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QlikView Product Tour

QlikView is self-service BI for business users. Now you can easily search, explore, and create dynamic apps to get the business answers you need. QlikView is BI as it’s meant to be… It’s social, so you can easily collaborate and share with your colleagues. It’s mobile, so you get instant insights wherever you go. It’s enterprise ready, giving IT total control over security and scalability, with a wide range of deployment options. And QlikView is incredibly simple to use, spreading insights to the edges of your organization. Lets take a closer look… QlikView makes business discovery simple. You can visualize and interact with data any way you want. And you’re never limited to predefined drill paths, static dashboards, or preconfigured reports. Imagine the insights you can have with just one click. QlikView’s unique “associative experience” lets you instantly focus on only the most relevant data for your analysis. When you click on data fields or lasso data in charts, your selections are highlighted in green… Data related to your selections are highlighted in white… And unrelated data is highlighted in gray. Using the global search tool delivers neatly categorized results to quickly surface what you need. With QlikView’s associative experience you’ll benefit from unexpected insights that inspire further investigation—and faster solutions to business problems. On the go? No problem. You’ll get the same powerful, gorgeous QlikView experience, no matter what Smartphone or tablet you use. On touch screen devices, just touch, zoom, and swipe to instantly access and analyze data. If you start your analysis on the desktop, you can use bookmarks on your mobile device to pick up where you left off. It’s your QlikView. Anywhere, anytime. QlikView is social. Use it to share and collaborate on data and analysis. Found a new way of looking at the data? Create your own perspective and share it with others. You can save and swap bookmarks with colleagues so they cansee exactly what you saw when you had your insight. You can also create in-app decision notes to highlight context and engage in discussion. Start a discussion by taking a snapshot of the current state of your app and adding comments… or join a discussion already in progress. Use annotations to serve as a lasting record of how decisions were made. You can even bring coworkers and partners into real-time, collaborative sessions. Just copy & paste a link from QlikView and pass it to the people you are collaborating with via email, instant message, or text Now you can interact with others simultaneously in the same QlikView app. Whenever anyone sharing the app makes a selection or clicks on a different tab in the app, everyone’s view updates instantly. It’s the fastest path to decisions. QlikView’s comparative analysis makes evaluating multiple data sets a snap. Want to compare the performance of a salesperson for different time frames? Select the different time frames and visually contrast the sales rep’s output. Instantly, you’ll see the progress on his performance. With QlikView’s comparative analysis, it’s easy to spot trends, outliers, or differences. What will you discover? With QlikView, developers and business users alike can create and share lightweight, purpose-built BI apps… all within a single environment. Developers can deliver value to business in hours vs. months. Loading data into QlikView is as simple as adding individual tables. It automatically detects and manages the associations within all your data tables. All the aggregations and calculations are done on the fly while you make changes to the app. With Qlikview, business users can easily customize the app experience to support your analysis. You can even create your own ad-hoc analysis with any dimensions and expressions you want. Sort the chart, change column orders, and more, all within the same associative experience. And you’ll see your data in fresh new ways, mixing and matching state-of-the-art visualizations… …including third-party or custom visualizations. With the power of QlikView at your fingertips, what will you create? The QlikView Business Discovery platform meets the needs of the most demanding organizations—just like yours. It provides flexibility at the edges and discipline at the core. With QlikView, you can combine relevant, required data into a single app—whether it’s spread across CRM or ERP systems, data warehouses, databases, or spreadsheets. This data is stored in-memory and processed by QlikView Server, a highly scalable, secure and manageable IT-friendly platform. QlikView Server is the engine that delivers business apps to users, allowing them to do powerful analysis on their own. Users find and access the apps they need via the QlikView AccessPoint portal. It’s easy to navigate, and users only see the apps they have security rights. QlikView Publisher provides data reload scheduling, and task management capabilities for large deployments. It offers mechanisms to ensure that the right people in the organization have access to the right information at the right time. And IT professionals have full configuration and management access at their fingertips through the QlikView Management Console. Power and simplicity. It’s the QlikView way.

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