Quarantine Expectation vs. Reality
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Quarantine Expectation vs. Reality

– I don’t understand why people
are hoarding toilet paper. I mean, it’s not like we’re gonna run out. Honey, is this poisonous? (quirky music) – You know with this quarantine, we may have more opportunities
for intimate time. Can you use the downstairs
bathroom when you poop? Do you always breathe like that? Like, (sniffs) so loud,
should we have you checked? Hmm, can I pluck your eyebrows? I mean they’re coming together just a little bit right there. Yeah. – You know what, I think
working from home’s gonna actually be better without all those office distractions. (fingers drumming) Okay, so if we could like maybe
streamline that last project and like vis-a-vis cashflow? The cashflow looks good and
the streamlining looks good, but, like, what about the synergy? Circle back to the cashflow
and the streamline, and just make sure we’re aligned there. – The gym is closed but all
these fitness apps are free. I’m gonna get an amazing workout everyday. Oh, hi, okay, okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. (workout instructor giving directions) – I’m gonna get caught up on reading. I have so many books to catch up on! (sighs happily) (laughs) These puppies are holding hands! Nature. – I just spent 300 bucks on food. This is gonna last us, like, two weeks! It’s been two days. How do we have nothing
left but sour cream? It’s expired, but I mean, not for nothing. Put it on a potato or
something, I don’t know. You know, I’m gonna devote
some time to finally learning how to fold a fitted sheet. (rustling) – Guys, this is a gift. We’re gonna come together. We’re gonna bond as a family. (quirky music) And, scene! – How you doing, guys?
– How you doing? – Hanging in there?
– Are you doing okay? – A little self-isolation? We have been keeping busy
making a lot of videos. – It helps. – Yeah, it helps, to kind
of keep your brain going. – I have some tips on
how to get through this. Are you ready? Tip number one: poop a floor away. – What if people don’t have two floors? – Poop a room away. Get as far away as possible when you poop. I used to have what
were called “away games” where I would leave the house entirely to take care of my business. Like the grocery store, or the Target. That’s not possible anymore,
so I get as faaar… Tip number two: when she’s working out, you’re playing defense, okay? You don’t walk up and say, “Hey, honey, you know
what I just thought of?” in the middle of her workout, because she will straight-up lose it. Keep your children away, and keep your adorable
dog away if you can. – Something that we’ve been doing, I won’t bombard you with self-help stuff, but it’s kind of helped
change the mind frame of the people in my house, I am making my family
also write in a journal three things every day
they’re grateful for. Can be big, can be small, like yesterday, Penn Charles said he was
thankful for macaroni and cheese, and then for– which is great! – We all are. – We’re just looking for,
like, the little tiny happy spots in the day, and I really think that that’s done a lot to kinda change mindset. Can you believe we’re
actually writing a book about how to fight and be successfully
married to each other, and these are the best
tips we can come up with? – They’re good tips! (laughter) – Thanks for watching! Does it bother you that
you have one nose hair that goes from here, and then
it kinda stretches over there? Does it, like, itch, or
like, tickle a little bit? ‘Cause it’s really long. It’s just like… (squeak)
(laughter) And it’s true. (laughter) – I did have one, I call–
– You did! – You know what I call that?
– What, your nose ring? – The Toro.
– The Toro? (laughter)
– Yeah, it’s like a bull, you know, the bulls have
the rings in their noses? – The Toro.
– Yup. – Yeah, it’s just like a–
it’s just, is like a… It lights up a little bit
when the light hits it. It just goes, like,
ding, and it’s like ju– But it’s a hair from here… – Your husband is disgusting. (laughter) – You’re cute.

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100 thoughts on “Quarantine Expectation vs. Reality

  1. Hehehe.
    Live in Australia, we aren’t in quarantine, schools are open, thought holidays are stating earlier.

  2. Have alot of books I could be reading that I want too read but my brains like nope too anxious too do that right now so I end up watching TV instead and that break from all the bad news and stress super important right now

  3. How to get through this. Videos from you. Seriously. Best part of my morning. I do my morning check in with my best friend by watching.

  4. I was a stay at home mom for 11 years, and have been teleworking at home for the last 4. This quarantine is just business as usual for me😄 Literally the only thing that has changed is the amount of hamburger meat I can buy at one time at the grocery store.

  5. Where’d Lola go anyone else notice more recently lola hasn’t been around
    Thanks Kim! I was wondering where she was!

  6. Haha, this is awesome.

    Hey, you know what would also be pretty awesome. If you subscribed to my little brother's Youtube channel. They are 10, 8, and 4 years old. They made it with their friends just under a week ago. It would be so awesome if anyone can just subscribe to their channel. Thanks!

