QNET Compensation Plan | RSP Explained!
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QNET Compensation Plan | RSP Explained!

some things are not a one-time fix they require maintenance everyday things like your immune system it needs Olay daily as your skin and needs physio radiance as your business needs the life site you see the point right now if you know you need these products every day why wait until they run out to order more when you can automatically repeat your purchase every time your Olay is about to run out ding dong there’s your new bottle at your doorstep white cool huh one less worry in your life and it’s pretty safe to say not worrying is good now do you want to know how to make money while saving time and patience repeat sales points sales boys no no RSP that repeat sales points told you retail customers about the repeat purchase plan because every time they order from the east or you get rsps all you need is to be an active IR to get RSP and if your active and your downlines are active then you also get their RSP now why do you want are ESPYs money of course our SPS help you move up in rank which is lovely but mainly their convertible into cash no limits which means that if you just keep doing what you’re doing you could own a boat pretty soon what both of me Jeannie I’m in the middle of this voiceover oh oh okay I see sorry about that guys legal department so I was saying if you just keep doing what you’re doing maybe you can own a boat soonish potentially be on a bone one day good see there you go you could be on a boat thanks to your RSP yes you are Michael thanks to me and cue Nets hybrid compensation plan obviously find out more at WWE

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