for free. With Mccain combination of both mccain and veeba proved to beneficial for them. if we liked it’s taste, we may buy it One more Question , Can we use both strategy? Push and Pull both WE CAN Let’s take my example. Here i am using Pull strategy But once in a while i also use push strategy. You can see on the top – Domain name I am telling you to open my website. Push strategy. Sometimes i do tell you to check my website. That my course is the best. So am trying to push That i am the best. You’ll check my website, then reserach You’ll be attracted towards this course. Sometimes You need to push first to sell something Then that thing turn out to be best then through word of mouth Other people are automatically attracted towards your product. Think about a cheaper product Tell me in the comment section below. A product which someone manipulated you to buy and then after buying you liked it. You’ll automatically share with other people through word of mouth. Tell me example in the comments below. I am sure you have experienced it. This was all about Push and Pull strategy Every monday i’ll come with small marketing video. small Where we’ll discuss different topics of marketing. I’ve created a whole list. I thought my marketing topics are completed. But i have a list. We’ll cover them sequence wise. Short videos I hope you liked this video, if any doubt do ask me in the comments. Bye Goodnight Goodmorning Goodafternoon whenever you are watching this video..

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  6. In a push marketing strategy, the firm takes the product to consumers. The consumers are unaware or actively seeking the product, but is introduced to it through several push marketing methods:

    1 Direct selling to customers in showrooms

    2 Point of Sale displays (POS)

    3 Trade show promotion

    4 Packaging designs to encourage a purchase

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