    Channel: Sports in Vietnam BP compound

    again, this was so funny.

  7. Me: I'll have so much more time to spend on my writing!
    Also me: Spends the majority of my day watching YouTube.

  8. Thanks for posting every day. I just got into with a humanbot on the phone over my banking account, but humanbots can't go off script even when it's making the person calling upset. Just have to wait for the local branch to open.

  9. It's a good thing I'm alone. If I was not, either I'd kill the someone else or myself. When the highlight of your week is taking out the trash for a little fresh air, you're in deep trouble. Can you say stir crazy? 😨

  10. Oh man, the dog during a workout is on point!! I have to go in my bedroom and shut the door or else the workout will absolutely not happen!

  11. Good morning doctors and thank you for therapy. I am thankful that I learned to fold a fitted sheet from Martha Stewart. I am thankful for the genius who put Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog on the best ever cooking show. I am thankful that the skunk didn't get fragrant with my dogs this morning….I can't imagine trying to be in quarantine with my fluffy therapy dogs smelling like a skunk. I am thankful for the person who taught me to freeze milk and leave space for it at the top. Stay safe and healthy and positive….peace be with you. I hope you really know how much this helps everyone

  12. I saw your video when you guys did a chopped episode, and my family is going to try it on Saturday! I’m exited so thanks for the idea! A great way to spend family time!

  13. Yep, our dogs do the same thing! We're finishing up Week 3 here. Our favorite idea so far was making a comfortable patio area to eat lunch outdoors every day. Today's project is sidewalk chalk messages for joggers — Baby Yoda with an arrow and "This is the way!"

  14. My husband has psoriasis, not a bad case, he'll get bad rashes. I've always picked them out. I'm now checking his ears. And I got so sick of him leaving his games out. I put them away and they are in order from Saga to the Switch. Then he came down said I opened one that shouldn't be opened cause of value. How thankful!!

  15. Gratitude sure can change your perspective and change your life!! Over Christmas break I read the book by Nancy Lee DeMoss called Choosing Gratitude. Have you read any of her books? It was such a great book that I recommended it to my husband who had been having a really rough time at work. Next thing I know an Amazon package arrived that I did not know what it was. In it there were three journals. My husband knows I have plenty of those 😁 I asked him what they were for… that evening he gathered our boys and we started keeping gratitude journals as a family every night. It's really shifted our perspective and our lives I think life would be a lot more gloomy right now if we weren't keeping those journals. Thank you for your videos! It family enjoys them. Especially your older dad jokes video. Our 12 year old quotes it line by line 😛😃

  16. Somehow things in our house aren’t quite as friendly as they were in the beginning. Too much alone time, too much together time. Hmmm.

  17. Penn, two words – curtesy flush. Don’t wait till your done, flush as you go. It’s ok, took my husband a while to catch on too. 😉

  18. My mom fed into my ego congratulating me for how well I kept up with the kids school work and physical activity during week 1. I told her to CALM down and check back in next week🤣
    I'm TRYING so hard to not have them on tablets and video games all day everyday. But. But. I don't know how long I can keep it up. So far golden rule is nothing until noon at the earliest.
    We shall see. Good luck every one !

  19. Workout Are Sacred! I made my kids watch this part more than once. When my husband gets home he will see it too. 😉

  20. That was hilarious because it was all so true. Well done guys another great video. Keep up the great work. Much love to you all and take care.xxxxxx

  21. Courtesy flush! (Flush initially once mass has dropped, then wipe, and flush again!) Tip I learned on girls trip. Cheers!

  22. Week 3 with my son lol YouTube is his education lmfoa
    I have cleaned that I out off a year
    I learned to fold laundry Konmari method lmfoa this lock down is making me a domesticated house wife 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. This will be nothing compared to the 4 months I went through in Puerto Rico. My family and I nearly starved to death. My little sister look like bones there was no meat in her. So I don't care how long we have to stay inside for.

  24. My mom is making my family doing the 3 grateful things too! By the way love your content! Please respond!

  25. I have no idea what you're complaining about Kim. Exercise on week 2-?? is my literal dream. Puppy attacks are the best thing in the world. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣🤣

  26. Me: I'm going to look up an exercise video on youtube
    *get's on youtube
    Youtube: Here are some recommended videos for you to watch
    Me: Hey, there's a new Holderness Family video
    *clicks on the video
    Brain: Haha! This is great! Wait, aren't you supposed to be exercising right now?
    Me: uh………………….

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